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Monday, 23 July 2012

Bad Girl

My attraction to him was so wrong.  He was in a relationship.  A good relationship.  Although I never saw them together - once a week he and his friends came into the bar where I waitressed - there were many times when I was serving their table that I overheard him talking to her on the phone.  His tone was always happy and loving when he spoke to her.  When he said I love you to her, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that he meant it.  I thought she was a very lucky girl.
I wasn't jealous of her.  The last thing in the world I wanted was another boyfriend.  The men I had dated previously were all so possesive and jealous.  I was sick of men thinking that I was their property and was enjoying being single.  That said, I still couldn't help but want him.  He was so sexy.   His looks were killer.  He had a lean firm body that was easy to admire behind his fitted shirts and faded jeans.  Dark thick hair covered his head.  It wasn't long but it wasn't short either...long enough to run fingers through....oh god how I wanted to run my fingers through that hair.  And he was so fucking nice. He had an easy charm that made you feel special, even if you were just a waitress getting him and his friends drinks.
His smile was wicked though.  He flirted with me often and was generous with tips - which in customer speak usually meant I want to fuck you.  And god I wanted to fuck him.  I often caught his eyes moving over my body, his dark eyes smoky with want as they roamed up my legs to the hem of the short tight black skirt that the bar required all the waitresses to wear.
On one particular night, he was in the bar with his friends watching the game.  It was the finals and the bar was packed with testosterone filled, jersey laden, face painted, beer drinking sports fans.  The noise level was at an all time high and I was run off my feet serving the rowdy, beer swilling crowd.  Although I kept a close eye on their table, I was much to busy to stop and flirt with my favorite customer that night.
I was working a six hour shift, which meant I got a half hour break for supper.  Due to the packed bar, I decided to take my break in the staff/green room.  It had a small kitchenette - microwave, fridge, coffee maker etc as well as a couch and TV.  This is where the staff took their breaks.  The room also doubled as a green room for bands to relax in before and after live shows as well, so it actually had 3 to the outside back of the building - the bands loaded/unloaded their equipment through here and staff came in and out through this entrance as well... one to the stage - for obvious reasons... and one that opened to the hall where the bathrooms were located - the one used by the staff at breaktime.  Unless the bar was dead or there was a band playing (in those cases we usually just stayed at the bar for our break anyway)  we each took turns taking supper, which meant we each had the room to ourselves during our breaks.
I was making my way down the hall when I heard his voice coming from the back alcove (once upon a time, this space was used to hold public payphones away from the noise of the bar, they were removed when cellphones became the norm and nobody was using them).  Now customers used this space to make phone calls from their cellphones if the bar was too noisy.  The whole area back here and in the staff room were soundproofed when the place was renovated from a restaurant to a bar with live music, so even though the bar was busy and loud, I could hear what he was saying as I got closer.
"Oh baby, I miss you too. You know I'd be there with you if I hadn't had to work today."
Oh my god, she's away!!  What I heard next stopped me in my tracks, I was just around the corner from him and even though I don't make it a habit to eavesdrop, I couldn't move....his voice, his words held me in place.
"If I was there with you now baby, I'd be moving my tongue all around that pretty little pussy of yours." There's a pause as he listens, then he gives a low soft chuckle and continues.
"You like that baby? Mmmmmmmm, you taste so fucking good....  I slide my finger deep into your soft, tight pussy, moving in and out while my lips pinch your hard, swollen clit."
Oh my fucking god! This is so fucking hot!.  My own hand moved to the hem of my skirt, my fingers dipping underneath to rub the throbbing ache his words caused in me.  I closed my eyes and I leaned my head and my shoulder against the wall as I lost myself in his soft, deep, sexy voice.
"Oh fuck baby, you are so sweet... I just want to breath you in, feel you, taste you... cum for me baby... drip your sweet juices into my mouth."
My fingers moved more vigorously on my clit through my now wet panties.... rubbing hard, imagining his tongue and lips.  I bit down on the inside of my cheek to keep from moaning out loud.  My eyes opened and I was stunned to see him looking at me.  He had moved to the other side of the alcove and with the phone still to his ear, he was watching me with a dark, lustful stare.
"Did you cum, baby?" He was speaking into the phone but his eyes were locked on mine. "Hmmmm, I'm glad.... goodnight baby, I love you, see you tomorrow."
He ended his call and moved in front of me.  He whispered in my ear, "Do you need a hand with that?"  At the same time his hand covered mine, his fingers pressing against mine, adding more pressure to my hard, throbbing clit.  I gasped at the pleasure.  "Oh baby," he continued, "I love someone else but fuck you're hot.  I want to fuck your hot little pussy." My body was on fire!  I had to fuck him! Now!
Circling away from him, I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the staff room and closing the door behind us.  Immediately his hands were on me.  One on my ass, his fingers already between my legs and under my panties, the other on my tits squeezing hard.
I moaned and pressed myself closer into him, my tongue in his mouth as his lips pressed down hard on mine. I rubbed my body against his, delighted in the hard, thick length I could feel pressed into my lower belly.  He moved his lips over my jaw, kissing hard and nipping at my neck with his lips and teeth.  He pushed two fingers deep inside and growled in my ear, "You're a naughty little girl, aren't you? Tell me you want me to fuck you."
My body was alight, my tits aching and swollen, every nerve on high alert.  I rocked my hips against him, my cunt contracting, fucking his fingers and moaned, "Oh yes please! Please baby, please fuck me!"
He half dragged, half carried me across the room to the back of the couch. Swinging me around, he bent me over the back of the couch and kicked the inside of my feet to spread my legs.  He pushed my skirt up and pulled my panties to my knees exposing my bare ass and glistening pussy to him.
"Mmmmmm, you are a bad girl," he said huskily, then slapped my ass...hard.  I cried out, my torso raising. "Are you my fucking bad little slut?" he asked, then slapped my ass again hard. This time his fingers brushed against my pussy lips, sending an electrical charge through me causing me to moan a resounding "YES" to him.
He spread my ass cheeks wide, running his tongue from my clit, along my pussy lips and up to my asshole.  His tongue circled my asshole before pushing it's way into the tight opening.  Holy fuck! It felt incredible!  His tongue and lips moved back down to tongue fuck my cunt as his thumb entered my ass.  I pushed myself back against his face.
He stood and demanded again as I heard his buckle and the zipper of his jeans come down, "Tell me you want me to fuck you."
"Oh fuck yes, baby... please fuck me," I moaned and meant every pleading word.  My body ripe with desire and lust.  I felt his cock spreading my pussy lips apart, rubbing my cunt.  I felt his hand entangling in my hair, getting a grip. "Tell me you want me to fuck you hard," his voice husky, thick with passion and urgency.
"Please baby, please fuck me hard!"  The words barely out of my mouth when he drove the full length of his hard, thick, long cock deep inside me.  His hands pulled my hair, forcing me to arch my back.  His pelvis slamming into to my ass.  He drove himself into me again and again, forcing me to cry out as his huge cock threatened to break me in half.  His hands gripping my hair and pulling, I was powerless to do anything but take it.  With every thrust he grunted and I knew he was operating on pure animal lust.  The couch bucked with force of his thrusts....and fuck it felt good.
He pulled out of my cunt and I felt the head of his cock at my asshole.  Wet and slippery from my juices, he slipped inside my ass, stretching the tight opening to accommodate him.  He moved much more gently now and I could tell by his ragged breathing that he was close to orgasm.
The pain was hot and skin broke out in a sheen of sweat and I forced myself to relax, knowing that any tension would cause me pain.  One of his hands was squeezing my ass cheek while the other moved between my legs to find my clit.  He pressed down on it, rubbing in a circular motion...the sensations were too much and I felt my pussy contracting, starting to spasm.  He pushed all the way inside me and held as I cried out. The blood left my head and all the muscles in my body stiffened and stretched.  "Oh fuck YES! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
My ass clamped tightly around his throbbing cock as my pussy spasmed and squirted its juices all over his balls.  He groaned and moved his hand from my ass cheek back to my hair.  He thrust into me hard twice more, slipping his fingers into me.  "Tell me how much you love it baby!"
I was in ecstasy, his fingers sending me into multiple orgasms.  My legs began to shake uncontrollably and I screamed, "I FUCKING LOVE THE WAY YOU FUCK ME BABY!"
He pulled out of me, my asshole contracting violently and I felt his hot cum squirting onto my ass. I lay there collapsed over the back of the couch, his cum dripping down my thighs, panting for my breath as the air cooled my stinging hot cunt and asshole.  I heard him pulling up his jeans and he moved around the couch and crouched down.  His hand gently pushed my long hair aside and away from my face.
"You are so hot baby," he whispered and kissed my lips gently, licking them. "Thank you."
He turned and slipped out the door, back to the bar and his friends.  I looked at my watch... I had 5 mins left in my supper break.  I gathered myself up and cleaned with myself with paper towels at the sink.  I knew he would always choose her over me and that was okay with me.  I didn't love him but fuck he felt good inside me.  I smiled.... every time they had a fight, every time she was away... he'd be back.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Hike in The Woods

I was usually in good spirits first thing in the morning... I liked to get up early, greet the day when it was still quiet.  In fact I had chosen this campsite away from the beach so I could wake up to nature and not to squealing children and barking dogs.  This morning though, despite the fact that I awoke to bird calls and had some pent up sexual frustration satisfied the day before, I was mad!  Nothing was going right!  The stove refused to stay lit for more than 10 seconds and I needed a cup of coffee!
I gave up on the stove and decided to light a fire instead.  I put my wadded paper inside my makeshift teepee of kindling and lit the paper from several different angles.  The paper burned away to nothing without sparking the kindling.  What the fuck!  I chopped the kindling finer, managing to cut my hand in three different places.  I tossed the blood stained hatchet and grabbed more paper.  Using the smaller pieces of kindling I lit the paper again.  Same result, the paper burned away leaving the slivers of wood barely scorched.
"Oh, you bastard!" I cried out at the cold firepit.
"Geesh, I hope you're not speaking to me."
I turned startled at his voice in my campsite.  He kept sneaking up on me.  He had startled me at least 3 times yesterday, coming into the campsite unheard until he spoke behind me. I was ready to reprimand him for creeping up on me yet again when I noticed he had two tin cups in his hands.  "Please tell me that's coffee," I said instead.
"Nature's very own morning pick me up," he said smiling handing me one of the steaming tin mugs.  I took a sip, then another, it was delicious and I felt my nerves beginning to calm.   "You're bleeding," he said startled, noticing the my blood smeared hands.  Instantly he produced a sterile wet wipe and bandaids.  I didn't even see where he pulled them from.
"That was a pretty dirty trick you played on me yesterday," I said watching him dress my very superficial wounds.  He had concealed the fact he was a park ranger and had feigned distress at not being able to start his own fire the day before, luring me into his campsite.  I had started his fire and then he had started mine with his touch and his kisses. I licked my lips, remembering how his lips and tongue had tasted on them.  I blushed at the memory of how easily I had opened myself to him.
"I'm so sorry about deceiving you," he said.  "I was looking for excuses to talk to you."  My eyes narrowed suspiciously at him and he continued. "No really, I didn't know things were going to lead to where they went.  I didn't plan it that way.... in fact I didn't have a plan.... I just wanted to talk to you..." he said letting his voice trail away.  The cuts on my hands were completely dressed now, yet he still held my hand.
My god he was gorgeous.  The morning sun was shimmering off the highlights of his thick wavy hair.  His shirt was open at the neck and my mind was momentarily distracted with the thought of how he might smell in that warm curve where his neck met his broad muscular shoulders.  I almost leaned in against him to breath him in, then caught myself and sat instead, pulling my hand away from his and reaching for my coffee cup.  My eyes continued to move down his firm body.  He was wearing knee length shorts exposing tanned muscular calves above his hiking boots.  My eye hesitated once more as they passed over the fly of his shorts.  I felt a pull from my pussy, a warmth beginning again at the thought of how he had filled me yesterday, how wonderful it had felt to have his hands on me as he moved in and out of my pulsating pussy, my own hands gripping the picnic table for balance.  I gave a slight involuntary moan.  When my eyes returned to his, he was smiling.
"Come hiking with me today," he said more than asked, "I know a lot of great off trail places that are very beautiful.  I noticed your camera yesterday... you could get a lot of great shots."  It didn't take much convincing.  The truth was I wanted to spend more time with him.  He took the empty cups to his site and left me to get prepared for our hike.  I opened my backpack and tossed in four bottles of water, my small first aid kit, bug spray, granola bars, sunscreen, an extra pair of socks and extra my extra battery for the camera.  He didn't say how long we would be gone for but I decided to make a couple of sandwiches as well, just in case we were more than a couple of hours or so.  I kept my shorts and tee-shirt on, but switched my foot gear from my sandals to my hiking boots.  I pulled my camera strap over my head, letting my camera rest just below my chest and set off across the road to his campsite.  He met me on the road before I got there.  We walked about a quarter mile up the road before we entered the woods, starting off on a popular trail.
We walked a couple of miles... I stopped occasionally to snap a picture of a bird perched on a branch, a spider in it's web, a beautiful wildflower or a ladybug on a wild strawberry leaf.
"Here, let's go this way.  I want to show you something,"  He led me from the trail and into the woods.  We had to watch our footing, there were many moss covered fallen trees and branches.  It seemed even quieter here than it had on the trail.  My nose was filled with the pine scent of the trees, the moss and somewhat with the decomposition of dead wood and animal feces.  We picked our way through the forest floor for what I was sure could've only been a mile, though it had taken us about half an hour to make it this far.  My legs were starting to ache slightly just as he helped me up steep bank of about 20 feet.  As I reached the summit I gasped with surprise.  The valley was laid out before us. a sea of shades of green with the river winding through it like a serpent.  Above us as if on cue an eagle cried out and circled, it's sharp eyes catching sight of some poor prey below.  The land had leveled off where we stood, leaving us a comfortable plateau on which to rest.  I grabbed a couple of the bottles of water I had packed and handed him one.  I looked out over the valley as I twisted off the cap of my water and drank deep gulps.  I snapped a couple of pictures then turned.  He had spread out a blanket and was setting out a couple of sandwiches as well as a container of chopped fresh fruit.  Huh, he had thought of lunch.  Well, we still had my sandwiches in case we got lost on the way back.  I pulled my camera off my neck and sat on the edge of the blanket.  I removed my hiking boots so I could sit crossed legged on the blanket while I ate.  I was suddenly famished!  I ate greedily and as I brushed the crumbs from my t-shirt he started snapping pictures of me with my camera.
"Oh please stop," I pleaded.  "I hate pictures of myself... really, I'm not photogenic at all."
I reached for the camera but he pulled it away, still snapping.  "Stop!"  I said more vehemently reaching across him to take the camera from his outstretched hand.  His mouth was next to my ear and he whispered very seriously, "But your beautiful."
I turned my face to his and his mouth was on mine.  My heart was pounding in my chest as his tongue separated my lips, urging my mouth to open to him.  I forgot about the camera.  He was sitting up, his legs stretched out in front of him.  I swung my leg over his lap, straddling his hips.  I pressed my chest into his as my arms went around his neck.  His kiss became hungrier and he pulled me tighter against him.  I moaned in his mouth, my body was vibrating, aching with need for him.  My hips gyrated, rubbing my crotch against his.  I could feel his hard cock against my pussy through the layers of clothing that separated them.
His hands started to pull at my t-shirt, then my no time I was topless. I lifted myself on my knees, so my tits were parallel to his face.  He sucked greedily at one hard erect nipple before moving to the next and then back again.  He moved one hand to the breast his mouth was no longer one, squeezing my small firm tit and rolling the still wet nipple between his thumb and forefinger.  His mouth, teeth and tongue continued to tease my other nipple.  His other hand moved from my back down over my ass.  Cupping my ass cheek, he squeezed, his fingers finding their way under my shorts.  As his finger brushed my clit I moaned and whispered, "Oh fuck."
"Oh yes, baby," he said at the same time moving up, lifting me with him before turning and laying me down on the blanket underneath him.  "Take off your shorts baby," he said then kissed my mouth before rising up and stripping off his own clothes.  I scrambled out of my shorts and spread my legs wide as he knelt between them.  He was in peak physical condition.  His chest and abs hard and chisled, yet his skin was like velvet to the touch.  His long thick cock stood at attention.  He leaned over me and his cock brushed against my open pussy lips as he bent to kiss me.  I gasped at the electric charge that passed through me with the touch of his cock.  I whispered in his ear, "I want to suck your cock baby."   He moaned and I pushed him over so his back would be on the blanket.  Straddling him once more, I leaned over and starting with his lips began to give him light kisses down his body.  I teased his nipples with my tongue and lips before moving down over his belly.  I continued to shimmy myself down his body until my mouth was over his beautiful throbbing cock.  A little pool of precum sat in the groove at the tip of his cock.  My tongue moved over it, licking up the treat he had waiting for me, before I opened my lips wide and took him into my hot salivating mouth.
His hands held back my hair and he moaned as I fucked him with my mouth.  My one hand cupped his balls, squeezing gently while my other helped to support myself as I leaned over his pelvis.  My lips and tongue moved up and down his length, licking and sucking.  His balls started to tighten but I wasn't ready for him to cum just yet.
Rising up and moving my knees back up to his hips, I held his cock at 90 degrees and lowered myself onto it.  My pussy stretched to accommodate his thick package. I swivelled my hips as I lowered down on him.
"Mmmmmmmmmmm, oh yeah baby," I moaned when he was completely inside of me, my arms up, my hands in my hair, biting my bottom lip, I started to rock and swivel on top of him.  My breathing became heavier, my tits becoming firmer, more swollen as my passion built.  The hard nubs of my pink nipples were standing at attention.  I felt his hands moving over my body.  Over my tits, my belly, my hips, my ass, and "oh fuck yeah, right there baby"... putting pressure on my clit.  I started to shake, my pussy pulsating and spasming around his cock as I started to cum.
Suddenly I was up, then on my back, my ankles on his shoulders.  He drove his cock hard into my orgasming cunt.  I screamed with pleasure, knowing no one but him would hear me.  He grunted hard with each driving thrust, through his gritted teeth he told me, "Take it baby, take it all." just before he cried out with me as his body stiffened and his cock exploded inside me.
I spread my legs and he collapsed on top of me, breathing hard.  We lay there, but only for a moment.  The smell of our sex and sweat were starting to attract a lot of mosquitos and we found ourselves scrambling up, slapping the bugs as bit us from every angle.  I reached into my backpack and found the bug spray.  We laughed as we hurriedly sprayed each other before quickly scrambling back into our clothes.  I sat back down on the blanket and looked out over the valley once more.
"I'm hungry," he said behind me.  I smiled and reached into my backpack once more, this time pulling out the sandwiches and another bottle of water.  It never hurts to be prepared.