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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Another Day on The Grind

I was dreading this next meeting.  It was with the accounting department...or rather one certain member of the accounting dept.  The head of the accounting department.  I hated meeting with him.  Not because he gave me a hard time about my expenses...he didn't.  I didn't overspend my expense account and I used it strictly for business purposes. I ran a tight department and we always ran on or below budget.  Nor was it because he was an ass or a slimy perv like some of the other men I had to tolerate in this male dominated field.  No, the reason I hated meeting with him was because of the effect he had on my body.  My heart would race, my temperature would rise and I would start to blush and stammer.  I laughed at everything he said to me, even the stuff that wasn't funny...which was pretty much everything he said to me.  I don't know why he affected me this way.  Sure, he was very attractive but I always managed to hold my composure with other attractive men.  Every time I came face to face with him though, I was like a fucking school girl.  I couldn't control it in the least and it not only did it embarrass me personally but professionally as well.  He had to think I was a total idiot!
Most of the time he only needed to meet with me when he questioned what a certain expense was in relation to.  For instance, he might need clarification about who I met with and for which project for a lunch expense for a meeting at conference if I had just listed it as a conference expense.  Thankfully most of these questions could be answered by phone.  His voice had a similar effect on me, but at least I didn't have the added embarrassment of him seeing me fumble my pen and drop it.  I only stammered half as much and I could jam my fist in my mouth to stop myself from laughing at every single thing he said.
Today, though, he had asked to meet with me in his office.  He was finalizing our year end.   Every year he met with the heads of all the departments individually to settle year end adjustments and sign off the books for each department.  As I made my way to his office, a bottle of water, my portfolio and day-timer in hand I repeated in my head over and over, "Stay cool.  Be professional.  Don't be an idiot."
His office door was open and his secretary waved me past.  "Go ahead, he's expecting you."
I could see him bent over the open files on his desk.  He wasn't wearing his jacket and his tie had been discarded too.  The sleeves of his white shirt were rolled up exposing his strong forearms and the buttons at his neck were open giving me a glimpse of his muscular chest.  I could hear the blood in my ears as my heart thudded against the inside of my chest and I could feel the flush creeping up my chest and was no use...I was an idiot.
I stepped over the threshold of his office and lightly knocked on the door.  He looked up from his files, his face becoming even more handsome as he smiled.  "Come in," he said waving me in.  "Come in, close the door please and have a seat."
 I closed the door and walked across his office to the front of his desk.  He picked up the phone and told his secretary not to disturb us and to hold all his calls.  I was just about to sit down in front of his desk, but he stopped me as he hung up the phone.
"Please sit here beside me," he said motioning to a chair beside him on his side of the desk. "It will be much easier for us to go over the documents together."  He kept a stationary bike off to the side of his desk.  His jacket and tie were tossed over the handlebar but I could tell he used it for more than a coat rack.  His running shoes were placed behind it and there was a towel draped over the handlebar along with his jacket and tie.  To get to the chair he was motioning to  I had to shimmy between the bike and his desk.  Just as I came around to the back of his desk I hit my knee on the corner sending a shooting pain through my leg and causing me to stumble.  The only thing that prevented me from falling on my face was his strong arm shooting out and catching me by the elbow.  His touch sent an electric thrill through me and I felt my face flush as my temperature rose.
"I am so sorry," he said.  "I should have moved that out of the way.  Let me help you."  He reached to take the things from my hands and placed them on his desk.  I laughed.  Of course, I fucking laughed.  I was an idiot, that much was already established.  I kept my eyes lowered and bit my lip as I grabbed my water bottle from his desk and took a seat in the chair that he had placed beside his.  
 My skirt was almost knee length and when I sat down the hemline crept up to my mid thigh.  I crossed my legs and rubbed my knee.  Still feeling flush, I opened my water bottle and took a long sip while he shuffled the files around on his desk. He pulled one open and slid it closer to me, so I could see the pages.  I was drinking my water and rubbing my knee when he turned and looked at me.
"Are you okay?" he asked me, concern in his face and voice.  "Can I take a look?"  I moved my hand from my knee and soon felt his gentle touch, lightly prodding and squeezing.  "Does this hurt?" he asked, looking up at me.  I shook my head and moved to place my water bottle back on the desk.  I let go of the bottle without realizing that I had only caught the edge of the desk, and watched in horror as the bottle fell, emptying itself in his lap.
"Oh my god!  I am so sorry!" I exclaimed grabbing the towel from the handlebar of the bike beside me and immediately started blotting his lap with the towel.  I didn't even realize exactly what I was doing until I felt something move in his pants under my hands.  Oh my fucking god!!  What the hell was I doing? I froze and looked up at him.  He must have seen my "deer in the headlights" look because before I could run, he grabbed me by the shoulders and brought his mouth down on mine.  he was breathing heavily.  I put my hand on his chest and was surprised to find his heart was beating as quickly as my own.
Suddenly I wasn't a school girl anymore.  I was all woman, he was all man and I had to have him.  I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him deeper.  I uncrossed my legs as I felt his hand moving up my stockinged thigh.  His hand hesitated at the hem of my skirt and I opened my legs a little wider and slid my tongue into his mouth.  His hand continued, stroking the soft skin of my inner thigh at the top of my stocking. The pain in my knee was forgotten as it was replaced by an ache of need in my pussy.  Suddenly the need became more urgent for both of us..  His hands moved to my hips and he urged me to my feet and guided me in front of him, my back to his desk.  He was still sitting as his hands disappeared under my skirt and he removed my panties.  With my panties off and discarded he lifted my skirt and sat me on his desk in front of him.  I placed my hands on the desk behind my back and leaned back as he lifted my legs to his shoulders.  I placed my feet on the backrest of his chair and moaned as his soft kisses moved over my inner thighs to my wet and quivering pussy.  He teased me with his tongue, circling the hard nub of my clit and running it along my pussy lips before plunging it into my cunt. His hands were on my hips, pulling me closer as his tongue worked its magic on my pussy.   Keeping one hand on the desk for balance I moved my other to the top of his head, my hands running through his hair as my head dropped back.  My thighs started to tremble as I felt the pressure in my body building up toward my orgasm.  My hands grasped his hair harder and I pulled his face closer, my pussy grinding against his mouth as I rode the wave of my orgasm, moaning loudly.  His mouth worked eagerly, licking my juices as they flowed from my spasming cunt.
Removing my legs from his shoulders, he placed my feet back on the floor.  His hands moved to my suit jacket, opening it and pulling it off.  He pulled the straps of my camisole and bra down off my shoulders exposing my swollen firm tits, my nipples hard nubs pointing at him.  His hands moved to my back and he pulled my chest toward his mouth.  His tongue circled my hard nipple before he pulled it into his mouth sucking and nibbling gently, his other hand fondling and squeezing my other tit.  He stood and kissed his way up my chest and neck to once again find my mouth.  I could taste myself on him as I kissed and licked his lips.  His hands were unfastening his pants as he kissed me and soon I felt the head of his cock pushing against my still dripping pussy.  I tilted my pelvis forward and opened my legs wider, inviting his huge hard cock to enter me.  With one hand on the desk for support, he placed his other on the small of my back and with one powerful thrust, impaled me, driving his dick deep into my velvety wetness.  I let my heels slip off my feet and I wrapped my legs around his hips, my feet on his ass, encouraging him to drive himself deeper into me.
He laid me back on his desk, not caring about the files spread over the surface.  I let my head fall over the front, my long blonde hair falling toward the floor.  He moved my legs up, resting my ankles against his shoulders as he continued to slide his throbbing cock in and out of me.  I rocked my hips up and down, grinding myself against him, taking him all in, the soft walls of my cunt closing tighter around his throbbing member.  He pumped faster as his breath quickened and I could feel my second orgasm coming.
"Oh god, yes!!" I cried, lifting my ass and arching my back as he drove himself deep inside me.  The muscles of his body stiffened and froze as he exploded inside me.  After letting the head rush pass, he pulled me up to his chest, his cock still inside me.  He kissed me then apologized.
"I'm sorry," he said.  "I couldn't control myself anymore.  I've wanted to do that every single time you've been near me:"  I smiled at him....I knew the feeling!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Friday Night Frolic

It was Friday night  and I was out for supper with my husband.   We always went out for supper on Friday night.  Every week we came to the same restaurant, sat in the same booth and every week I sat there and pretended to listen to him as he droned on and on about his work.  We had started the Friday night date night to spice things up a little...break out of the routine of sitting across the dining room table night after night having the same conversation over and over again.
I had wanted to try different restaurants and different ethnic foods.  And in the beginning we did but he had a fussy stomach and would end up spending hours in the bathroom paying for my desire for variety. I really should have known it would evolve into this.  He was a creature of habit.  He thrived on organization.  Everything had to be in order, scheduled and balanced.  As boring as that seemed to me at this very moment, it was the very quality that had attracted me to him in the first place.
When we met, I was spontaneous and wild, easily dropping everything to take off to the beach with my friends for the weekend or fly to Vegas on a whim.  I had a lot of fun but I had been so disorganized.....and broke!   I lived my life in a mess. I was always late for everything and I'd easily forget things like birthdays and appointments...not to mention paying the bills.  My phone service had been disconnected by the phone company at least 3 times due to non payment.
He came into my life to gather the scattered pieces, pull them together and get my life in order.  My life suddenly became clean and organized.  He had helped me develop a budget and a schedule.  He taught me to use the calendar and scheduler in my phone to set up reminders for birthdays and appointments.  I had extra money in the bank and savings in RRSP's.  The spontaneous trips with my friends had come to an end but my time was filled with other activities...activities that were planned and neatly scheduled of course.
So here we were on our "spicy" evening out and I was bored to tears.  I had taken special care with my appearance tonight.  I was wearing a black sleeveless dress, the hem reaching about mid thigh.  The dress was a simple cut and it accented my tiny waist and the curve of my hips.  It was low cut in front and the lingerie I had chosen to wear underneath included a black satin push up bra, which pushed my small breasts closer together giving me nice cleavage.  My panties were a matching black satin thong and instead of pantyhose I had chosen silk stockings.  My heels were 3" black leather stilettos.  I was hoping to spark something in him.  A desire or passion that I knew must be buried somewhere in him.  I looked hot....yet he had hardly looked at me.
He was carrying on about a lazy co-worker....I'd heard many complaints about this particular co-worker over the last few years and I couldn't help but wonder when would he just get over it!  Or at the very least, figure out I really didn't give a shit.  I tuned out his complaining and let my eyes wander over his shoulder to the other patrons in the restaurant.  They settled on a very good looking man who was sitting at the bar.  He was wearing a suit, but his tie had been discarded and his collar was open. He was looking back at me.  He smiled at me and mouthed the words "You are beautiful."  I smiled and blushed.  I stole a quick glance at my husband to see if he had noticed my reaction but his eyes were on his plate and he was still talking...complaining.
My eyes returned to the handsome stranger to find he hadn't taken his eyes off of me.  My temperature rose slightly.  I felt a flush rise on my chest and cheeks and I reached for my water.  Keeping my eyes on him I took a sip just as he plucked the rose from a stem vase on the bar and put it between his teeth.  With smouldering eyes he lifted his brows a couple of times in a very flirty manner. I couldn't help but laugh...only my mouth was full of water and I started to choke.
My husband stopped talking and looked up at me annoyingly because my coughing had interrupted him.  With a napkin to my lips and in between chokes, I said, "Sorry, wrong tube."  I excused myself and headed toward the restroom.  I had to walk past the good looking stranger to get to my destination and I was so embarrassed!  At least I had stopped choking but as I passed him I kept my eyes lowered.  I did happen to catch the fresh clean scent of his cologne and the smell stayed with me as I continued to walk. I reached the Ladies Room and  just as I was about to push the door with one hand I felt someone take my other hand.  I turned to look and was surprised to discover that the sexy stranger had followed me.
He didn't say a word but led me by the hand the few extra steps to the Men's Room.  Still holding my hand, he pushed the door and stuck his head in looking around.  I discovered his voice was soft and deep when he smiled and whispered, "Coast is clear."  His smile and the scent of his cologne had me hypnotized and I found myself following him willingly into the men's room and into a stall.
His big strong warm hands were on my bare shoulders and his mouth came down on mine.  My heartbeat quickened and I found my mouth opening to his pressing lips and tongue.  As his tongue explored my mouth, my body responded by leaning in closer to him in the tight space.  His arms moved to wrap around my waist and mine wrapped around his neck, my hand on the back of his head, pulling him down closer and harder against my lips.  I breathed in his cologne, my body on fire, my tits already swollen and firm, my nipples hardened into tight little nubs as his lips moved down my neck and to my shoulder.  His hands were on my ass and his fingers were busy pulling up the fabric of my dress. I lifted one knee to rest against his hip, my pelvis tight against his.  I could feel his cock growing in his trousers as one of his hands left my ass and worked its way up my soft silky stockinged thigh to where the stocking ended and met the soft silky skin of my inner thigh .  He had me pinned against the side of the bathroom stall, his mouth still kissing and nibbling on my shoulder as his finger found it's way under the crotch of my thong and up into my hot juicy cunt.  I held on to the back of his neck as I threw back my head.  A moan escaped my lips as my hips started to rock back and forth, fucking his finger.  My crotch rubbed against his as I rocked, dry humping his ever growing cock though the tightening confines of his pants.
He pulled away and spun me around so I was facing the toilet, his lips came back down on the back of my neck as his hands cupped themselves on my hard aching tits.  One hand continued to squeeze and fondle my breast as the other moved firmly and urgently down over my body, then up my dress to grab the crotch of my now soaking wet panties.   His leg was between mine and his foot pushed against the insides of both of mine, forcing me to spread my legs further apart.  Keeping his hand on my cunt, his other moved from my chest to my back, bending me over in front of him.  The toilet, being automated, did not have a regular toilet tank.  Instead I held on to small chrome pressure tank that was mounted on the wall behind the toilet as he pulled my dress up over my ass.
I felt him crouch behind me.  He pulled my thong to one side and I lifted my ass higher arching my back to fully expose my glistening pussy.  His lips found the hard nub of my clit first, taking it between his lips and teeth and flicking it gently with his tongue as he sucked.  I moaned again, bending over further as his mouth moved from my clit.  His tongue found its way between my velvety pussy lips to taste the juices trickling there before moving up and circling my asshole. I heard the rustling of clothes and his zipper coming down as he stood up.  He pulled my thong aside again and I felt the huge throbbing head of his cock at the entrance of my cunt.  As his hand came around to my front again and in between my legs, his middle finger found its way to my clit.  He pressed firmly on my it as he thrust his cock into my hot waiting pussy.  He cocked filled me, going deep as the warm, silky, wet walls of my pussy wrapped around the long, smooth and welcomed intruder.  His started slow, grunting softly with each thrust, then picked up speed as his breathing became more labored, his grunts also becoming louder.  His finger was still rubbing my clit firmly and I could feel the pressure building inside of me as my orgasm neared.
His thrusts became strong and deep and my pussy began to spasm, squeezing his hard throbbing cock even tighter as my hot juices flowed over him.  My thumb slipped against the pressure tank and hit the manual flush button.  The toilet flushed over and over again and I cried out as he continued to thrust into me, building up to his own orgasm.
His final thrust went deep and his hands moved to my hips holding on as exploded his hot cum deep into my still quivering pussy.  Neither one of us moved for a moment as we caught our breath.  His cock still inserted deep inside me when we heard water running out at one of the sinks.  We listened to the footsteps move to the hand towels, then the door opened and silence again.
I let out a giggle.  The movement sent a vibration to my pussy and he shivered at the sensation on his sensitive cock.  He pulled away from me, but at the same time handed me toilet paper to wipe myself.  He adjusted his clothes as did I.  I stood and turned.  His hands came to my face and he kissed my lips softly.  "You are beautiful," he whispered before opening the stall door.  He motioned me to stay where I was as he opened the bathroom door and glanced out.  Signalling the coast was clear once again, I rushed out of the Men's Room and headed straight into the Ladies Room to freshen up.  I took my time in front of the mirror, making sure there were no signs of the passion that had just ensued.
When I returned to the table, my husband had finished his meal, his plate cleared away and he was stirring his coffee.  I looked at my meal and started eating.  I was suddenly so famished, it made no difference to me that it was ice cold.  I looked up at my husband and he was scowling.
"What's the matter?" I asked between bites.
He leaned into the table and whispered harshly, "There was somebody in the bathroom having sex!"
I froze, my fork halfway to my mouth, my jaw dropped and my eyes widened as my heartbeat quickened.  He had been the one in the bathroom!  I had been caught!
He looked at my surprised face and said vehemently, "I know it's shocking, darling.  I don't know what kind of place this is that would allow that kind of behaviour to happen!  Obviously they do not attract the right class of clientele!"
He sat back and taking another sip of his coffee he said, "Next week we will have to find somewhere else to go...."

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wet and Wild

This had been such a great evening. I was out with one of my favorite people. He was young, he was a musician and he was hot!  He and his band had just finished up a short tour and he was hanging around home for a while.  Home for him was still a couple of hours away from me, but we managed to hook up almost every time I was in the city.
He was a lot like me.  He knew he didn't want to make a commitment that he couldn't keep.  Neither one of us wanted to have to hold back on our dreams to keep somebody else company.  And he loved women as much as I loved men.  We both appreciated being free to pursue interests as they to speak.
He was a sweet guy and despite the fact he was too young for me, he still being in his 20's while I was in my 40's, I liked hanging out with him.  He was a lot of fun. and I think he liked hanging out with me, well, because I'm a lot of fun too...wink.  I really enjoyed his company, and he fucked like a champ - his words, which I have to agree with wholeheartedly.  Whenever we got the chance to hook up it ended with our naked sweaty bodies twisting around each other.
We both liked sex....a lot!  In between the times we saw each other we kept in touch through "sext" messages and emails.  We were not exclusive to each other, and we would often turn each other on describing other sexual encounters we had - never naming names of course and with only the slightest embellishments, hehehe. 
 He was fucking hot!  His body was hard and muscular like an athlete's.  His eyes were warm and when they smoldered they could melt a brick.  I especially liked to see him wearing leather and, scratch that, I especially like to see him taking off his leather and denim!
We had been out for drinks and now we were headed up to his penthouse apartment.  The night was warm and muggy.  I had a light sheen of moisture over my skin.  I was wearing a silk  backless sun dress.  The halter of the dress started just below my bustline, the two silk panels extended upward, covering my small but firm breasts and and tied at the back of my neck.  The calf length skirt consisted of light silky overlapping panels that flowed from my slim waist over my curvy hips and firm ass.  I had left my long blonde hair down and it brushed lightly over my bare back to a couple of inches below my shoulder blades.
The cool air conditioned air brought goosebumps out on my bare arms and shoulders when we entered the building.  My tits hardened under the silk of my dress and my nipples pressed tightly against the light fabric.  His eyes moved over me as his hand landed lightly on the small of my back to gently guide me toward the elevator.
We were alone in the elevator and he inserted his key for the penthouse.  The doors closed and as the elevator shot up he pulled me into his side.   My legs straddled his leg and my pelvis pressed tightly against his hip as his lips came down hard on mine.  I responded immediately grabbing him by the shirt and pulling him closer to me, my mouth already open and my tongue eagerly searching his.  I moaned in his mouth and felt my hips and pussy grind into his hip.  His hands came down to cup my ass and I lifted my knee, brushing my thigh against his crotch allowing him to run his hand down my thigh, then up under my dress.  The cotton crotch of my white satin panties were already wet with my juices and as he ran his finger under the thin elastic and into my pussy the elevators doors opened to the penthouse.
He picked me up by the thighs and ass and I wrapped my legs around his waist, my sandals dropping off my feet to the floor as we entered the penthouse.  Kissing me, his finger still moving in and out of pussy he carried me across the room to the balcony doors. 
The balcony was large and we were high enough to be out of sight of surrounding buildings.  He led me to a wide backless bench.  The cushion was comfortable as he set me down and positioned himself between my legs. His crotch was in my eyeline and my hands came up to quickly unbuckle his belt, and pop the button on his jeans. Slipping my hands under the waistband of his underwear, I pulled the elastic over his hard on and ran my hands down over his ass, pushing his underwear and jeans down simultaneously.  With my hands running down the back of his thighs,  I took his cock into my open and salivating mouth.  Resting the head of his cock between my open lips I licked and exhaled hot breath over him.  My hands ran up the front of his thighs and I closed my wet lips around him, sucking, licking, tasting as my lips and tongue moved up and down over his long hard shaft.
I cupped his balls in one hand as my other moved up to grip his now wet dick.  I stroked his throbbing hard cock as I moved my lips back and forth over his head, sucking greedily.  His balls hardened in my hand and I squeezed them gently.  He cum filled my mouth as his hands gripped my hair and he pulled my head further down his spasming member.  Looking up at him I opened my mouth and showed him his cum in my mouth before I closed my lips and swallowed it back.
With his hands on my shoulders he shuddered one last time before he untied the halter behind my neck and let the silk float into my lap exposing my hardened swollen tits. Pushing my back down onto the bench, his hands moved under my skirt and up the length of my shapely thighs.  Grabbing the elastic of my panties he pulled them down my legs and dropped them to the balcony floor. Moving his hands back up my thighs, he spread his fingers his thumbs caressing the soft skin of my inner thigh up to my aching pussy. Kneeling in between my legs, he pulled me back up to a sitting position  by the arms.  His mouth found my breast, his tongue darting out to circle and flick my nipple. Arching my back, my hands caressed his ears, ran through his hair and gripped the back of his head to pull him tighter against my chest. I moaned as I felt his finger spread my pussy lips and insert itself into my pussy.  I spread my legs open further and his lips moved down my belly, his head pushing me back down onto the wide bench.
 I lifted my feet and opened my legs wide as he brought his face to my quivering pussy.  He softly kissed my inner thighs before teasing my pussy, running the tip of his tongue along my pussy lips up to my clit.  He flicked at the sensitive little nub gently before taking it between his lips and sucking.  I moaned loudly and lifted my ass.  Grabbing me by the hips he  pulled me closer, plunging his tongue into my hot juicy cunt.  I rocked my hips, rubbing my pussy against his face.  I moaned loudly, my hands gripping his hair as my orgasm took hold.  I raised my ass further up in the air, arching my back and tossing my head back and forth as the blood left my head and my pussy spasmed it's hot tangy sweet juices into his waiting mouth.
Our skin was slick with sweat from a combination of the warm humid night and our passion.  I pulled myself off of the bench and removed my dress completely.  I could hear thunder as I urged him back onto the bench to lie down on his back.  I licked my lips and moved my mouth back into his lap.  I wanted my tongue and soft lips on his balls to be the thing that made him hard again.  I opened my mouth and teabagged his balls, my warm wet tongue caressing them as I sucked.  My hands moved up the inside of his thighs, one moving further up to grip his growing cock and stroke it firmly up and down while my mouth continued its work on his balls.
When he was rock hard again I got up and joined him on the bench, my knees straddling his hips.  A warm rain started to fall as I lowered my wet swollen cunt onto his hard cock.  The rain fell harder drenching my hair and skin and as he gripped my hips, I swiveled and rocked on top of him.  My hair dripped rain down my swollen, sensitive tits, my nipples rock hard little nubs.  I folded my arms behind my head as I continued my belly dance on his cock.
His hands came up from my hips to my tits, squeezing and pinching as my soft warm cunt wrapped itself around and clenched his cock.  I started to moan and rock harder, fuck he felt good inside of me.  My hands come down to grasp his, encouraging them to squeeze my tits harder.  His hips stiffened underneath me as he plunged his long smooth cock deep inside me. My back arched again and with my head thrown back, my wet hair dripped more rain down his legs as we started to orgasm together.....

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I'm Sorry...Fuck!

Could anything else possibly go wrong!  This had been the day from hell.  But, then again, it was every year.  I had been organizing this event for the past 5 years and it never failed...if something was going to go wrong, it would go wrong the day of.  Some how though, things always seemed to work out and we had a very high success rate, each year exceeding our fundraising goals and raising tens of thousands of dollars for a very worthy charity.  As Chair of the Ladies Auxiliary I was responsible for ensuring that this event went off without a hitch.  I was having serious doubts that I was going to be able to pull it off this year.
 My husband, Ben was a city councilor.  As his wife I was required to maintain a high profile in the community.  I attended meetings and organized events and fundraisers between running my 15 year old son  Jordan to music lessons and my 10 year daughter Kayla to dance.
Being the wife of a public figure was a lot of added pressure.  I had to be careful to put forth a certain image to the community.  And I had to do it in perfect hair, dress and make-up.
It was a major fundraiser and the events we had planned included a midway with concessions and games, a rock concert in the park in the evening and topped off with fireworks after the show.
As luck would have it, it was the hottest day of the summer.  We're talking record breaking heat.  It was causing the generators to overheat and the concessions kept losing power.  The midway had it's own generator station and thankfully that one hadn't failed yet.  The face painter clown I had hired months ago was sick with the chicken pox and didn't have a replacement. I was getting warnings from the fire department that we wouldn't be able to launch the fireworks over the baseball field as planned due to the dry conditions and possible fire hazard.  The soundboard technician...who was also Jordan's music teacher hadn't even bothered to show up at all.
Now, to just add one more fucking thing to the list, the band was late.  It would be hours before they went on but they were supposed to be here an hour ago...and I was hoping they knew of someone in the area that would be able to perform the sound check. I had tried them at their motel earlier but they still hadn't checked in.
The later the band was the longer my long shot was of them knowing someone available in the area to do the check for them.  I just wanted to stop and scream "FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK" at the top of my lungs!  But as explained earlier, I couldn't very well loose it publicly, so I pushed the stress and frustration down deep into my gut to bubble and boil.
The fire chief and I were finally coming to an agreement concerning the fireworks.  It had taken all my persuasion to convince him that after the teams were done with the baseball field for the day...they would end early at 5:00 pm today because of the concert, I would arrange for the town to bring their water truck in to spray and soak the field.  The available event fire trucks would be tied up at the race track until the fireworks were scheduled for set up at 8 pm and although they would be present throughout the set up and the show for safety, they were not available to soak the field prior to that.  They also wanted the band to tear down right after the show. They didn't want to have to worry about the extra electrical equipment.  It still wasn't a done deal yet though, because now I had to track down someone from the town on the weekend, during a summer festival, to find a water truck driver for this evening.  The Chief would be back to check the conditions when the pyrotechnics were scheduled to set up.  If all was well we could still have the fireworks.
Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of the band unloading their equipment.  It was about time. I excused myself from the chief and stalked toward them and their van. With each step my anger grew thinking they better have a good reason for being late.  Van trouble, a flat tire, anything along those lines.  I highly doubted it though, past experience had taught me when you imposed rules to prevent a band from drinking at the venue, they usually loaded up at the bar before hand.  Most bands however saved it for between the sound check and the show.  These guys must be really fucking special.  I was so sick and tired of dealing with it year after year.
The closest band member to me when I reached the van was unloading a drum kit.  I took a whiff of the air around him and though I did not smell alcohol what I did smell made me even angrier.  He was clean and fresh.  Even though they were late, he had taken the time to stop at the motel and shower and shave before arriving here.  Probably to increase his chances of picking up and fucking some poor starstruck teenage girl with big tits and no brains.  My words came out cold and sharp, "You're late."
With an attractive white smile he turned, laughed and said. "In rock and roll, there is no such thing as on time.  Don't worry though, we'll be set up in no time to do the sound check."  His eyes moved over me.  Even in my late 30's I could attract younger men.  I was wearing designer denim cropped pants.  They were a slender fit and accentuated my firm ass and shapely thighs.  I was wearing a white sleeveless blouse on top and I could see his eyes pause at my bustline before they moved to the area surrounding us, "Where's the sound guy?"
He was young and very good looking. I pegged him in his early 20's, close to half my age.  His body was lean and muscular and the way he moved was smooth and fluid.  I felt a flush come over me but it was due to anger not passion. Who did this fucking little punk ass think he was?
"Well, I'll have you know at my events there is such as thing as on time!  And as for the sound guy,  I'm sure you can figure it out without one.  Who knows better what you need to sound like than you?!"
I could hear how ridiculous that sounded in my head, but I was mad, and this young man, I didn't care how hot he looked, was not going to blow off the fact that he hadn't acted professionally.  His eyes narrowed.  He looked around the crowd as if he could make a sound tech show up out of thin air.  I kept my eyes cold and steely as his voice lowered to a growl.
"I don't know what you're trying to pull, but our manager would not book us without lining up a sound guy."
I wanted to tell him to go fuck himself. He must have sensed my tension because instead of waiting for my response, he smirked, "Let me guess, you had someone lined up, they cancelled on you and you don't have a back up." His tone implying I didn't know how to do my job.
"Something like that," I replied through my clenched teeth.  I only got a small sense of satisfaction from the fact that he was pissed off now too.  The band continued unpacking with a little more vigor and less jovially.  I didn't feel sorry for them, it served them right, had they been here on time, they'd be set up by now.  I caught sight of Jordan and his friends packing their gear in.  They were here on time.  The headliners were supposed to be set up already so The Mythic Water could set up around them.  The Mythic Water was Jordan's band.
"Hey mom, where do we set up?" Jordan called, still walking toward me his guitar case slung over his shoulder.  He looked excited.
"I'm not sure yet, honey," I called back.  I added some venom into my voice when I said, "The other band just got here. We'll have to wait for them to set up first." I shot the good looking rocker a dirty look and started walking away from him toward Jordan.   When I reached Jordan, I lowered my voice to not be overheard and asked if he'd been able to reach anyone at the music store.  He shook his head.  Apparently nobody was home today and he didn't have any cell phone numbers.  Fuck, just one more door slammed in my face.  I turned back to Jordan and told him and his friends to go see if they could help the band.  The sooner everyone got unpacked and set up the better.  I took out my phone and started calling everyone I knew in this county and the next who played a musical instrument to see if they could give me any leads on a sound technician.  I was having absolutely no luck and as I gave up and turned back to the bands to apologize, I noticed the hot rocker behind the mixing board, doing the checks.  He obviously didn't know what he was doing.  Jordan's band was on stage and no matter how he adjusted the controls they still sounded terrible.  He gave up at the soundboard and walked over to me.  Jordan and his friends exchanged places with the band, moving from the stage.

"I don't know where you found these kids, but they're terrible.  No amount of tweaking is going to make them sound any good."
My eyes widened and I felt the blood rush to my face.  My hands closed into tight fists.  I saw the realization come into his eyes just before I hissed at him, "That's my son's band, you arrogant asshole."  As I stormed away from him I heard the rest of his band start their sound check.  They sounded really good.  Jordan's fucking music teacher was so fucking fired.
That seemed to be the last set back for the day.  The problem with the generators was resolved by finding two more from the next town over.  With less plugged into each one, they stopped overloading and quitting.  I was able to secure a driver to bring the town water truck.  Even one of the guys from the music store had come by.  He had heard we were missing a sound tech and volunteered to fill in for the concert.
Jordan's band went on at 7:15 pm and mercifully left the stage after 3 quick songs.  The bands exchanged places on the stage, the headliners shouting words of encouragement and clapping for the young inexperienced band, giving them high fives as they left the stage.  I started to warm up to them a little.

They took the stage and I was mesmerized by their music.  It was sexy and rhythmic, making me want to dance.  The teenage girls were having a blast, dancing, giggling and trying to catch the lead singers eye.  I noticed some of the lyrics were very suggestive and I was a little surprised with how much it turning me on.  I watched the young rocker behind his drum kit.  He was having fun and he was so energetic.  I felt a warmth spread across my lower abdomen and my nipples hardened under my cotton blouse.  My tit's were on the smaller side and were still firm and high.  I often went without a bra.  The loose cotton brushed against my hardened nipples and the warmth in my abdomen extended down to my now moist pussy.
My husband was 15 years older than me and although we still had good sex together it was happening less and less.  I watched the sexy young rocker play and I wondered how that energy would translate into sex.   I couldn't believe how strong my desire was to find out.  I thought about the kids staying with friends tonight, not needing a ride.  I thought about how Ben wouldn't expect me home until very late tonight.  I looked back at the sexy drummer and felt my panties get wetter.  By the time they had finished their set, my sexual tension was at a peak.
I gave them some time at their merchandise table to chat with some fans and sign autographs.  I approached the attractive young drummer again and told him the band needed to tear down right away.  He agreed but grudgingly.  He seemed pissy about it and it pissed me off.
"And what's you're problem," I blurted. "You've got some nerve playing a song about blowjobs at a family event."
He turned to me and snapped, "Hey, we didn't swear, we kept it pretty damn clean, what the hell do you expect from a rock band?  You've been on my case all day, lady.  What the hell is your problem?"  Without waiting for an answer, he stormed away to go help his band members tear down. 
The fireworks show went without a hitch and were just finishing when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  It was the young attractive drummer.
"We're gonna book.  We want to donate our fee to the charity, so no need to write us a check."
He wasn't overly friendly but he didn't seem so pissed off anymore either.  Now that the day was winding down and I wasn't so stressed I noticed again how my anger at him switched back to desire.  I couldn't get their song out of my head...the suggestive one about getting head.  My body was suddenly on fire.  I had to have this man.
"That's very generous," I said to him. "Please, follow me, I just need you to sign off on your fee and I'll get you a tax receipt."
I led him to my van. Opening the passenger side door for him, I asked him to take a seat and give me a minute.  I opened the side door of the van, moved everything off the back seats and tossed it onto the pile of stuff that was jammed in the area behind the seats.  I quickly glanced around, checking that no one I knew was around.  No one was even looking in this direction.  I hopped in and closed the door.  My van was parked facing the trees in front and had dark tinted windows in the back.  I knew that we would have privacy.  I asked him to join me in the back seat as I removed my blouse, exposing my high firm breasts. 
"Are you kidding me?" he said.  "I'm really not in the mood."
"Please," I said patting the seat beside me. "I know I've been a bitch today, I would really love the chance to make it up to you."  
He joined me in the back seat, but I could tell he wasn't sure if he wanted this or not.  He sat facing the front, not looking at me.  I was very aware of my exposed breasts, my nipples were hard with excitement.  I removed my cropped pants, now just wearing my white cotton string bikini panties.  I sat in his lap facing him, straddled his hips with my knees, his jeans were rough against the soft skin of my inner thighs.  H leaned back, but kept his arms at his sides.   I parted my lips to kiss his.  At first he didn't respond at all, but as I continued to lightly lick and kiss his lips, he started to return them, his tongue coming out of his delicious mouth to meet mine.  His kiss fueled my fire and  I wanted to touch all of him, my hands moving through his hair, over his ears, my finger running along his jaw.  As our kiss became deeper, I moved my hand down into his lap and rubbed my hand over his hard on through his jeans.   His hands started to roam my body, running over my smooth back and around the front to cup my tits.  I sat up on my knees, lining my tits up with his mouth.  I pushed my pelvis into his chest and my tit into his mouth, my pussy throbbing as his tongue circled and flicked at my nipple.  As he sucked, licked and kissed one nipple, his fingers twirled and pinched the other.  His other hand moved over my firm ass and in between my legs.  He slipped his finger under my wet panties to run the length of my pussy lips, causing my cunt to reflexively spasm.  I began to moan with pleasure as he pushed two fingers up into my cunt.  The soft walls of my pussy closed around his fingers and my hips rocked back and forth, hungry to fuck every part of him.  I wanted his fingers, his tongue, his cock. My hands moved to his chest pulling at his shirt.  I wanted to feel my skin against his.
He was now worked up enough to be eager.  He helped me strip his clothes off and as his pants dropped to the floor of the van, so did my knees.  My sensitive tits pressed tight against his open inner thighs as my tongue ran up his rock hard cock from his balls to his head.  I moaned, my hot breath spreading over his cock as I lowered my mouth over him, my soft wet lips closing around his long hard shaft.  I moved my hands to his thighs, holding his cock with my mouth only.  My lips and tongue continued to lick and suck his member as I slid them up and down his long thick shaft.
My hand lightly brushed against his balls before cupping them and giving them a light squeeze.  He moaned in response, his hands on my head pushing my head down forcing me to open my throat as the head his cock forced its way down my throat.
He pulled me off his cock by my hair, bringing my face up level with his.  He opened his mouth and kissed me hard on the lips, biting at them before moving his lips forcefully over my jaw and neck.  Licking his way back up to my ear he whispered through clenched teeth, "I want you to fuck me!"
I slid my panties down my legs and turned around.  My legs spread open on either side of his and my hands holding on to the buckets seats  in front of me, I lowered my pussy onto to his very erect dick.  He directed my hips with his hands and I could feel his huge head at pushing at my entrance, forcing my pussy to open wider to wrap around him.  I lubricated him with my juices as I swiveled my hips in a circular motion, lowering myself onto him, feeling him filling me.
I felt his hands on my ass cheeks, spreading them further apart and inserting his thumb into my ass.
"Oooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm," I moaned in ecstasy, my back arching.  The night was still quite warm and the temperature in the van was more like a sauna.  Both of us were slick with sweat and I could feel it trickle from my neck, soaking my hair.  Using the head rests of the seats in front of me for support, I bounced in his lap, my small tits and hair bouncing with me.  His hands moved in front of me, grabbing a hold of my tits and squeezing my nipples.
Our breathing became more labored and I fucked him harder and faster.  His hands moved from my tits to my hips, one circling around in front of me to rub my hard, swollen clit.  I brought my hand down between my legs as well, brushing his hand as I reached for his balls.
I moaned, throwing my head back, my long blond hair falling down my back as my orgasm took over my body.  My muscles tensed, and my hand squeezed his balls.  His hands, now gripping my hips, held me down as he released his load deep inside me.
We sat not moving for a couple of minutes, catching out breath, before I moved off of him.  Suddenly the van felt small and tight and we bumped into each other often as we cleaned ourselves with tissues and struggled back into our clothes.  I opened the side door.  The warm night breeze felt cool on our skin compared to the heat that we had built up in the van.
"Do you happen to have that tax receipt?" He asked me.
I laughed. "No," I said, "I'll send it to your manager. I have the address." 
"Oh, by the way, apology accepted," he flashed me his brilliant smile before he stepped away from me to catch up to the rest of the band.
They would get paid for tonight....I would not only see to that, but I would personally make a donation in their name and send them the tax receipt as well.  This evening and the charity were definitely worth the money!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tied and True

Since I had arrived in San Francisco I had been caught up in a whirlwind of sexual activity with one man in particular.  We had fucked on the beach the day I had arrived, not able to keep our hands off of one other from the very start.  It seemed we fucked everywhere we went together. Not able to keep our hands to ourselves for long.  

He volunteered to make me dinner at my place and that was an offer I couldn't refuse.  He brought over a couple of bags of groceries and made himself at home in my kitchen.  I sat at the small island with my glass of wine and watched him work his magic as spicy, delicious aroma's filled the air.  I loved watching him move around the kitchen, shaking spices, chopping onions and peppers, stirring the sauce on the stove.  His muscular body rippling under his cotton shirt.  The collar was open and I could see his hard chest through the opening.  I thought about how I loved to touch his skin and shifted my weight on my stool, suddenly feeling uncomfortable.
We shared small talk as we rushed through the delicious meal he had prepared for us.  It was a meal worth savoring but we were too distracted by the desire to savor one another.  As he cleared my dish he leaned over and whispered into my ear that he had another surprise for me.  When he returned to me, he was holding two silk scarves. He placed them around my neck and holding the ends pulled me toward him.  As I fell against his chest, his warm wet mouth covered mine, his tongue seeking mine.  Our hands anxiously removing each others clothing.  Pulling me with him, he led me into my bedroom.
He bound my hands to the bedposts of my bed.  I was sitting up, my back propped up with many pillows against the head board and my arms stretched out to either side.  The silk scarves were tied tightly but the fabric was so smooth and light, my bonds didn't hurt in the least.  The room was lit by candles placed he placed throughout the room, giving the bedroom a warm glow.  I was stripped down to my underwear...a black push up bra and black lace panties.  I liked this made me look very sexy.  The bra pushed my tits up and closer together, giving me nice cleavage.  
I was feeling adventurous and I wanted to play.  I watched him as he stood by the bed, naked, stroking his huge cock.  I licked my lips and smiled up at him...catching his eye and indicating what I wanted to do with him, but he made no move toward me.  He continued to stand there, stroking, himself, his eyes moving up and down my body.   His dick was growing, getting a deeper hue of red as the blood coursing through his veins made its way toward the head.  This time I spoke to get his attention.  In my lowest, sexiest voice I murmured, "I can take care of that for you, baby."
I strained to move my body closer to him.  With my hands bound, it left very little wiggle room and I couldn't quite reach him.  The movement seemed to excite him, though, because he started stroking faster.  His hand moving over the throbbing muscle and smooth skin with the expertise that one can only have with their own being so familiar.
Oh fuck, I was so turned on by watching him and I wanted to wrap my tongue around the head of that beautiful throbbing cock.  He still wasn't moving toward me and I started to feel desperate.  My cunt ached for his touch, his tongue, his cock.  In a fevered panic I started to beg, whimpering,  "Oh please baby.  Oh baby, I need you...please touch me. Your so beautiful, please baby, please let me suck your don't have to untie me...just come closer and put it in my mouth, please baby!"
My body was sending the same pleading firm swollen tits thrust out toward him, my back arching as my smooth legs rubbed together up and down, squirming under the passion and fire that had seized me by the cunt.
This time he did react.  Taking me up on my offer, his knees straddling me at my hips, his hard shining cock right in front of my face. I opened my mouth, my tongue already searching and I leaned toward him.  He leaned back out of my reach and continued to stroke.
I let out a small whine and he chuckled at my discomfort as I continued to squirm.  He moved closer to me again, placing his rock hard dick in between my tits.  My bra had a narrow clasp in the front but he didn't bother to unclasp it as my cleavage was already open.  Oh god, his dick felt so smooth and hot between my tits as as he rocked up and down.  His hands were on my tits, pushing them closer together around his cock.  I leaned my head forward and because he hands were full, he didn't stop me.  As his cock came up between my tits, my tongue darted out to lick the tip of his head.  A little of the thick warm juice of his cum met my tongue as it slid wetly over the tip.  
He started rocking faster.  I tilted my head back to look up into his eyes.  He looked back into mine and I whispered, "Please feed it to me." 
"Are you ready?" he asked, his breath quickening becoming more labored.
Without taking my eyes from his, I dropped my jaw, opening my mouth wide in response.  His hands moved off my hand entangling itself in the hair at the base of my neck, pulling my face toward his dick.  The other hand was at the base of his cock, holding it straight as I wrapped my lips over the head.  My wet hot mouth sucked while my lips slipped back and forth over the tip of his dick, until finally I was rewarded with hot cum exploding into my mouth and down my throat.
I drank greedily as he moaned, his hand gripping my hair tighter, every muscle of his athletic body tensed.  
I wanted to touch him with my hands so badly..."Please, baby," I begged again.  "Untie me, let me touch you."  Still straddling me, he lowered himself to look me evenly in the eyes.  He tipped his head forward, his lips finding and parting mine.  His tongue moving over my lips and through my teeth to find mine.  Moving his kisses to  my neck, his hands moved over my arms, past my bonds to grasp my hands.  He whispered in my ear, "Not yet baby, I'm not done with you."
He let go of my hands but his kisses continued softly over my neck and chest.  This time, he did unclasp my bra, setting my tits free.  They were swollen and firm from my passion, the nipples hard, standing at attention.  He took one nipple into his mouth, sucking and nibbling gently while he rolled the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Tilting my head back, I moaned with pleasure. His other hand moved down in between my legs, discovering for the first time just how wet my panties were.
"Mmmmm, juicy," he smiled at me as he moved his kisses and his tongue down over my belly.  He slipped my panties down my legs, then spread my legs open wide.  As he moved his finger in and out of my wet, hot cunt, I moved my hips up and down matching his rhythm. His thumb grazed my clit and I started to cum.  The orgasm took control of me, arching my back and lifting my ass in the air.  He moved his hand out of me and placed it under me, supporting my hips as he buried his tongue deep into my cunt.  My orgasm started to multiply, sending wave after wave pleasure over my body.  My entire body was hot yet goosebumps were appearing over the entire surface of my skin as the skill of his tongue continued to make me cum over and over again.
He finally moved away from me and I collapsed shaking and weak.  He quickly untied me and laid down beside me.  I moved my hand lightly over his chest and stomach, caressing his warm skin.  It was all I had the strength to do. He took me into his strong arms, enveloping me in his warmth.  Warm and content, I drifted into sleep.