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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Santa's Gift

This line up was so freaking slow...what the hell were they ordering up there?  Lunch for 20?  I should have known better than to stop to grab a coffee this close to the lunch hour...the rush was beginning already.
"Hey there,"  I heard the deep voice right behind me.  It wasn't accompanied by a tap on the shoulder to indicate the greeting had been directed at me but the voice was so familiar, I had to turn to see.
I turned around and came face to face with a very attractive stranger.  He was looking expectantly at me, indicating that it was indeed to me he was speaking.  I must have looked confused because he chuckled softly...again very familiar.  I looked at the twinkle in his eyes and it hit me!  I started to blush furiously and his chuckle became a laugh.
"It's been awhile." he said. "Have you been a good girl?"
I hadn't recognized him because he looked nothing like he did six months ago when I had met him.  He was clean shaven now...the beard and mustache were gone and he was definitely not wearing the red padded suit he had been hired to wear at our company Christmas party.
I normally don't drink at company functions...choosing professionalism over the good time. Tonight was different though...tonight I was celebrating and I was celebrating more than Christmas.  The last year had been a tough one for me personally with the split from my husband.  The marriage itself had been nightmarish enough, but even that had nothing on the divorce.  I felt as if I'd been to hell and back but it was finally over.  I felt free and that in turn made me feel loose.  On the other hand, professionally I was doing very well.  My career was taking off...the end of year numbers were way above our earlier projections.  Due to the company's success the mood at the party was jovial and the drinks were flowing freely.
When Santa arrived at the party he made his way through the room slowly, stopping to shake hands and ask for introductions.  "Hello, young man!" he boomed. "And what is your name?"  When he was answered he'd boom again, "Well, you have been a good boy this year!" He would then reach into his bag and pull out an envelope.  It would be the employee Christmas bonus... the boss had been clever this year.
Now I don't know if it's just me....but ever since puberty I've had fantasies about Santa.  Sexual fantasies.  Normally big hairy men don't necesarily turn me on but that's a different story.  As I watched this Santa making his way through the room I became very sexually aroused.  Though his belly was obviously padded, I could see his beard was real, though probably covered with something to make it appear white... his eyebrows were darker.   I felt my nipples harden and a wetness in my panties as my body reacted to the magnetic pull Santa was having on me.  I had more than enough wine in me to drown any inhibitions I may have had and as Santa approached me I flashed him a very sexy smile.
"Hi Santa," I cooed.
Santa made no qualms about being attracted to me, "Hello there," he said. "And what's your name...and phone number?"  I laughed... a deep throated sexy laugh.  The party was in full swing by this time...Jerry and Tom both had their ties and jackets off, sleeves rolled up, re-enacting some football play from Monday's game and they had drawn quite an audience.  Nobody seemed to be paying attention to us at all.  Not that I cared at that point anyway, after all, my inhibitions were gone, I was turned on and available.  He took me by the hand and led me to a chair.
As he sat, he patted his lap.  "Come here little girl, sit on Santa's knee and tell me what you would like for Christmas."  I sat across his lap.  His hand rested comfortably on my hip and my fingers played lightly with his beard as I leaned into him, and breathed into his ear, "I want to feel Santa's beard tickle my thighs while he nibbles on my cookie." His hand tightened on my hip, pulling me harder into his padded belly.  I continued to whisper in his ear, "then what I really want is to get on my knees and suck Santa's South Pole."  My tongue lifted his earlobe and brought it to my mouth.  I held it between my teeth and breathed into his ear.  His other hand came to my waist and he groaned softly...I couldn't feel it through all his padding but I heard in that soft groan that he was hard.
Stealing a quick look around...yeah nobody was looking our way, I shot him a wicked smile, grabbed him by the hand and I stood up pulling him down the hall with me to my office.
My office had windows that faced the hall and though the lights in my office were out, the lights from the hall shone in through the blinds and we could easily make out the furniture in my office.  I led him to my was cleared for the coming laptop packed away in my briefcase, the blotter on my desk bare.  I sat on the edge facing him, my short skirt rode up to just below my crotch exposing the tops of my stockings.  I spread my legs, pulling him toward me, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling his mouth down on top of mine.  His arms went around my waist and his tongue found mine, his kiss becoming deeper, harder.
He moved his hands down over my hips to my stockinged thighs. He caressed the soft skin of my thighs above my stockings, his hands moving to panties.  His hand rubbed my cunt hard through my panties...I was so wet.  I moaned, opening my legs wider, kissing him deeper, sucking on his tongue.
He went down on his knees in front of me... pulling my panties to the side, exposing my wet, glistening pussy.  He kissed me gently around my pussy lips, inhaling my scent before his tongue darted out cooling the heat that was building in me.  I moaned, my fingers reached for his head, knocking his Santa hat off and running my hands through his thick hair and caressing his ears as his lips and tongue took me to heaven.  His fingers entered me...fucking me as his mouth teased, licked and sucked my clit.  His beard did tickle my thighs and pussy, sending shivers of pleasure through me.  "Mmmmmmmm, Santa," I breathed and as the blood left my head, I let it drop back as I arched my back.  My legs lifted over his shoulders, my thighs closed around his head and I pulled his hair as my orgasm shook my juices flowing into his hot waiting mouth.
As I was catching my breath, he pulled me to my feet and spun me around.  He pulled my hair to the side, kissed the back of my neck, his hands moving under my blouse, finding my tits, caressing, squeezing.  He whispered huskily in my ear, "Bend over."
I obeyed.  His hands moved down my body again and he lifted my skirt over my ass.  He pulled down my panties and I heard him dropping his pants as his fingers still played with my exposed pussy.  I felt his cock at the opening of my cunt and he thrust himself into me, deep.  He held me against him for a moment, groaning softly before he started rock against me...sliding in and out of my wet quivering pussy.  I pushed back against him, meeting his thrusts.  I could feel the padding of his stomach brushing against my ass and it was turning me on even more! As one hand tightened on my hip the other moved around and down my abdomen to my clit.  I started to cum legs shaking, my vision went black and I stretched my body, my muscles tense as my pussy spasmed around his cock.
He pulled himself out of me, before he could cum.  His hands on my ribs, he encouraged me to stand and turn around. "I want to cum in your mouth baby," he said.  He placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me gently down to my knees.
His cock was throbbing, hard and glistening with my juices.  I took him into my mouth, my forehead pressing against the soft padding over his belly and I could taste the sweet tangy taste of myself on him.  He was so ready and as I moved my lips down his shaft his legs started to shake and he gripped my hair hard.  I gave his tight balls a gentle squeeze and he exploded into my throat, crying out.
I swallowed and sucked until I felt his muscles relax and his cock began to soften.
He helped me to my feet and whispered, "You're a very good girl....and a very naughty one!  Santa's favorite!"
We smoothed our clothing and hair, making ourselves presentable before we returned to the party.  He blended into the crowd and I left for home shortly after.  I had never expected to see him again.  But here he the coffee shop, smiling at me.
"Join me for lunch?" he asked.
I hadn't planned on stopping for lunch, but now with the sweet memories of our last meeting going through my mind, I figured I could let work slide for awhile...possibly the entire afternoon....

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