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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hump Day

Wednesday night I went to the gym to work out.  I worked out at home the rest of the week but I enjoyed getting on the equipment the gym had to offer and really build up a sweat at least once a week.  Wednesday nights were quite....not too many patrons, so I usually could get on any machine I wanted without having to wait for someone else to finish.  It also didn't hurt that he worked out Wednesday nights as well.

I couldn't help but notice him.  Not only was he in great shape, but he also had an air of rock and roll about him.  His dark thick hair was often tousled and his arms and legs were covered with stylish ink.  We never spoke, just nodded hello if we happened to pass each other as we moved from one piece of equipment to another.

Tonight especially I couldn't take my eyes off of him.  I was working out on the elliptical, my earbuds in and my iPod blasting hard rock tunes.  He was working across the room with weights.  I let my imagination take over as I watched his biceps flexing....I couldn't help but wonder what those arms would feel like around me.  How it would feel to be pressed against his hard chest.  I bit my lip as I looked at his hands.  His fingers were long and thick....i picked up my pace and was breathing harder as I wondered what else he might possess that was long and thick.  My eyes automatically moved to his shorts, trying to get an idea.  They were dark and loose fitting, giving me no clue.

My eyes moved back up his body to his face and he was looking back at me, a smile lighting his face.  Oh shit, he saw that I was checking him out.  My mouth dropped open and I could feel the flush heating my face with embarrassment.  I quickly averted my gaze, got off the machine and practically ran to the locker room.

While I cleaned up and changed my clothes, I cursed myself for acting like such a school girl.  I was checking him what?  Who wouldn't?   For christ sake, I was a grown attractive woman.  Why couldn't I have just smiled back?  He must think I'm a fool.

I grabbed my bag and left the locker room.  He'd be gone by now anyway, he was always gone by the time I left.  I was still mad at myself not paying much attention to anything as I made my way to the door.

"Hey," he said as he held the door open for me.  "Oh, hey!" I replied in surprise.

"I know it's late," he said, "but I was wondering if maybe you might like to have a drink with me?"

I wasn't about to blow it again.  I swallowed, lifted my chin, lifted on eyebrow, looked him in the eye and said, "Sure.  My place?"

"Hell yeah," he said softly in low sexy voice.  "Lead the way."

I lived a block and a half away so we walked together, talking easily about how good working out made us feel.  Normally I was a little nervous walking home at the late hour but tonight with him by my side I felt safe and relaxed.

We entered my building and as the elevator doors opened, he placed his hand on the small of my back sending a shiver up my back and I felt my nipples harden against the lace of my bra.  He backed me against the elevator wall and placed his hand under my chin, his thumb came up to stroke my bottom lip.  His eyes became cloudy with passion when my tongue darted out to lick his thumb. He continued to stroke his wet thumb over my lips making them glisten.

He was just leaning in for a kiss when the elevator doors opened again.  "We're here," I smiled as I led him out and down the hall to my condo.  We stepped into my apartment and I flicked on the lights.  I felt a chill in the air as I led him into my living room and turned on the lamp.  I had the fireplace ready for a fire and I asked him if he would light it while I grabbed us a drink.  "No problem," he said.  "I'm an expert on generating heat."  There wasn't one doubt in my mind.

I called from the kitchen, "What's your preferred poison?"

"Do you have any Tequila?" he asked.

"Yes I do, how do you like it?

"Straight up."

I grabbed the bottle of reposado, a couple of glasses and a bucket of ice.  I was just about to slice into a lime when he called out, "Only instead of lime, do you happen to have an orange?"

"Orange?" I asked, "Really?"

" me, you"ll love it."

Never one to not try something new, I grabbed an orange from the fridge and sliced it into thin wedges.  I placed everything on a tray and as a last thought, stripped down to my bra and panties.  I believed that a woman always felt sexier if she wore sexy lingerie, so I did on a regular basis.  Tonight I was wearing a black lace push up bra with red bows topping the cups where they met the straps, a rhinestone adorned and sparkled on the thin strap that joined the cups.  My panties matched.  Black lace bikini with red bows at the hips and a rhinestone at the waist set in the middle below my belly button.  I turned off the light, grabbed the tray and brought it into the living room.

The fire was started and he was seated, his arms spread across the back of the couch, looking very relaxed and comfortable.  I watched his eyes widen as I bent over in front of him to place the tray on the table, giving him a full view of my cleavage.

I reached for the ice and he stopped me.  "No ice, sweetheart," he said. "Tequila should be served at room temperature."

"Oh, okay.  Let me get rid of this then," I said reaching for the bucket.  He grabbed my wrist.  "Leave it," he said, his voice husky and deep. "Come sit beside me."

I moved around the table and sat on the edge of the couch beside him. I reached for the lamp, turning it off so we just had the fireplace for light.  He grabbed the bottle and covered the bottom of both the glasses with the amber liquid.  He handed me my glass and a slice of orange.  "Go ahead," he said, "try it."

I brought the glass to my lips and tilted my head back to let the smooth liquid slide down my throat.  It was strong but not overpowering.  As I sucked the juice from the orange slice my eyes widened in surprised.

"Wow! That is nice!" I exclaimed. "I think I'd like another!"  He smiled then obliged by pouring me another and handing me another orange slice.  He drank his first as I finished off my second.  I'm not sure whether it was the heat from the fire or the heat from the tequila, but I suddenly felt very flushed.

His finger stroked my arm. "Oh wow, baby, you are hot!" he said.

I giggled, "Yeah, I get that a lot."

He chuckled and said, "I believe you.  Let's see if I can cool you off a little."  He picked an ice cube out of the bucket and starting behind my ear, ran the cube down my neck, past my collar bone and into the soft closed space between my tits.  My skin immediately broke out in goosebumps and I felt my nipples tighten to a point where they were almost painful.  The cube had completely melted against my hot skin and was quickly replaced by his tongue.  I moaned softly as his lips and tongue traveled the same route as the water on my skin.  My hands were on his shoulders and I could feel his hard muscles rippling under the soft cotton fabric of his t-shirt.  Again, my mind wandered, wondering what else he might posses that would be hard.

"Come sit on me baby," he whispered as he pulled me to straddle his lap, facing him.  His hands pulled the straps of my bra down over my shoulders then pulled the cups of my bra down exposing my now swollen, firm tits.

"Oh hell baby, you are hot!" His hands moved over them, squeezing them gently.  Suddenly his mouth was on one of my nipples.  I gasped as he held it with his lips and teased me by flicking his tongue back and forth over it.  As I leaned my pelvis into him, his hands moved to my ass, caressing and squeezing.

I felt the wetness of my juices filling my panties and the ache in my breasts was replaced with a longing ache in my pussy.  I started to grind myself against the fly of his jeans and was rewarded with the knowledge that he did possess something else that was long, thick and hard.  His mouth continued it's sweet torture on my tits, moving from one to the other and my breath started to get hard as I rocked my hips back and forth, grinding my pussy harder against his covered hard on.

"Baby, I gotta taste more of you," he said and held on to me with one hand as he pushed himself up off the couch with the other.  I wrapped my legs around his waist as he maneuvered around around the coffee table.  He stopped and lowered me to the plush soft carpet in front of the fireplace.  My legs released him and he slid my panties down my firm shapely legs and tossed them out of the way.  He turned his upper body back to the table and reached behind him to grab the bucket of ice.  I used the opportunity to remove my bra completely and tossed it to accompany my discarded panties.

He pulled off his shirt.  He was beautiful.  His broad chest and arms were hard and muscular.  His abs having a very distinct six-pack led down to the waist of his faded jeans resting on his hips.  This time he pulled two ice cubes from the bucket and with one in each hand he circled the ice around and over my nipples before moving down over my ribs to my belly button.  The ice once again melted quickly on my hot skin and as his tongue once more traveled over the route he had mapped, he reached into the bucket for yet another.  My legs were opened with anticipation and I felt the cold ice move over the lips of my pussy and clit.  I shuddered, the ice was numbing me but I could still feel the water running down my cunt to the tight hole of my ass.

I opened my legs wider as his mouth moved down my abdomen, then lower.  My clit instantly was warmed by the heat of his mouth as his tongue lapped up the water that was now mixed with the juices flowing from my pussy.  The combination of the cold ice and his hot mouth felt divine.  His fingers pulled the skin of my pussy up exposing my hard little nub and as he flicked his tongue over it, I started to moan and writhe.  I rested the soles of my feet on his shoulder blades and lifted my ass giving him a much better vantage point to work his magic.  His tongue continued to flick my clit and I felt one of his long thick fingers penetrate me.  The soft wet walls of my cunt clenched around him and I gyrated my hips. fucking his finger as it teased my g-spot.  His tongue continued to tease my clit as my breath labored and my hips moved faster until I could no longer hold back.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD, BABY!!!! YES! OH FUCK YES, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!" I screamed as my body clenched and shuddered under the power of my orgasm.  My hands were in his hair, gripping tightly as I pressed my pussy against his face, my juices running into his waiting mouth.  His tongue continued to lick me lightly as the shudders slowly subsided and my breath slowed to its normal rhythm.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, baby," I said softly. "That was incredible! Would you like another drink? ....of tequila this time?" I added quickly, giggling.

"Yes I would," he replied laughing.  He stood up and I crawled on my hands and knees back to the coffee table.  Kneeling in front of it, I poured us both another shot.  I downed mine quickly then turned to hand him his, along with another orange slice.  He stood naked before me.  My mouth dropped open as I saw his long hard cock standing at attention, casting an ominous shadow in the firelight.  I handed him the glass and the orange slice and as soon as my hands were free I placed them on his hard muscular thighs and started running my tongue over his glistening cock and balls.  I teabagged his balls one at a time, feeling them tighten in my mouth.  He finished his drink, discarded the orange peel into the glass and held the glass in one hand and used the other to run his fingers through my hair.

I ran my lips and tongue up his long hard cock, making him wet before I took him into my mouth.  "Look at me, baby," he said, his voice low and tight.  I raised my eyes and looked into his while I sucked the head of his cock, my hand now stroking up and down his length as well.  He looked back down on me, his eyes dark and clouded with passion.  His hand gripped my hair as he pulled my head further down, encouraging me to take more of him into my mouth.  He wasn't about to get an argument out of me.

I moaned against his cock as I bobbed my head up and down him, taking more and more of him into my wet, hot mouth.  My hand moved to his balls, squeezing gently, hoping to make him cum and I almost had him when he pulled out suddenly, gasping for breath.

"Not yet, baby," he breathed.  "I want to fuck you first."

"But I want to taste you," I pouted.

"You will," he promised. "Just let me fuck you first."

He laid me down on my back, where I was before when he had licked me to orgasm. I opened my legs as he hovered over me.  Before entering me, rubbed his cock against my pussy, stimulating me and making sure I would be wet.  Then without warning he thrust himself inside of me, filling me up.  My cunt opening to accommodate him before tightening around him as he slowly moved in and out.  I lifted my ass, matching his rhythm as he pounded against me, his balls slapping against my ass and his pelvis rubbing against my clit.  Our bodies were getting slippery as the heat and exertion of our passion built.

He pulled away from me again. His face was buried in my neck and I knew he was once again fighting for control. "Now?" I asked.

"Not yet, baby," he replied.  "Your turn to get on top."

I moved out from underneath him and he laid down in my place on his back.  I was about to swing a leg over him when he stopped me once more.  "Backward cowgirl, baby.  Let me see your ass."

I swung my other leg over him, straddling him with my back to him.  He kept his knees bent, giving me something to hold on to as I lowered myself on to him, impaling myself once more on his hard throbbing cock.  I started slow, swiveling my hips as I moved up and down on him, my quivering cunt relishing his smooth hard length.  His hands were on my ass, squeezing and pulling my cheeks away from each other.

"Oh yeah, baby, that's nice.....mmmmm, just the way I like it," he moaned behind me.  "When I say now, jump off and let me cum in that pretty mouth of yours, okay?"

"Mmmmmm, yes baby," I answered.  I used his knees for leverage and started bouncing faster on top of him.  His cock felt so fucking good moving in and out of me, his balls now hitting my clit with every bounce.  I started to moan, the pressure was building again and I threw my head back as I started to cum again, my juices running out of me, down his cock to his balls.

"Now baby!!" He cried, trying to hold on.  I bounced back, still in the throes of my own orgasm as I slid onto his chest and I lowered my head over his cock, taking him into my mouth.  I could taste myself on him and I sucked and licked greedily, wanting every last drop.  His strong arms lifted my hips and his mouth was on my swollen, still convulsing pussy.  I came again in his mouth, my thighs squeezing his head, just as he relented and exploded into my mouth.  I drank him back as he held me down to his chest, his arms wrapped around my hips, my legs shaking uncontrollably.

"Oh fuck yeah, baby," he said as I felt him soften in my mouth.  I released him and laid my chest against his stomach as we struggled to catch our breath.  I finally had the strength to roll off of him and I laid on my back as I watched him get up and get dressed.  He helped me to my feet when he was dressed, took me into his arms and kissed me deeply and softly on the mouth.  That was when I realized it was the first time he had kissed me on the mouth.  His lips definitely had skills!

"I gotta run, baby, it's late.  But you do run a fine establishment here and the service is great.  I think I'll stop by again after I work-out," he laughed.

As I walked him to the door, I laughed too.  "I love the way you tip," I said.  "I hope you'll be a weekly regular."

"Guaranteed," he said.  He kissed me lightly one more time, then opened the door and was gone.

After closing the door, I checked the fireplace and closed those doors.  I retrieved my underwear from the living room and my clothes from the kitchen.  The bottle and glasses could wait until the morning.  I crawled into bed, sore and exhausted yet smiling.  I was already looking forward to next Wednesday.  I started to laugh....Wednesday was hump day after all!

Monday, 1 April 2013


Damn it had been a long night.  I was exhausted.  The fundraiser that I had helped to organize and facilitate was over and we had raised a ton of money for our cause.  We provided therapeutic relief for disabled children and adults - a worthy cause - so of course it had been worth the last year's work to organize.  We had made enough money in one day to operate for another full year!
It was easy for me to throw myself into my work.  I had divorced my husband the year before and had kept myself busy with work.  I was still an attractive woman but I wasn't interested in getting into another relationship.  Working late hours had distracted me from getting lonely and though there had been a few gentleman who had asked me out, I always used my work as an excuse for refusing their advances.
After staying late to tally the funds we had raised and to pack up our equipment and left-over information packets, I was finally making my way home.  It was already 2 am and the road that took me home was isolated.  The moon overhead was in full glow making what was normally a dark highway quite bright.  I could see for miles.  Without the fear of wildlife sneaking onto the highway unseen I put my foot down on the gas, definitely driving beyond the posted speed limit to make it home faster.
I rolled through the 4 way stop that intersected the two main highways.  I could see headlights coming on the other highway, but knew I had plenty of time to make it through the intersection before the other vehicle made it to the intersection.  Once I was through I brought my speed up again.  That was a mistake.  Apparently the other headlights belonged to a police cruiser.
Before I knew it, I saw the red and blue flashing lights behind me.  Fuck! So much for making good time getting home.  I pulled to the side of the deserted highway.  I didn't need the fine, nor the demerit points against my license!  Maybe I could charm my way out of the ticket.
I was wearing a white button down blouse and short black skirt.  It was summer time so my legs were bare atop of my 4 inch spiked heel pumps.  I undid another button on my blouse to show off a little more cleavage than I had dared to show off at the fundraiser and rolled down my window to flash my best smile at the approaching officer.
Hot damn!  He was gorgeous!  Tall with sculpted features that seemed very pronounced in the moonlight.
"License and registration please."  Hell, even his voice was sexy! Deep and smooth.  As I fumbled through my purse to retrieve my identification he asked, "Do you know why I stopped you this evening, miss?"
Miss?? He called me miss?  I was so damn used to being referred to as ma'me that I was starting not to care about getting a ticket.  I liked this guy!
"Uh, I think so," I stammered as I handed over my license, insurance and registration. "I might have been driving a bit too fast."
After looking over my identification with his flashlight, he turned it back onto my face and asked, "Have you been drinking any alcohol tonight?"
"Oh no, sir," I smiled as I twirled a strand of my long blond hair around my finger. Damn right I was flirting and not just to get out of a ticket! I don't know if it was the exhaustion that weakened me, but I was feeling an attraction that I hadn't felt for a long time. "Tonight was a working night for me."
He asked what I did for a living and after I told him about the fundraiser, he asked me to wait while he took my identification back to his cruiser.
He soon returned, but instead of handing me back my license and a speeding ticket he asked me to turn off the ignition and step out of my vehicle.  Thinking he was going to give me a sobriety test - which I knew I would pass because I hadn't touched a drop all night - I opened my car door and stepped out.
"Please step to the front of the car and place your hands on the hood," he ordered.  What the fuck! Was he going to arrest me?
"I just need to be sure you're not carrying any weapons on your person," he explained after seeing my look of shock. "Spread your legs, please."
With my back to him, my hands on the hood of my car and my legs spread, I felt his hands at my waist.  They felt warm and strong.  I forgot about why he was frisking me and lost myself in his touch.
They moved over my hips and as they moved over my legs, it didn't even occur to me that he didn't need to frisk my legs....they were bare and he could plainly see I didn't have a weapon strapped to them.  I had gotten my legs waxed for the fundraiser and as he ran his warm strong hands down their silky smoothness, I reacted by opening my legs a little farther.  His hands moved back up my legs, not patting me down but more of a caress, up past my knee and over my thigh, reaching up under my skirt.
A small moan escaped my mouth as his hand lightly brushed against my lace panties at the crotch.  I could feel the wetness seeping from my pussy at the erotic sensation.  His hands came out from under my skirt and reached around to my abdomen.  He stepped closer to me and I could feel his hard on through his pants pressing against my ass.
My skin was hot and my breath uneven.  He chuckled into my ear from behind.  "It would seem, you're enjoying this."
I pressed my ass against him and replied in a low sultry voice, "It would seem you are as well."
"You are a dangerous woman.... I think I better check to be sure you're not hiding a knife or gun in your panties." He seemed to hesitate for a moment, waiting to see if I would protest.  And though a part of me knew I shouldn't allow it, there was a more powerful part of me that wanted it.  I kept silent as his hand lifted my skirt in the front and slid under the waistband of my black lace panties, palming my clit and inserting his finger into my already wet and quivering pussy.
This time it wasn't a soft moan that escaped my lips but a loud guttural moan of delight.  I arched my back, my head falling back on his shoulder as my hips moved back and forth, grinding my dripping cunt into his hand.
"Oh god baby," I moaned, my breath hard and heavy. "You better play it safe and check my bra too!"  What the hell?  I had never been so brazen in my life!
He didn't need any more encouragement than that.  His other hand slipped under my blouse, pushing my bra up over my tits, and not so gently started squeezing my tit and pinching my nipple.
My exhaustion completely forgotten, my body came alive under his touch.  My tits swelled into his hand, my hips rocking as I fucked the finger of his other hand.
He suddenly spun me around, his hands pulling my blouse and bra off over my head, not bothering with the buttons or hooks.  His mouth and hands exploring my heaving chest.  His hat fell to the ground behind him and I pulled his head down harder on my chest, arching my back to fill his mouth with my breasts, my hands in his thick dark hair.  The lights on his car were still flashing and the hood of my car was still hot from the engine under my ass adding to the eroticism of what was transpiring on this hot summer night.
His mouth moved down my flat stomach and his hands reached down to pull up my skirt and pull at my panties.  I had to shift slightly and pull my legs up to help him with the removal of my panties.  Holy shit, I was dripping wet and could smell the musky scent of myself.  He bent down and I laid back against the hood of my car, supporting myself on my elbows as I wrapped my firm shapely legs around his neck.  His tongue felt cool and soothing on my hot aching pussy and as he lapped at the juices flowing from my cunt, his hands came back up to roll my erect nipples between his fingers.
I reached down between my legs, inserting my own finger in and out of my pussy as his mouth pinched and licked at my hard sensitive nub.
I could feel my orgasm building and I rocked harder against his face and my fingers before I let go.  My hands went over my head and I grasped the windshield wipers of my car, the rest of my body lifting up as I squeezed his head between my thighs and filled his mouth with my hot sweet cum.
I was still cumming when he freed himself from my legs and flipped me over.  My feet were back on the ground and my stomach was pressed against the hood of my car.  I heard his zipper come down and felt his long hard cock drive into my spasming cunt.
His hand was on my back holding me down as he relentlessly thrust his shaft deep inside me.  I pushed my ass back on to him, wanting it harder and faster.  My body shuddered again as another powerful orgasm overcame me, and yet he kept thrusting himself into me.  Right after my orgasm peaked, his other hand reached around me to once again knead at my clit causing me to peak again.  I cried out, the soft walls of my pussy clamping tightly around his now throbbing swollen member.  He finally relented, driving himself deep inside me and letting go of his own deep throated scream. My hips continued to rock against him, milking him of every last drop of his hot jism.
He stayed inside me for a few moments while we both caught our breath, then pulled away from me, zipped his pants and picked up and brushed off his hat.  He placed it on the hood of my car while he helped me up and get re-dressed.
He picked up his hat again and held it in his hands.  "You are a fast and dangerous woman," he smiled. "But this time I'm going to let you go.  Just slow it down, okay?"
I smiled back, "Yes sir."
I got back into my car and drove the rest of the way home at the speed limit.  When I got home I showered and poured myself a drink.  It was then I realized he hadn't returned my license, insurance and registration to me.  And I didn't even know his name!
As if I had summoned fate, I heard a knock at my door.  Who could it be at this hour? Christ, it was 4 am!  Dressed only in my robe, my long blonde hair wet and straight down my back, I opened the door to see him there, only instead of his uniform he was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.
"I saw your light on," he said. "I was a little distracted and forgot to return these to you."  In his hand was my identification.  I smiled, "Thanks," I said, "until just a moment ago, I had forgotten about them as well."  He looked so damn good and relaxed standing there.  He didn't seem to be in a hurry to leave.
"Would you like to come in for a drink?" I asked.
"I would," he replied.
I led him into my house. Feeling sexy and a little mischievous I turned my head and asked, "Did you happen to bring your handcuffs?"
"I did," he smiled and pulled a set of steel handcuffs from his back pocket and twirled them around his finger.  But that's another story.....

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Two Heads are Better Than One

The show had rocked.  I loved these smaller venues, packed little bars with live music.  This band was hot!  The music and the band members.  After an evening of dancing and drinking my adrenaline was at an all time high.  It was midnight already and I was not ready to go home.

The band had returned to sign autographs, so I bought one of their CDs from the merch table, ordered a beer and hung back a little, waiting for the crowd around them to thin out a little.  It was a week night, so many of the patrons, once they had their autographs were making their way to door to pile into cabs or their cars and head home.  The bar emptied pretty quickly.

I did a quick touch up on my make up and as I looked in the mirror, I had to admit that I was looking pretty good.  My blond hair was long and straight, and even though I had hit my forties, working out had kept my body lean and hard.  The short tight dress I was wearing accentuated my curves and my four inch heels made my legs look long and shapely.

By the time I approached the band, there were only a couple of die hard fans surrounding them and as they signed my CD, I told them how much I had enjoyed the show.  So much in fact that I really hadn't wanted to end.  I still had a lot of pent up energy.

The lead singer, who was tall, lean and absolutely gorgeous looked me over and with a mischievous grin said, "There are other ways to burn off energy."

I couldn't help but smile back and in a sultry voice replied, "Oh yes, there are.  Can I buy you boys a round of shots?"  Right away, three of the members begged off, mumbling about being exhausted and having to crash.  The lead singer and the drummer though took me up on my offer and I stood between them at the bar as the bartender poured Tequila shots.

I was flirting with both of them, enjoying the attention I was getting.  They were both young and very good looking.  The drummer had dark thick hair and his body was hard and muscular. The lead singer was very rock and roll with dark hair as well, his body tall and lean.

"Do you still have a lot of energy?" The singer asked me as he slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me against his body.

"Oh yes," I sighed, my body already responding to his touch.

"Enough for both of us?" He whispered in my ear.  I felt the drummers lips brush the back of my bare shoulder, his hand moving over my ass and finding its way below the hem of my short dress and between my legs.

My cunt reacted instantly, wetting my panties.  I leaned back against the drummer's chest as my teeth gently tugged the singer's earlobe and moaned, "Let's go!"

They had rooms booked at the hotel next to bar and we headed to the singers room.  My head was swimming, my body was hot and already shaking with anticipation.  As soon as the door closed behind us, the singer's mouth was on mine, his hands at my waist.  At the same time, I felt the drummers hands unzipping the back of my dress, then moving over my shoulders, letting my dress fall to my ankles.

I stood between them in my panties, stockings and heels.  I was already braless, my tits hard and swollen, my nipples erect.  The drummer's hands turned me around, his lips finding mine, his hands on my tits, caressing and squeezing, rolling my nipples between his fingers.  The singer wrapped his arm around me from behind, placing his hand on my flat stomach as his other hand reached into my panties from behind, his fingers finding my wet hot cunt, fondling my clit and dipping into my pussy.

I moaned with ecstasy.  Their hands and lips were everywhere. "I don't want you boys to feel left out. Here I am half naked and you still have all you clothes on......"

They let go of me momentarily as they hurriedly undressed.  My eyes took in their beautiful young bodies, both of their very generous packages fully erect.  The singer pulled the pillows from the bed and stacked them on the floor.  Laying down and propping his head on the pillows he said, "Lose those pretty panties, baby.  Leave your stockings and shoes on and come sit on my face."

I got down on my knees, straddling his head.  His head was propped high and my cunt lined up perfectly with his mouth.  He didn't even hesitate - his tongue was immediately on my pussy, circling my clit.  I moaned with pleasure as his teeth and tongue continued to tease my clit.  The drummer stood in front of me, stroking his long hard cock.  My mouth watered and I placed my hands on his hips and ran my tongue along his shaft.  I took him into my wet hot mouth, my lips moving up and down his cock, his hands in my hair, pulling my head further down as he rocked his hips, fucking my mouth.

The singer's mouth had talent that went well beyond singing, causing me to moan around the drummer's cock.  I moved one of my hands to bury it deep in the singer's thick hair.  My other moved to the drummer's steadily tightening balls.  "Oh fuck yeah, baby," the drummer moaned, his voice strained and urgent. "Suck my cock!"  I moaned again and opened my throat to take him deeper.

The singer's tongue was in my cunt, his fingers massaging my clit and as the drummer exploded in my mouth, I felt my own orgasm rocking my body, filling the singers mouth with my sweet hot juices.  I felt dizzy and I held on to the drummers hips, sucking in every drop of his thick creamy cum as the singer slid out from between my legs.  He grabbed the pillows and threw them back on the bed.

Stroking his throbbing cock, he laid down on the bed and said, "My turn."  My legs still shaking, I  crawled up on the bed between his legs, and on all fours went to work on his cock.  My tongue and mouth wrapping around him and sucking with enthusiasm.  I felt the drummer behind me, spreading my knees and lifting my ass in the air.  My cunt was still trembling and dripping.

His fingers entered me first, moving in and out as I rocked my hips back against his hand.  He pulled his fingers out and slapped my ass hard before entering me again.  Fuck, it felt good and I lifted my ass higher, hoping he would slap me again.  He didn't disappoint, slapping and finger fucking me over and over again. Then I felt the head of his cock press against me.  He thrust himself into my wet pussy and I felt the soft walls of my cunt wrap around him as he filled me with his thick, hard cock.  With his hands on my hips, holding my ass in the air, he thrust himself into me over and over again.  I was in heaven. one hard cock buried in my pussy and another in my throat.

I sucked harder, bobbing my head faster over the singer's cock as I felt another orgasm building in my body.  My cunt tightened and clenched the throbbing cock buried deep in it and as I threw my head up and back, crying out in ecstasy, the singer's cock shot it's hot cum over my chest.  The drummer continued to pound his cock in and out of me sending my orgasm into multiples, my juices flowing over him until finally he relented releasing his second load deep inside me.

My legs had lost all their strength and I collapsed half on, half off the bed.  The drummer chuckled and leaned over me.  "You are one hot fucking chick.  Thank you for a great time baby"  He started dressing and the singer left the bed and headed for the bathroom, leaving me there panting and weak.  The drummer left the room as the singer came back into it.  I was still bent over the bed, my torso on the bed, my legs hung over the end of the bed.  I tried to make a move to get up, but I felt the singer's hand on the small of my back, holding me in place.

"Stay there, baby," he said then moved his hand down to massage my ass, getting on his knees behind me.  "You have a beautiful ass baby." His hand continued to move over it, brushing against my swollen and sore pussy.  I flinched and sucked in a breath at the sting.  His hands spread my ass cheeks and blowing gently on my pussy, he inserted a finger into my ass.  Holy fuck, that felt good.  He took his finger out and then reinserted it, only this time it was slick and cool, sliding in and out easily, massaging my anal canal.

My breathing got heavy again as the heat in my body started to rise.  "Can you stand on your legs baby?" he asked gently.  I didn't think I could, but surprisingly when I put my weight on them they held.  I was still wearing my stockings and heels and as I stood with my legs spread, I let my chest rest on the bed.  His finger was still moving in and out of my ass and he said, "Oh baby, I want to fuck your ass.  Can I?"

"Oh god, yes please," I begged.

With whatever he had lubed his finger with was now all over his cock and he slid in easily, stretching the walls of my anal canal as he filled me up.  He moved slowly in and out.  My body covered in a light sheen of sweat, the erotic sensations moving all through me as his breath became heavy and labored.  We moaned in unison as our orgasms built to climatic heights.  He moved his hands over my back and as he tensed, ready to let go, he reached under me and pinched my rock hard nipples between his fingers.  I cried out with my own orgasm.  My body shaking, my juices releasing and covering his balls as my ass clenched his spent cock.

He pulled out of me slowly and I collapsed to my knees.  He gently helped me to the bed and removed my stockings and shoes.  "Stay with me tonight," he whispered.  I couldn't argue.  I couldn't move.  As I drifted off to sleep in his arms, my body sore and weak yet completely relaxed, I smiled.  I was already thinking about what might be in store for me in the morning.