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Friday, 21 September 2012

Kitchen Heat

I swear I could burn water.  Cooking is not my forte.  I am what most would call a brilliant business woman but I really wanted to be able to pull off a meal like Rachel Ray or any number of the chefs on the Food Network.  That's why I had signed up for this cooking class to begin with.  Trouble was, no matter what I tried to make it came out looking the same... like a piece of smoking black coal.

When my very good looking teacher approached me after my third failed attempt to create anything edible I thought for sure he was going to kick me out of his class.  Even the other students had started doubt complaining how the smoke from my meals were affecting the taste of their perfectly presented dishes.  With very beautiful and sympathetic eyes he placed his hand softly on my elbow and kindly asked if I would stay after class so he could have a word with me.

With the knowledge that I was unable to pull off what most women could do naturally and competently forefront in my mind, I nodded.  I turned my eyes to the floor.  I wouldn't cry but I was ashamed of my lack of ability to even pull off the simplest meal.  After everyone else had left, I lifted my eyes to his and started stammering, "I understand," I said, "I guess I'm just not cut out for this... I won't come back next week. I'm sorry."

"Whoa," he said.  "I don't want you to quit.  I thought maybe you wouldn't mind a little extra private tutoring.  You could come over to my place tomorrow night and we could work on a Pasta Primavera.  It's a simple dish and you would have my undivided attention and help."

Um, did I hear that right?  This Greek god of a man and chef wasn't kicking me out of his class?  But instead, he was willing to give me a private lesson?  How could I possibly turn down an opportunity like this? Truth was, I couldn't! Blushing and smiling, I looked up at him and said, "Uh, okay...that would be great.  Uh, what time... and where?"

Smiling, he pulled a notepad from his apron and started writing.  He handed me a shopping list.  Below was an address and a time... 7:00 pm. "See you tomorrow," he smiled.

The next evening after work I fussed way too much with my make up and then washed it all off and started over, just applying a little blush, mascara and lipstick.  I reminded myself I was going for a cooking lesson, not a date.  I chose my comfortable faded jeans.  They were perfectly molded to my body, accentuating my ass and legs... yeah I was going to cook but it didn't hurt to be hot either.  I threw on a t-shirt and a jean jacket, grabbed the groceries I had picked up on my way home from work and set off out the door.

He lived in a highrise condo with a doorman!  I was starting to feel I should have dressed up a little more as I passed well dressed couples on their way out the door.  Some looked me over and I felt like the hooker character Julia Roberts had played in Pretty Woman....even though I didn't think I looked anything like a hooker, it made me very self concious.  I was immensely relieved when he opened the door wearing a t-shirt and jeans.  He was even barefoot!  And sexy as hell!

Suddenly the sex kitten in me was alive.  My self consciousness forgotten.  I knew I was an attractive woman and I let myself brush lightly against him as I stepped past him into his home.  He took the groceries from my hands, his hand brushing mine and I felt the electricity move through me, giving me a warm and wet sensation between my legs.

He led me into his kitchen, placed the bag next to the sink and removed the vegetables I had purchased.  Turning, he pulled a drawer open in the island and removed two aprons, handing me one.  I put the apron on as he washed the vegetables in the sink.  He moved so gracefully and I noticed how much he seemed to belong there.  I leaned against the island and wondered what I should be doing, suddenly very self conscious again now that we were in unfamiliar territory again.

He glanced over his shoulder at me and smiled.  "Don't be nervous," he said and winked at me.  "This is easy."  I let go of the breath I hadn't even realized I was holding and tried to relax.  With the vegetables washed and the carrot quickly peeled, he turned back to the island, pulled out a large cutting board and a very large knife.  "Lesson to julienne!"

He cut the carrot into 3 chunks. "Now pay attention," he said as he took one of the chunks and deftly cut it into thin slices the knife moving quickly.  Stacking the slices he repeated his action leaving the carrot in very thin small strips.  He handed me the knife and the second chunk of carrot, moved out of the way and said, "Your turn."

I took the knife and made my first cut.  It was thick and as the knife passed through it, the carrot bounced away and onto the floor.  I flushed bright red and he laughed.  "Whoa," he said.  "Let's try that again, only this time let's try not to cut off your fingers!"  Getting behind me, his head over my shoulder and his hands covering mine, he guided my hands to the third chunk of carrot. Very softly in my ear he said, "Hold the carrot like this, knuckles forward....they'll help to guide the knife.  Now, lift the back of the knife, leaving the tip on the cutting board."  I was very aware of his clean soapy scent and his warm breath in my ear and on my neck.  I could feel his body against my back and the heat my embarrassment changed into a very different and pleasant kind heat.  His arms were around me and his hands on mine felt warm and strong as he guided me.

"Very good," he said and I looked down to see the third chunk of carrot was in thin strips like the first.  Hmmm, how did that happen I wondered. "Now we're going to do the same thing to the rest of the vegetables," he continued.  Taking the zucchini he cut it into 3 chunks as well.  "Now with the zucchini we need to leave the seeds out."  He took one chunk and showed me how to cut the peel thinly off and slice into it lengthwise leaving the seeds.  Then he sliced the slices, leaving it in thin strips like the carrot.  This time when I took the knife from him, I was able to do it by myself, slicing the rest of the zucchini into the thin strips.  We repeated the process with the yellow squash.  The bell peppers were easy once he showed me how to cut the top and bottom off, slicing the pepper open and cutting out the seeds leaving one long strip to cut into thin strips.  By the time he handed me the onion I was feeling like a knife expert.

I sliced the onion into thin slices as he instructed and he pulled out a heavy baking sheet.  Pouring olive oil onto the sheet he asked me to put all the vegetables I had sliced onto it.  He passed me salt and pepper as well as an italian herb spice mixture and instructed me to toss it all together on the baking sheet.  I managed to get it all mixed up and spread evenly over the baking sheet with minimal loss of veggies onto the floor.

"Now," he said, "we're going to bake the vegetables while we boil the pasta."  He had me place the sheet in the oven while he filled a saucepan with water.  "Set the timer for 10 minutes, so we can check and stir the vegetables."  He set the pot on top of the stove, lightly salting the water and turning it up to boil.  We cleaned the seeds and vegetable peels while we waited for the water to boil, chatting casually about my work.  I was starting to feel a lot more comfortable.  He had an easy white smile and friendly blue eyes under his thick wavy blond hair.   I was discovering I really liked him as well as being attracted to him.  It was easy to be in his company.

The timer for the oven went off just after we added the bowtie pasta to the boiling water and I opened the oven and stirred the vegetables, spreading them evenly over the sheet again.  I set the oven for an additional 10 minutes as instructed.  He instructed me to wash and halve the cherry tomatoes and grate the parmesan as we waited for the pasta to cook.  I drained the pasta reserving some of the water in a small glass and put the pasta in a large bowl.  The oven timer sounded again and he instructed me to remove the vegetables and add them to the pasta.  I tossed in the cherry tomato halves as well and he showed me how to add just enough of the reserved water to moisten the mixture.  He served the mixture onto two plates and showed me how to garnish the top with the grated parmesan cheese.

He handed me a fork.  The dish was colorful and smelled delicious...nothing like the blackened chunks I had been producing up to this point.  I took a bite and nearly burst into tears.  "This is delicious," I said surprised.  Putting down my fork, I threw my arms around him.  "Thank you so much!  You make this seem so easy!"

"It is easy," he said softly, his hands on my waist.  The air shifted and I looked up into his eyes, my arms still around his neck.  "You're beautiful," he said, then his mouth was on mine.  The temperature in my body shot up immediately and I pressed myself against him.  Every nerve in my body was alive and full of electricity.  Our kiss became more urgent and our hands began tearing at the aprons and clothes we were wearing until we stood before each other, naked, our lips still locked on one another's, our tongues tasting and searching the other's mouth.

His hands moved down my back to cup my ass and lift me to a sitting position on the island.  My first delicious meal forgotten on the plates beside us, a new kind of hunger had taken over.  My head fell back and my hands were tangled in his hair as his mouth moved from mine, down my neck and to my tits.  My nipples were erect and my breasts were swollen with passion.  His hands squeezed and kneaded them as his hot wet mouth pulled and sucked at my hard nipples.

I spread my legs further open, pressing my chest harder into his mouth, my back arching.  I moaned loudly when one of his hands moved in between my legs and I felt a thick finger enter me.  His mouth moved down my flat stomach and he moaned, "Oh fuck baby, you're so smell delicious...I have to taste."  His finger still moving in and out of me, his tongue found my trembling clit.  I opened my legs wider and slid my ass closer to the edge of the island giving him easier access.

"I knew you would taste good, baby," he said then pulled out his finger and replaced it with his tongue.  He reached up, putting the finger that had been buried in my cunt into my mouth.  He was right, I did taste good!  I sucked his finger while his hot mouth moved over my pussy, his tongue fucking me.  I rocked my pelvis against his mouth...I couldn't get enough.

He stood up and pulled me down from the island, his mouth covered with my pussy juices coming down on mine.  I licked his lips and sucked his tongue, cleaning myself from his mouth.  I could feel his throbbing erection against my stomach and my hand wrapped around his shaft, squeezing and stroking him up and down.  He pulled away from me and spun me around, bending me over the island.

His hands were on my hips and I felt the head of his cock at the opening of my quivering pussy.  With one thrust he was deep inside me.  The soft wet walls of my pussy closing around him as he filled me up.  I moaned and he started moving slowly in and out of me.  Standing on the tips of my toes, I lifted my ass and started rocking back against him to his rhythm.  "Oh fuck yes," I moaned as his thrusts became harder and faster, my back arching, pressing my ass harder against him as his balls slapped against my swollen clit.

My legs started to shake and the blood rushed from my head leaving me dizzy as my orgasm took over.  My cunt squeezed his cock deep inside me as I cried out.  As my shudders subsided, he pulled out of me and turned me around once more.  He lifted me by the ass again, only this time instead of lowering me onto the island, he lowered me onto his still throbbing cock.  I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me to his bedroom.

"I want you to fuck me now, baby, " he said as he put me down then laid face up on his bed.  His cock was hard, red and glistening.  I couldn't resist and lowered my mouth onto it.  Licking up my juices while my lips moved up and down his length.  His hands held my long blonde hair back as I licked, sucked and stroked him.  My hand cupping his now tight balls, my thumb brushing softly against them as I squeezed gently.

"Oh fuck yeah, baby," he moaned as he started to tense.  He pulled my hair as I took him deeper into my mouth, the head of his cock touching the back of my throat. He started to shake and moaned louder as he finally relented, exploding into my hot waiting mouth.  Swallowing his seed, I continued to move my mouth and lips up and down his shaft until I knew he was fully expended.

I let him drop out of my mouth and moved up to lie against his beautiful body.  He opened his eyes, looked into mine and with a smile said, "damn baby, you sure can cook!"