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Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I was going to have to fail Ben.  He had been slacking off all semester and with the big football finals coming, Coach wasn't going to be happy that his star player would have to be cut from the team.  It was school policy that to partake in any of the school's organized sports teams that a certain grade level had to be kept up.  Oh hell, who was I kidding?  Their only requirement was that they pass, for Christ's sake!  They didn't need to be geniuses....basically hand in their assignments and achieve 50% passing marks on their tests and they could play to their hearts content.
Ben hadn't handed in one assignment.  He had the attitude he was untouchable because of his talents on the field.  It was bullshit and I was tired of dealing with his lack luster attitude in my class.  He didn't participate in any of the discussions and when called upon, only answered with smart ass jokes.  I had set up appointments out of my personal time to help tutor him and he never bothered to show up.  Enough was enough and now I was on my way to break it to Coach.
I could see him through his office window.  Coach was alone in his office.  Practice was over, the boys had all showered and gone.  His staff had left for the day as well.  I assumed he was working out plays and researching the other high school teams that had also made the finals.  He had a scowl on his face and I knew what I had to say would not improve his mood any.  Coach always seemed to intimidate me.  I'm not sure why.  I wasn't easily intimidated by any one.  I required that my students learn in my class.  I didn't push anyone on for the sake of not having to deal with them any longer.  I had handled angry students, their parents, other school administration confidently and assertively.  But somehow this strong handsome man made me feel like an errant child.  I took a deep breath and knocked on the door.
"Come in," he called loudly and grumpily.  Standing tall and steeling myself against his cold gaze, I entered the office.  I hated these confrontations and felt annoyance at Ben once again for putting me in this position.
"What do you want?  I'm busy," he said harshly but I noticed how his eyes didn't fail to roam over my body. I was wearing a skirt suit.  The skirt was snug and just came above my knee, giving him a glimpse of my shapely legs and hips.  My button down white blouse was open at the top, but not too far, hiding my cleavage and I did have my hip length jacket on.  Regardless of my professional image, his gaze made me feel as though I was standing there naked before him.
I crossed my arms in front of me, slightly leaned to one side in my best power pose and blurted, "I'm failing Ben, he can't be on the team any more."
"What?" The color started to rise in his face. Between clenched teeth he said, "You can't fucking do that.  Not when we are this close.  Ben is our only chance to bring home the championship this year."
He was swearing at me?  I expected him to be mad but not rude.  I felt my own color flush my face as my temper rose.  "Yes I fucking can and perhaps you should have told your star player to hand in his fucking assignments!  This isn't my's his and I don't appreciate your attitude.  It pretty matches his in my class!"
"You uptight bitch!" he yelled.  He moved from behind his desk to stand directly in front of me so he could shout directly in my face.  "What?  He didn't appreciate the way you flaunted yourself in front him?  He refused to bend you over for a passing mark?"
I couldn't believe what he was saying to me!  I had NEVER been inappropriate with my students, even though some had been inappropriate with their comments to me!  "You son of a bitch, how dare you!" I hissed between my clenched teeth.  I threw back my arm and swung to slap him.  It would have been a doosy too if he hadn't caught me by the wrist.  I struggled with him to free my wrist but he held firm.  I was breathing hard and my hair came loose from the pin that had been holding it back, falling down and framing my now red face.  We were standing nose to nose.  I was breathing hard and felt the tears prick at my eyes. God damn it!  I hated when my emotions rose to the surface like this!  I was not going to cry in front of this man.  I blinked the tears back quickly before they could fall and doom me as an emotional broad to this asshole forever.
As we faced each other down, I noticed his eyes change.  They didn't exactly soften but took on a whole new character.  "Oh fuck," he said and his mouth came down on mine.  The heat in my body fired by my anger gave way to desire and I found myself helplessly responding to his lips and tongue.  What the fuck was happening?  My heart was threatening to burst right out of my chest and though my mind was screaming to push him away from me, my lips parted and I took his tongue into my mouth, sucking hard, pressing my now taunt body against his.  His mouth moved aggressively down my neck as his hands none too gently slid my jacket off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor.  His hands squeezed my arms, holding me tightly as he backed me up against the window.  I could feel the hard glass against my back as his hands moved to my blouse, ripping it open, the buttons bouncing and rolling across the floor.  His mouth and hands moving immediately to my chest, pulling down my bra to expose my now rock hard nipples.  His mouth felt wet and hot on my tits and my hands moved to the back of his head.  My chest heaving, I arched my back and sunk my fingers into his thick wavy hair, pulling his mouth down harder on me.
His hand moved to the back of my thigh, and pulled my skirt up to my waist. He tore my panties and they dropped ripped and ragged to my ankle.  I lifted my thigh to his hip, giving his hands better access. His fingers stroked my thigh working its way to my tight firm ass.  As they brushed against my pussy my head fell back against the hard glass behind me and I moaned.
"Oh fuck," he groaned against my tits as he felt my wetness.  He stepped back momentarily to drop his own shorts.  His cock was long, thick and very hard and I gasped softly when I saw him.  Bracing me against the window he lifted both my thighs and I wrapped my legs around his hips as he held me by my ass and entered me. My wet pussy stretched around him, accommodating and welcoming him deep inside me. His face was buried in my hair on my neck as he thrust himself in and out of my now dripping cunt.    I held his shoulders tight, pressed my shoulder blades into the window, hoping to god that it held against the assault as he continued to drive himself into me. I tilted and rocked my hips and squeezed my pussy around him, fucking him back, breathing hard and revelling in his grunts in my ear.
Suddenly his arms were around me and keeping his cock buried in my pussy his mouth devouring mine once more he carried me to his desk.  He swept the contents off his desk with one hand and put me down on top of it.  He leaned me back and unwrapped my legs from around his hips.  Lifting my ankles to his shoulders he once again continued his assault with his cock on my pussy. He held the backs of my knees against his chest with one arm.  His other hand snaked between my legs, his thumb rubbing my clit in a circular motion.  I was still wearing my stockings and spiked heeled pumps.  The heat was unbearable, my skin soaked with sweat, my breathing ragged.  My head dropped over the other side of his desk and I arched my back and pointed my toes as the pressure in my lower belly built to the point of explosion.  My pussy started to spasm over his relentless cock and I cried out as my orgasm sent my hot juices flowing over him.  He held me firmly in place and through the fog that washed over me I heard my shoes clatter to the floor at the same time he lost himself in his own orgasm.  My pussy was still convulsing around him and my legs were shaking as the fog started to lift from my mind, bringing me back to my surroundings.  I noticed for the first time that my fingers were clamped tightly on my own nipples.
Releasing my legs, he spread them and let them fall to either side of him.  He was breathing hard as he lifted me by the arms and let my head fall against his chest.  I could hear his heart beating wildly and felt how natural and comfortable his arms felt around me.
Kissing my hair he whispered, "I've wanted to do that for so long."
Not knowing what else to say, I said, "I still have to fail Ben."
He chuckled. "Yeah, I know.  He's an arrogant little prick.  We'll get the championship next year."

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