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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Night at the Gallery

I still couldn't quite understand why Karen had insisted that I come.  It wasn't like she needed bodies to attend.  The Ontario Art Gallery was so crowded there was barely room to move.  It wasn't like she needed me there for moral support either.  Karen was a sensation and she knew it.  Her sensual and sometimes controversial nude sculptures had taken the art world by storm.  Her collection of sculptures were an honest and open display of the affect of physical love on the soul.  It was no wonder that an art gallery as prestigious as the Ontario Art Gallery had been one of many in Canada that had been pressuring Karen to display her sculptures within their walls, even though there were many prudes who would call her collection porn.  She also knew I would not allow her to draw attention to the fact that I was not only a good friend of hers but one of her unwilling models as well.
Karen and I had been room-mates years ago shortly after I had divorced my husband.  I had married young and divorced young when the Prince Charming I married turned into a jealous, abusive alcoholic within just a few years.  Struggling to make ends meet on my own, I had decided that splitting the rent would go a far way in helping me get by.  Karen had answered the ad I had placed for a room-mate and we had liked each other immediately.  Both of us were open and non judgmental, and we became good friends fast.
I had gone a little wild after my divorce, experimenting with different men and different opportunities.  I had even let a lover make a sex tape one night.  It was an incredible turn on and I had kept the tape.  I was taken completely by surprise when I came home early off a slow shift to find Karen naked on the couch, watching my sex tape and masturbating.  Karen was a beautiful buxom redhead and when I walked into the apartment her pale skin was flushed, her full breasts were high and firm, nipples erect.  Her lovely long legs were spread open in front of me and her delicate finger was moving vigorously in and out of her tight pussy. She wasn't embarrassed when I walked fact, she smiled at me and told me I was even fucking sexier than she had imagined.  Fucking herself faster she continued, "I fucking loved it when you sucked his cock." Her dirty talk was turning her on more...her nipples turning into hard little buds, her pumping hand moving even faster.  "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm." she moaned. "And when he ate your pretty little cunt.....ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh," she cried out as her back arched, her middle finger deep inside her, her palm cupping the rest of her pussy as her orgasm took hold of her.
Watching her cum turned me on and my panties were wet from my own juices as I popped the tape out of the VCR.  "Make your own fucking tape," I smiled at her as I took my sex tape and went into my own room to strip down and play with my dildo.
Years later, Karen unveiled a sculpture that looked remarkably like me lost in an orgasm, legs spread in a wide V shape with my lovers face buried in my pussy.  She had memorized the image from the sex tape and sculpted it.  It had proved to be her most popular and controversial piece and as luck would fucking have it, it was on display tonight.
I was starting to get looks of recognition from patrons of the gallery, so I took my glass of wine and went in search of a sanctuary to where I could escape.  I found myself walking down a dark corridor and through a doorway that opened into a darkened room.  The only lights in the room were trained on the huge painting on the wall.  The room was small and the painting took up one entire wall.  There was a long granite platform opposite the painting.  It stood about waist high making it too high to be a bench.  It was the only other thing in the room other than the painting and I only briefly contemplated it's purpose as I leaned the front of my hips against it and gazed at the 5' by 10' painting on the opposite wall.
I decided it must be a replication....what on earth would Botticelli's The Birth of Venus be doing at the Ontario Art Gallery.  Despite the fact I was sure it was a copy, I found myself lost in the beauty of the painting.  A part of my brain registered the click of the door as it closed but I didn't realize I was no longer alone until I smelled his cologne.  It was a rich, musky scent.
I was wearing a long draping black skirt with a high slit up the thigh and a gold lame low cut, backless halter top.  He was standing close behind me and I could feel his heat on my bare back.  I wanted to acknowledge him, so still gazing at the painting I said simply, "It's beautiful."
He ran the back of his finger very softly along my bare arm and in a deep sensual voice whispered in my ear, "sei una donna bella e sensuale."
My knees went weak and I leaned back against him lightly.  My head was swimming from the combination of too much wine and the intoxicating scent of his cologne.  His words, though I didn't understand what he was saying, were sensual and erotic.  His hot breath whispering in my ear was turning me on tremendously.  I felt a moistness in my silk panties as his hand moved to caress my bare back and he continued to whisper.

"La tua pelle e come la piu bella di velluto. Morbida, liscia, impossibile lasciare intatta."  His goatee brushed against my neck as he lightly kissed my earlobe.  My heart began to beat faster and I leaned back against him fully as his hand came around to my front, slipping inside my halter and cupping my breast as he rolled my nipple between his thumb and forefinger.  I moaned, lost in ecstasy as I felt my tits swell under his attention, my nipples becoming hard buds. His other hand found the slit in my skirt and disappeared under it, his fingers finding the elastic of my silk panties and slipping under to run his thick finger along my wet cunt. My head was swimming and I could feel my temperature go up.  My legs parted further giving him easier access and I felt his finger plunge up into my pussy. I sighed with pleasure as he slid his finger in and out of my hot and wet cunt.
I turned to face him.  He was a not handsome in a pretty boy sense, like a Brad Pitt or George Clooney but more in a manly sense more similar to Jason Statham or Vin Diesel.  He was dressed in a expensive silk charcoal Italian suit that was tailored to fit perfectly.  His collar was open and I caught a glimpse of the heavy gold chain around his neck.  His thick fingers were adorned in gold and diamonds.  I couldn't see his eyes behind his shades, it was night time and we were inside, but his look was so cool, nobody would have jested his reasons for wearing the sunglasses indoors at night.  As if sensing my curiosity, he removed his sunglasses, revealing clear intense eyes.  His bald head and goatee gave him a tough guy look and he was broad across the shoulders.  He slipped off his jacket reaching behind me to place it on the granite counter.
His mouth covered mine, his tongue parting my teeth and exploring my mouth hungrily.  I responded to him immediately, my arms coming up to wrap around his neck, my hand on the back of his head, pulling him closer to me. His hands moved expertly and within seconds my clothes were in a heap at my feet.  I stood before him wearing only my jewelry, my panties and my 3" spiked black sandals.  His mouth moved down my neck, licking and kissing his way to my swollen breasts.  His mouth teased my nipple, his tongue flicking it gently, then lightly blowing on it, turning it into a tight hard bud.  One hand was on my back, pulling my chest tighter against his mouth.  His other hand moved my panties down over my ass and down my legs, his finger once again inserting itself into my pussy.  My hips began to girate, fucking his finger as I held onto his shoulders for support.  His mouth moved back to mine and in between kisses, he spoke softly once more.
" lo voglio la tua bella bocca a succhiare il mio pene."  His hands pushing gently down on my shoulders.  I didn't understand his words but I was pretty sure I knew what he wanted from me.  I was on fire with desire for him.  I dropped to my knees, unfastening his belt and pants.  His hard on was pressed tightly against his boxers and I carefully pulled the elastic down setting his long thick cock free.  I took him into my wet, hot waiting mouth, sucking on and licking his head.  His fingers entangled themselves into my soft long blonde hair.  He moaned and gripped my hair tighter as I continued my assault on his dick with my mouth.  My lips moved up and down his long shaft as my palm cupped one of his balls, squeezing gently.  He was hard and throbbing and just about to cum when he pulled away from me.
He pulled me up to my feet, then swooped me up into his arms. He gently sat me down on his jacket that he had previously placed on the granite platform.  The silk felt sensual against my ass and pussy.  Spreading my legs open he gently laid me back, his finger once again finding my pussy. He started whispering again in his deep husky sensual voice, "Ho intenzione di fare l'amore con voi con una che Tu hai mai sentito prima fervore. Io faro la mossa mondo per voi. Vi prendero, mia dea, di nuovo al cielo da cui siete venuti, Prima ti tornare sulla Terra per adorare ai tuoi piedi."
His mouth found my pussy, his tongue plunging deep into the moist darkness where his finger had just been. I moaned with pleasure, my hands moving to my tits, squeezing my own nipples as his tongue moved expertly in and around my pussy and clit.
I couldn't believe the level of ecstasy I was experiencing at this mysterious strangers touch as my orgasm took over and shook my entire body.  I was still cumming when I felt his smooth long rod plunge deep into my trembling, spasming pussy..
"Oh baby," I moaned. "Oh fuck me baby, fuck me hard"
He started to fuck me harder and faster, his thumb on my clit. My pussy clenching
 his throbbing hard cock as I continued to cum.  I was sure he would cum with me, but his control was amazing.  He pulled back long enough to turn me over onto my stomach.  My feet back on the floor, my legs spread wide open as I bent over the granite counter.  He entered my swollen cunt again from behind, his strokes long and slow.  I was overcome with passion and before long the walls of my cunt clenched around his dick as my orgasm once again took over my entire body, stretching my already taunt muscles to their limit.
His hands were holding my hips as he started pumped even harder and faster...his heavy balls slapping against my already too sensitive clit.  My juices were flowing freely over his tremendous and skillful cock.  He finally relented to his own orgasm, exploding deep inside me.  He pulled away from me but I continued to lay there with my cheek against the cool granite, dizzy and breathing hard for a minute or two.  When I finally found the strength to rise and turn to face him again, he was dressed and slipping on his killer shades....I was pretty sure I saw "Gucci" printed on the inside arm as he slipped them on. 

His eyes moved over me again and I could see passion there, but he reached for my clothes, helping me back into them.  We sat on the granite counter for a moment, gathering ourselves, I smoothed my hair back down my back.  He looked at me, put his hand on my thigh, his gold and diamond ring glinting in the low light and smiling, said in a very plain Canadian accent, "Thanks babe, that was fucking great."  I was shocked at first to discover he spoke English and then started chuckling to myself.  He was laughing when I said, "Very fucking funny.  What are you...a comedian?"

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Backstage Baby part 2

When the band came out to do their 2nd set, he looked so cool and composed.  But why wouldn't he be relaxed.  He had just been on the receiving end of a very hot blow job under the table while signing autographs. Here I was, sweaty, dusty and dirty, my hair disheveled....and why wouldn't I be, I had just been on the giving end of a very hot blow job under the table while he signed autographs.  I still  hadn't bothered to go to the Ladies Room to check the mirror or clean up.
After leaving their dressing room, I had headed straight for the bar, ordered a beer, drank it back in 5 minutes and ordered another one. I felt so fucking hot...I wanted him so badly.  His music had turned me on before, but watching perform had evoked a very powerful and profound effect on my whole body.  If he hadn't had the signing session scheduled in the dressing room in between sets,  I would have fucked him there and then. I doubt that I would've even cared if the other guys had stayed and watched.  I settled on fucking him with my mouth, my tongue and lips, wet and glistening, sliding up and down his hard length, sucking, kissing, and licking.  Now I was a physical mess and left with a pulsing ache deep within my pussy.  Regardless of being a physical mess - the swollen lips, the disheveled hair and the light sheen of perspiration on my lightly tanned skin still gave me an alluring, sexy appeal.  In the 15 minutes it took me to drink my second beer, I refused six drinks offered by various other gentlemen in the bar.
I was on my third when the band came out of the back dressing room.  I watched his easy stride and the comfort in which he picked up his bass and started playing again.  I expected that the burning intensity would be out of his eyes when he looked up and smiled at me.  I was wrong.  He smiled, but it was a hungry smile.  It held a promise that I was going to get back everything I had given and more.
Fuck, he excited me.  I swallowed another mouthful of beer.  As I ran my tongue over my lips and teeth I thought of how he had felt in my mouth, hard and smooth....and so big!  The walls of my pussy tightened causing me to squirm in my tight jeans.  I was getting over heated again and they just started playing, fuck I need to cool down.  I headed for the washroom.
I nearly collided into the chick with the big tits, the bands number 1 fan, as I walked into Ladies Room.  She was on her way out.  I smiled and excused myself but she just shot me a dirty look and told me to watch where I was going.  As the door closed behind her, I couldn't help myself and laughed out loud.  She liked him too and she probably saw me as competition.  I took my time cleaning up.  I thoroughly brushed the dust off my jeans, and splashed cold water on my face.  I ran my fingers through my hair, letting it fall down my back and touched up my makeup.
I knew that big tits was taking the opportunity to slip him her number and I also figured that he would take it too.  That was cool with me.  I wasn't looking for a commitment.  I didn't want to be his only one...I just wanted to be his favorite!  I smiled at the thought of what I could do to him to keep it that way and walked out of the bathroom, cool and collected.
Unfortunately, I didn't stay that way long...just watching him play turned me on.  By the time they finished their set, the fans had filtered out and the equipment was packed up, I was unbelievably hot again.  The ache between my legs was unbearable.  He hadn't had a drink all night so he drove us back to my place.  On the drive home, I couldn't  keep my hands off him.  Leaning into him as he drove, I could smell his cologne and I kissed his neck, my tongue darting out to taste the salt on his skin. With one hand on the wheel he stroked my hair with the other as I continued my kisses down his chest.  My hand went to his lap and I wasn't surprised to find his pants were bulging and tight at the crotch.  Unfastening his jeans, I reached inside and pulled free his growing rod.  His hand continued to stroke my hair as I lowered my lips to the top of his cock, my tongue flicking over the tip before I taking him into my wet warm mouth.  I moved my lips slowly up and down his throbbing shaft, my hand reaching further into his pants and cupping his balls, stroking them softly with my thumb.  His hand, the one stroking my hair became more aggressive, pushing my head down further into his lap, forcing me to take him deeper into my throat.
He still hadn't cum yet when we arrived at my house.  He pulled me off his lap and quickly fastened his jeans again.  Holding onto my keys, he unlocked my front door for me. Pulling me into the house behind him, he closed the door and pushed me hard against it.  His kisses were desperate and hungry, crushing my tender lips and forcing his tongue deep into my mouth.  He hands tore my clothes, pushing my tank top and bra over my tits, freeing them and bringing his mouth down to bite my nipple.  A low primitive moan escaped through my lips and I brought my hands to his head, entangling my fingers in his hair.  His hands urgently moved to my jeans, tearing them open and forcing his hand down the front, grabbing me by the cunt.  He continued to push my jeans down over my ass and then his hand moved up and grabbed my hair at the back of the head.  In one motion he had me turned around and bent over the back of the couch, three feet from the door. With one hand already on my pussy and one hand on my back holding me down, he pushed his knee between my firm shapely legs, forcing them to spread open.  Forcing his cock into my hot, wet quivering cunt, he started pumping his hips against my ass hard and fast, his hands gripping me by the waist.  Leaning down against me he muttered into my ear, "You are fucking driving me crazy, woman."   He continued to fuck me hard and fast, driving his dick into me, his balls rubbing against my clit with every powerful thrust, causing the soft wet walls of my cunt to clench tightly around his long hard cock and send shivers of pleasure through me.  One of his hands moved to my ass, finding my asshole, he pushed his thumb into the tight opening.  He continued to moan in my ear, "you like that, don't you baby?...tell me you like it when I fuck you like this...TELL ME!"
 "Oh yes, baby....yes, yes, yes...oh fuck YES!"
We both reached our orgasm simultaneously, both of us crying out, our muscles stretched and taut as he hammered against me one last time to release his load deep inside me.  Breathing heavily I rose from my bent over position to rest the back of my head against his chest.  He moved his hands over my flat belly and up to my tits.  This time he was gentle.  Turning me around, he lifted and carried me into the bedroom.   Completely undressing me and then himself, he laid down with me on the bed.  He gently kissed and touched me, lighting my fire once again.  We made love again, only this time we took our time, exploring each other with our mouths and hands, twisting our bodies around each other until finally both spent and exhausted, we fell asleep in each others arms.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Backstage Baby part 1

I was getting used to San Fransisco.  It was difficult at first, after all, I had lived on a flat barren prairie for the last 15 years and San Fransisco was anything but flat barren prairie.  It was quite the culture shock but I still had a few thing going for me.   I had made a few fast friends at work and enjoyed getting together with them for lunches during the week. Even though my evenings and weekends were still being devoted to cleaning the mess of a house I bought, I was making headway.  The master bath was still a mess - I would have to work for a while before I'd have enough cash for a contractor - but I had made some progress on  the living room and two bedrooms.  The walls were repaired where needed and a fresh paint had been applied throughout. 
The most exciting thing I had going for me though, was him...
I met him the day I arrived in San Fransisco and we had been hot and heavy ever since.  The few times we got together, my body had suffered a strong sexual reaction.  I had been helpless against him that first day on that secluded beach and I was no better off now, two weeks later.  Just the thought of him would cause my temperature to rise and my hand to move instinctively toward my pussy.
Come to think of it, I didn't even know that much about him.  We didn't seem to communicate too much with conversation...our connection so far was definitely a physical one.  We had discovered together during a very exciting Rush concert, how turned on by music we both were.  Maybe it was that last date that inspired him to tell me he was a musician himself and to invite me to his show!
He was the bass player for his band and they were playing this hot little club downtown.  They were an underground band, definitely not mainstream, definitely cool...some of it reminded me of a sci-fi movie score but I liked it and was looking forward to a live show.
He had to be there early for a sound check and I had to work, so we planned to meet there.   As luck would have it just as I was cleaning my desk to leave, my boss cornered in my office looking for a report that wasn't due until the middle of the next week.  Despite the fact that I knew he was only demanding this report as an excuse to come into my office and let his eyes slime their way up and down my body, I finished it anyway.  I left it on my his desk in his empty office (of course he had left and gone home), knowing it would be ignored until he needed it...the middle of next week.
I was already running an hour late when I arrived home, so I quickly showered and threw on my favorite black jeans. They hugged my curvy hips and accentuated my nice firm ass.  I topped it off with  a black push up bra and a semi sheer white lace tank.  Along with my black spiked heel sandals and heavy silver jewelry I looked very rock n roll.
By the time I got to the club the band was already playing.  I was surprised by how packed the joint was.   I hadn't been prepared as to how popular they were in the area.  Obviously though, judging by the large crowd they had attracted, they definitely had established fans.
I worked my way through the crowd to the bar.  I grabbed a beer and made my way around to get a better view of the stage.  I saw him playing and I couldn't help but smile as I noticed him flirting with one the girls standing in front of the stage. She had big tits and I could only imagine what was going through his mind.
Suddenly, as if he could feel my eyes on him, he looked up at me and I felt a shift in the atmosphere.  It seemed as though he was playing just for me.  As his hands moved over his bass and as his eyes moved over me, my body once again reacted to him.  I watched him play his bass and imagined his hands playing with my body.  I watched the fingers of one of his hands gingerly picking and strumming the strings I could feel it gently circling and squeezing my nipple.  I could see his other hand moving deftly up and down the long neck of the bass, but I would have sworn it was moving down my back, down to my ass and between my legs. My body moved to the music seductively.  I closed my eyes and let the memories of the Rush concert wash over me.  My small tits started to swell with my desire, my nipples becoming hard buds and my face and neck became flush with the heat that was rising inside me.  I felt a pleasurable moistness in my black silk panties as my pussy became very sensitive against the tight denim of my jeans.
I opened my eyes to watch him play.  He had a nice bass but I couldn't help but think of his other instrument...the one he was hiding behind his bass guitar...and I licked my lips.  I saw him flinch just slightly and I knew he was watching me...getting turned on...getting hard.  That knowledge only made my mouth salivate more.  I took a long pull from my beer and placed the cold bottle on my chest, between my tits and moved it slowly, up to my neck hoping to cool myself.  My skin broke in goosebumps and my nipples rose higher, my tits firm and swollen.  My gaze met his and as the intensity in his eyes deepened, my cunt tightened and my temperature went up a couple of degrees instead.
The song ended the set and I caught his eye, signalling me to meet him back in their dressing room.  I walked past their table selling CD's and T-shirts and noticed the young woman with the big tits was first in line.  I leaned into the bouncer stationed at the doorway and whispered my name into his ear.  My nipples brushed against the hard muscles of his chest sending shivers of pleasure through me.  He smiled and motioned me forward...I guess he had already been told to let me through.
The band was getting set up for an autograph signing.  They had a banquet table, probably about 3' by 7' the front and sides covered with graphic art and their band name.  When they sat down, they would only be visible from the chest up.
I found Dan right away and made my way straight for him.  I couldn't help myself, I had to touch him.  I moved my hands over his chest, feeling his hard unyielding muscles through the thin cotton of his shirt as I looked up into his eyes.  His arms came around me immediately pulling me closer.   My pussy was tight and wet and I pressed my body into his, my lips searching for his mouth. Oh my god I had an itch and I needed him to scratch it!
I noticed in my peripheral vision that the keyboardist and the drummer were taking their place at the table, getting ready to greet the fans that were starting to line up behind the door into the dressing room.  One cleared his throat, presumably to get our attention. 
His hand cupped my ass, his finger rubbing the seam of my jeans between my legs as he leaned and whispered into my ear, "Baby, I gotta do this, but I'm gonna fuck you so hard after..."  I couldn't let go of him, and as he backed up toward his place at the end of the table, I moved with him, licking and kissing his lips, pressing his hard on into my abdomen.  He sat down and I sank to my knees, maneuvering  myself under the table and out of sight.
As the fans started filing in, I was undoing the button and zipper of his jeans, He lifted his ass slightly allowing me to pull the waistband of his jeans and his boxers down over his ass and down past his knees, leaving him practically naked from the waist down and letting loose his huge throbbing cock.  I pulled off my own tank top and bra...I wanted him to feel my nipples against his thighs as I took his dick into my mouth.  I let my wet and hot mouth cover the head of his cock as the first fan came up to the table with their CD, freshly unwrapped and eager for an autograph.
I just knew the first one at the table would be big tits.  I could here her lilting voice tell him how much she loved the show and I imagined that she was leaning over the table, showing him her cleavage.  I moved my mouth up and down over the head of his cock while I stroked the length of smooth hard dick.  I knew he would be looking down her dress and imagining his cock poking up in between her tits.
He was so hard and I couldn't resist running my tongue down his shaft to his balls.  Running my tongue over his balls, I took one of his tight testies into my wet soft mouth, sucking gently before letting it go and moving to the other. I ran my hands up the inside of his thighs and I could feel his muscles tightening under my touch.  I came back up to wrap my soft wet lips around the head of his dripping cock.   My tongue licked up the treat he had left for me, my nipples brushing against the inside of his thighs.  I moved my lips down over his cock, taking him deep into my mouth, moving my wet glistening red lips up and down his long shaft.
Big tits moved on to the keyboardist and he exploded into my mouth. I licked and sucked up his hot treat as his hands came down to my head. His fingers entangled around my long soft blonde hair, meeting at the back of my head and pulling me down over his cock again.  I opened my throat and took all of him in, licking the base of his cock before moving my head back up, releasing his spent dick to lay against his abdomen. I heard him speaking to the fans.  Someone had expressed concern for him...he laughed saying it was just a head rush, he was okay.   I reached for my bra and tank top and I struggled to get back into my clothes under the table.  As I came out from under the table I picked up a pen that just happened to be on the floor.  "There it is," I said holding the pen in the air as I stood up, pushing the tousled hair back away from my face.  My black jeans were covered in dust, my lips were swollen and wet, and my face was flush.  Smiling, I walked away from the hushed and shocked faces in the dressing room toward the bar to get a cold beer and wait for the band to start their second set...

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dirty Virgin

Damn, I had to get ready for work.  I took a look at my swollen eyes in the mirror.  Crying was a bitch on my face and I had been crying off and on since last night when Mike had stormed out.  We had been dating for the last six months and even though I was upfront with him from the beginning, I guess he just couldn't handle the pressure any longer.  When we first started dating he told me that sex wasn't important to him.  That he liked me and wanted to know me better.
It was important to me, to wait to have sex until I was married.  I knew it was old fashioned and I was the only one of my friends at the age of 20 who was still a virgin.  It wasn't because premarital sex was a sin. I wasn't the religious type.  It's just that I wanted my wedding night to be special.  I wanted to give my husband....the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with...a special gift that no other man would get from me, the gift of my cherry.
Things had gotten pretty hot between Mike and I after our date, last night. We had come back to my apartment and made out on the couch. My legs draped over his as we kissed passionately, our tongues eager and searching. My hands were tangled in his thick soft brown hair as I pulled him closer to me.  He had one arm around my waist, holding me, while his other hand reached under my blouse and expertly unclasp my bra.  He softly kneaded my tit, rolling my nipple between his fingers.  He was making me so hot. I stopped kissing him to remove my blouse and bra.  His mouth moved down to my tit to take a nipple in between his teeth, and his hand moved down between my legs, rubbing the crotch of my jeans. I moaned softly and pressed my crotch harder into his hand.  His hand moved up to the button of my jeans.  And as much as I wanted to be with him, to cool the fire building in my body, my hand automatically pushed it away. I never took my pants off for a guy, not even Mike.  It wasn't necessarily because I didn't trust him to stop before it went all the way, but because I wasn't so sure I could trust myself. 
"Come on, baby," he said to me, still kissing and licking my nipple in between words. "I can make you feel so fucking good." I had no doubt that he could, if I let him. The sensations he was creating in my body were sweet agony. Again his hand grabbed me by the crotch.  My panties were soaking wet and my pussy was aching.  I pushed my pelvis forward again hard into his hand, gyrating my hips to add pleasure to the pressure his fingers were giving my pussy through my jeans.  His hand moved to unfasten my jeans again.  This time I got mad.
"No, Mike!"
"Come on, baby," he whispered. "Don't be such a fucking little tease. You fucking want it too." He grabbed me by my jeans, this time getting the button unfastened.  I knew in part that he was right, I was full of desire for him, but I hadn't waited all this time and pushed all those boys away before to give it up now.  I would have happily and eagerly given him a blow job to help ease his sexual tension but his insistence was starting to turn me off, and I put my blouse back on.
"You wanna be a prissy little bitch, suit yourself! I'm out of here!"  He yelled in frustration. And with those words had stomped out and slammed the door.  I was left standing in my living room, shocked, hurt and confused.  I cried myself to sleep and when I woke up and remembered the night before, I started crying again.  I was crazy about Mike.  It hurt to think I might not see him again.
But now I had to think about work tonight and get my shit together. I splashed cold water on my face and it helped somewhat with the swelling.  I had some Visine in the medicine cabinet, so I shot a couple of drops into each eye and started on my makeup.  When I was done, I took another close look in the mirror and decided someone would have to look pretty close to tell that something was wrong. 
I was working the 6pm-2am shift and had actually been looking forward to being at work tonight. There was a live band playing.  I liked working when we had live bands in.  I was able to see the band for free and we were always busy when there was a band, so my shift always went quickly and I made great tips. I had been especially looking forward to to seeing this band. When the bar booked them a month ago, I looked up their music online.  They fucking rocked.  I liked them a lot.  Now I was wondering if it would be enough to take my mind off the situation with Mike.
I headed out the door and made it to work, just as the band was finishing their sound check  They seemed to be satisfied with how they were sounding and were getting ready to take off.  They wouldn't be back on stage until 9 pm, so there wasn't much sense hanging around for that long.  The drummer held back though, telling the other guys he would catch up to them.  He wanted to get a bite to eat.  He asked Gerry at the bar for a menu and took it back to one of the tables.
He was good looking.  I couldn't help checking him out. His light blue t-shirt was clinging slightly to him and I could tell he had a muscular chest and arms. His faded jeans rested on his hips and I checked out his ass.  I was somewhat surprised by my body's reaction to him.My temperature rose, bringing a flush to my cheeks and I felt a moistness between my legs.
I approached his table and asked him if I could get him a drink.  "Just a coke, thanks" he said looking up at me. I could see the attraction was mutual by the way his eyes moved over me before settling on my own.  I felt his eyes watching me walk away and I was again aware of the rise of my body temperature.  I brought him his coke and took his order.  When I returned with his loaded burger and fries he asked if I could sit and keep him company for a bit.  "I hate eating alone," he smiled, whispering, as if it were a secret.  He had a nice smile too.
We were slow, nobody else was here yet...too early, so I didn't see any harm.  We made small talk for a while and he asked if I was going to come to the show tonight.  "Oh yeah, I'll be here," I replied, "I'm working the bar tonight.  Speaking of which I better get back.  It was nice chatting with you."  I stood up to get back to work.  He smiled at me again and I felt an unusually strong pull of sexual attraction again.  He finished his meal, and left to catch up with the rest of the band at the hotel.  When I cleared the table I noticed he left me a very generous tip.  In waitress translation that usually meant a guy was interested.  Again I was surprised at what affect that knowledge had on my body.  God give me strength, I wanted him.
Trish and Steph were just coming in for their shift.  They would be here until 3, cleaning and locking up. They were talking about Trish's date the night before. "Yeah, he fucked me in the ass, and I couldn't believe how incredible it felt," Trish was telling Steph excitedly.  I froze.  This time the moistness between my legs was a gush, making my cotton bikini panties wet.  Steph was laughing.  She replied, "So you just bent over and took it like a man, did you?"  Trish told her to fuck off but she was laughing too.
"Uh, Trish, can I talk to you for a second?" I asked Trish, pulling her aside.
"Sure. What's up?"
"Can you tell me a little more about this ass fucking?"

By nine the bar was packed.  Like I said, it always was when we had live music. The band was in what we called "The Green Room".  It was actually the staff room, where we could take our breaks without being interrupted by thirsty patrons.  Whenever we had a band in, they got the room before and after their show.  The staff would take their breaks while the band played to give them their privacy.
Gerry loaded a tray with beers from the owner and was about to take them into the Green Room.  "Here Ger, I can do that," I offered.  We split our tips in the bar and Gerry recognized that I could probably procure a bigger tip from a rock band than he could, so he handed the tray over.  The truth of the matter was I just wanted to see him again.  I hadn't been able to shake the memory of his smile and how it made me feel. I wanted to feel it again. "Free beer from the owner!" I announced as I walked in the room.  I placed the tray on the table and the guys started grabbing the beers.  I got my wish when I looked up and saw him smiling at me.  "Awesome, thanks," he said.  I smiled back and turned to leave the room.  I could once again feel his eyes moving smoothly over my body as I left.  I added a seductive sway to my walk just for him.  
The band took the stage and I watched him move as he took his place behind his kit.  He caught my eye and smiled at me again.  The band was fucking rocking the joint and I danced as I mixed drinks and grabbed beers.  We were busy, but I stole glances at the stage every now and then to watch  the band. Well to be honest, to steal glances him every now and then! He was fascinating to watch.  The way his body moved was incredible!  His limbs all moving independently of each other yet in perfect rhythm.  He liked showing off too, twirling his sticks between his fingers then tossing them up in the air to catch them on the spin and keep going.  He sang as well and at times I would've sworn he was singing directly to me.
I felt my cunt clench again and for a moment I paused to think about what I wanted to do to him.  Fuck, my mouth was watering and my panties were soaked.  I took a break.  First I went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of packets of butter, then I headed for the Ladies bathroom. I managed to hit the bathroom at the right time.  There was a stall free and I locked myself inside. I pulled my pants and underwear down.  I opened one pack of butter.  Trish had warned that if I was going to try anal sex that I should remember to lubricate.  Scooping the butter onto one finger, I started to rub the butter around the small opening of my ass.  I slid my buttery finger into my ass and was pleasantly surprised by how it turned me on. I pulled my finger out and opened the second pack of butter. I covered both my index and middle finger with the butter. Crouching over the toilet with my legs spread apart, I reached in between my legs and inserted both fingers into my ass.
"Mmmmmmmmmm," I couldn't help moaning as I slid my fingers in and out of my ass, covering the soft walls of my anal cavity with the butter.  Oh fuck, it felt so good.  I could feel my cunt spasm as my hips moved my ass further onto my fingers. I wiggled my fingers inside my ass instinctively as I felt the pressure building in my loins, and bit down on my lip to stop from crying out as I started to cum. I kept my fingers inserted in my ass as my other hand rubbed my clit until my orgasm finished and I relaxed once again.  I pulled my fingers from my ass and wiped them thoroughly with toilet paper before pulling up my pants and leaving the stall and the two packets of butter in my ass.  After washing up I bought a condom out of the machine the bar kept stocked in the bathroom.  I hadn't had any use for condoms in the past, but I did know exactly what to do with them.  In health class back in school, we had been given condoms and bananas, so we would be familiar with how a condom was supposed to be put on. Being the keener student I was, I mastered that skill as well.
The band was just finishing as I returned to the bar. Gerry was loading a tray full of beers for the Green Room again and handed it to me as I approached.
I took the tray in for them.  This time as the band members grabbed them up again,  I was determined to get him alone.  I had never felt so emboldened before as I approached and asked him to follow me so I could get their payment sorted out for the night.  Without question he followed me out of the room.  I led him through the crowded dance floor, lifted the partition to the bar and led him through the now dark kitchen to the back office.  He followed me in and I shut the door behind him.
"I'm sorry," I said to him, biting my bottom lip.  "I have a bit of a confession to make.  I don't have anything to with paying the band."  I couldn't hold myself back from him any longer.  I lunged at him, hitting his body hard with mine, wrapping my arms around his neck and opening my mouth to kiss his.  He kissed me back and it was as hot as I had been anticipating.  I pressed my lips hard against his as I explored his mouth with my tongue, finding his and pulling it into my mouth and sucking. His hands started moving over my body and I found my hands doing the same to him.  Eagerly moving down his chest over his abs and down to the button of his jeans.  I couldn't get enough of him.  I wanted to touch and taste him all over.  My fingers moved swiftly over his crotch and  I could feel through his jeans that he was already hard.  That only excited me more. I fumbled but only for a second with his button and zipper and as his jeans dropped to the floor, I dropped to my knees.  His cock was amazing, smooth, long and hard as a rock and I wrapped my tongue around it, moving up and down his shaft kissing and licking.  I could taste the salt of his sweat and it only made me hungrier for him.  I took him into my mouth, licking and sucking the tip at first then drawing him fully into my mouth and throat. I teased his shaft with my tongue as I moved my wet hot mouth up and down.  His hands were tangled in my hair and I could hear him start to moan.  I withdrew....I didn't want him to cum yet.
I took out the condom I had bought from the bathroom earlier and as I continued to fondle his member with one hand I opened the condom package with the other hand and my teeth.  I fitted him with the condom like an expert and stood up again.
 "I have another confession to make," I said.  "I'm a virgin and that would normally mean bad news for you.  I'm not having sex until I am married."  I could instantly see the confusion and frustration on his face.  I couldn't blame him at that point.  I had brought him to a critical point then withdrew. "How about I  take those tight little pants off," he started, reaching for me. "I'm not finished," I interrupted. "My cherry will be for my husband but you are going to get to fuck me."    I pulled off my pants, turned my back to him, bent over and reached behind me.  I took hold of his dick and guided it into my ass.  The condom was lubricated and along with the butter still in my ass he slid in quite easily.
He entered me and at first the pain was exquisite but intense enough to cause me to sharply draw in my breath. His cock was a lot bigger than my fingers, and my ass did stretch open to accommodate his large dick the soft sensual anal tissue wrapping tightly around him. "Now fuck me," I told him.  As he started to fuck me slowly, gently pushing himself deeper into my ass, he brought his hand around in front of me and between my legs to my pussy.  I broke out in a sweat and goosebumps at the same time and had to concentrate to control my breathing.  My cunt was soaking wet with the passion and excitement of just being with him.  I moaned as he moved his now wet and slippery fingers over my clitoris, pinching and putting pressure on my little nub. The incredible sensations of pleasure and pain was an erotic combination that I couldn't have imagined.  I started moving my hips to meet his rhythm as he continued to pump in and out of my tight ass, picking up speed.  Oh god, it felt so fucking good and as my breathing quickened I could feel the pressure building in my pussy and throughout my body. My hand covered his...the one on my pussy, and I stroked his fingers as they fondled my pussy lips and clitoris.  "I'm gonna cum," he said his voice tight and I knew I was right there too.
My orgasm surprised me.  I had never had one so powerful before.  It completely took control of my entire body.  My back arched and I rose up on my tiptoes, every muscle stretching and flexed as I cried out.  My world temporarily went black as the blood rushed from my head and down to my groin. I could feel the muscles deep in my pussy start to spasm and I must have clenched my ass, because in that same moment I heard him cry out as well.  His hands had moved to my hips and he held them tight as he pushed himself deeper into me. My legs began to shake as my pussy continued to spasm. He stayed inside me, holding me steady until the spasms subsided and my breathing slowed.  He withdrew from my ass slowly and carefully.   I pulled my pants back on and  I noticed he was dressed again as well.  I kissed him one more time, this beautiful, sexy, irresistible man, and as I did I knew it would be the last time I would.  I made it a good one...soft and deep.  I took him by the hand leading him back through the kitchen and into the bar.  Gerry saw me and waved me over.  I turned back to him with a smile "It was a pleasure serving you tonight," I said huskily and walked away without looking back at him or saying goodbye.  I would probably never see him again, but that was okay.  I had a memory that I would not soon forget! And I had discovered a new cheat.   Waiting for marriage was going to be a hell of a lot easier.....and a hell of a lot more fun, too!