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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Two Heads are Better Than One

The show had rocked.  I loved these smaller venues, packed little bars with live music.  This band was hot!  The music and the band members.  After an evening of dancing and drinking my adrenaline was at an all time high.  It was midnight already and I was not ready to go home.

The band had returned to sign autographs, so I bought one of their CDs from the merch table, ordered a beer and hung back a little, waiting for the crowd around them to thin out a little.  It was a week night, so many of the patrons, once they had their autographs were making their way to door to pile into cabs or their cars and head home.  The bar emptied pretty quickly.

I did a quick touch up on my make up and as I looked in the mirror, I had to admit that I was looking pretty good.  My blond hair was long and straight, and even though I had hit my forties, working out had kept my body lean and hard.  The short tight dress I was wearing accentuated my curves and my four inch heels made my legs look long and shapely.

By the time I approached the band, there were only a couple of die hard fans surrounding them and as they signed my CD, I told them how much I had enjoyed the show.  So much in fact that I really hadn't wanted to end.  I still had a lot of pent up energy.

The lead singer, who was tall, lean and absolutely gorgeous looked me over and with a mischievous grin said, "There are other ways to burn off energy."

I couldn't help but smile back and in a sultry voice replied, "Oh yes, there are.  Can I buy you boys a round of shots?"  Right away, three of the members begged off, mumbling about being exhausted and having to crash.  The lead singer and the drummer though took me up on my offer and I stood between them at the bar as the bartender poured Tequila shots.

I was flirting with both of them, enjoying the attention I was getting.  They were both young and very good looking.  The drummer had dark thick hair and his body was hard and muscular. The lead singer was very rock and roll with dark hair as well, his body tall and lean.

"Do you still have a lot of energy?" The singer asked me as he slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me against his body.

"Oh yes," I sighed, my body already responding to his touch.

"Enough for both of us?" He whispered in my ear.  I felt the drummers lips brush the back of my bare shoulder, his hand moving over my ass and finding its way below the hem of my short dress and between my legs.

My cunt reacted instantly, wetting my panties.  I leaned back against the drummer's chest as my teeth gently tugged the singer's earlobe and moaned, "Let's go!"

They had rooms booked at the hotel next to bar and we headed to the singers room.  My head was swimming, my body was hot and already shaking with anticipation.  As soon as the door closed behind us, the singer's mouth was on mine, his hands at my waist.  At the same time, I felt the drummers hands unzipping the back of my dress, then moving over my shoulders, letting my dress fall to my ankles.

I stood between them in my panties, stockings and heels.  I was already braless, my tits hard and swollen, my nipples erect.  The drummer's hands turned me around, his lips finding mine, his hands on my tits, caressing and squeezing, rolling my nipples between his fingers.  The singer wrapped his arm around me from behind, placing his hand on my flat stomach as his other hand reached into my panties from behind, his fingers finding my wet hot cunt, fondling my clit and dipping into my pussy.

I moaned with ecstasy.  Their hands and lips were everywhere. "I don't want you boys to feel left out. Here I am half naked and you still have all you clothes on......"

They let go of me momentarily as they hurriedly undressed.  My eyes took in their beautiful young bodies, both of their very generous packages fully erect.  The singer pulled the pillows from the bed and stacked them on the floor.  Laying down and propping his head on the pillows he said, "Lose those pretty panties, baby.  Leave your stockings and shoes on and come sit on my face."

I got down on my knees, straddling his head.  His head was propped high and my cunt lined up perfectly with his mouth.  He didn't even hesitate - his tongue was immediately on my pussy, circling my clit.  I moaned with pleasure as his teeth and tongue continued to tease my clit.  The drummer stood in front of me, stroking his long hard cock.  My mouth watered and I placed my hands on his hips and ran my tongue along his shaft.  I took him into my wet hot mouth, my lips moving up and down his cock, his hands in my hair, pulling my head further down as he rocked his hips, fucking my mouth.

The singer's mouth had talent that went well beyond singing, causing me to moan around the drummer's cock.  I moved one of my hands to bury it deep in the singer's thick hair.  My other moved to the drummer's steadily tightening balls.  "Oh fuck yeah, baby," the drummer moaned, his voice strained and urgent. "Suck my cock!"  I moaned again and opened my throat to take him deeper.

The singer's tongue was in my cunt, his fingers massaging my clit and as the drummer exploded in my mouth, I felt my own orgasm rocking my body, filling the singers mouth with my sweet hot juices.  I felt dizzy and I held on to the drummers hips, sucking in every drop of his thick creamy cum as the singer slid out from between my legs.  He grabbed the pillows and threw them back on the bed.

Stroking his throbbing cock, he laid down on the bed and said, "My turn."  My legs still shaking, I  crawled up on the bed between his legs, and on all fours went to work on his cock.  My tongue and mouth wrapping around him and sucking with enthusiasm.  I felt the drummer behind me, spreading my knees and lifting my ass in the air.  My cunt was still trembling and dripping.

His fingers entered me first, moving in and out as I rocked my hips back against his hand.  He pulled his fingers out and slapped my ass hard before entering me again.  Fuck, it felt good and I lifted my ass higher, hoping he would slap me again.  He didn't disappoint, slapping and finger fucking me over and over again. Then I felt the head of his cock press against me.  He thrust himself into my wet pussy and I felt the soft walls of my cunt wrap around him as he filled me with his thick, hard cock.  With his hands on my hips, holding my ass in the air, he thrust himself into me over and over again.  I was in heaven. one hard cock buried in my pussy and another in my throat.

I sucked harder, bobbing my head faster over the singer's cock as I felt another orgasm building in my body.  My cunt tightened and clenched the throbbing cock buried deep in it and as I threw my head up and back, crying out in ecstasy, the singer's cock shot it's hot cum over my chest.  The drummer continued to pound his cock in and out of me sending my orgasm into multiples, my juices flowing over him until finally he relented releasing his second load deep inside me.

My legs had lost all their strength and I collapsed half on, half off the bed.  The drummer chuckled and leaned over me.  "You are one hot fucking chick.  Thank you for a great time baby"  He started dressing and the singer left the bed and headed for the bathroom, leaving me there panting and weak.  The drummer left the room as the singer came back into it.  I was still bent over the bed, my torso on the bed, my legs hung over the end of the bed.  I tried to make a move to get up, but I felt the singer's hand on the small of my back, holding me in place.

"Stay there, baby," he said then moved his hand down to massage my ass, getting on his knees behind me.  "You have a beautiful ass baby." His hand continued to move over it, brushing against my swollen and sore pussy.  I flinched and sucked in a breath at the sting.  His hands spread my ass cheeks and blowing gently on my pussy, he inserted a finger into my ass.  Holy fuck, that felt good.  He took his finger out and then reinserted it, only this time it was slick and cool, sliding in and out easily, massaging my anal canal.

My breathing got heavy again as the heat in my body started to rise.  "Can you stand on your legs baby?" he asked gently.  I didn't think I could, but surprisingly when I put my weight on them they held.  I was still wearing my stockings and heels and as I stood with my legs spread, I let my chest rest on the bed.  His finger was still moving in and out of my ass and he said, "Oh baby, I want to fuck your ass.  Can I?"

"Oh god, yes please," I begged.

With whatever he had lubed his finger with was now all over his cock and he slid in easily, stretching the walls of my anal canal as he filled me up.  He moved slowly in and out.  My body covered in a light sheen of sweat, the erotic sensations moving all through me as his breath became heavy and labored.  We moaned in unison as our orgasms built to climatic heights.  He moved his hands over my back and as he tensed, ready to let go, he reached under me and pinched my rock hard nipples between his fingers.  I cried out with my own orgasm.  My body shaking, my juices releasing and covering his balls as my ass clenched his spent cock.

He pulled out of me slowly and I collapsed to my knees.  He gently helped me to the bed and removed my stockings and shoes.  "Stay with me tonight," he whispered.  I couldn't argue.  I couldn't move.  As I drifted off to sleep in his arms, my body sore and weak yet completely relaxed, I smiled.  I was already thinking about what might be in store for me in the morning.


  1. A wild, wild story. I always wonder how much is real, but that's not necessary for me to know. I'm just happy to know someone with an imagination like yours, and to read what you write.

    Bill, CountryDemocrat

  2. Love the story Cat. I was hoping it would end as a DP but maybe thats for next time. Looking forward to more.