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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Night at the Gallery

I still couldn't quite understand why Karen had insisted that I come.  It wasn't like she needed bodies to attend.  The Ontario Art Gallery was so crowded there was barely room to move.  It wasn't like she needed me there for moral support either.  Karen was a sensation and she knew it.  Her sensual and sometimes controversial nude sculptures had taken the art world by storm.  Her collection of sculptures were an honest and open display of the affect of physical love on the soul.  It was no wonder that an art gallery as prestigious as the Ontario Art Gallery had been one of many in Canada that had been pressuring Karen to display her sculptures within their walls, even though there were many prudes who would call her collection porn.  She also knew I would not allow her to draw attention to the fact that I was not only a good friend of hers but one of her unwilling models as well.
Karen and I had been room-mates years ago shortly after I had divorced my husband.  I had married young and divorced young when the Prince Charming I married turned into a jealous, abusive alcoholic within just a few years.  Struggling to make ends meet on my own, I had decided that splitting the rent would go a far way in helping me get by.  Karen had answered the ad I had placed for a room-mate and we had liked each other immediately.  Both of us were open and non judgmental, and we became good friends fast.
I had gone a little wild after my divorce, experimenting with different men and different opportunities.  I had even let a lover make a sex tape one night.  It was an incredible turn on and I had kept the tape.  I was taken completely by surprise when I came home early off a slow shift to find Karen naked on the couch, watching my sex tape and masturbating.  Karen was a beautiful buxom redhead and when I walked into the apartment her pale skin was flushed, her full breasts were high and firm, nipples erect.  Her lovely long legs were spread open in front of me and her delicate finger was moving vigorously in and out of her tight pussy. She wasn't embarrassed when I walked fact, she smiled at me and told me I was even fucking sexier than she had imagined.  Fucking herself faster she continued, "I fucking loved it when you sucked his cock." Her dirty talk was turning her on more...her nipples turning into hard little buds, her pumping hand moving even faster.  "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm." she moaned. "And when he ate your pretty little cunt.....ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh," she cried out as her back arched, her middle finger deep inside her, her palm cupping the rest of her pussy as her orgasm took hold of her.
Watching her cum turned me on and my panties were wet from my own juices as I popped the tape out of the VCR.  "Make your own fucking tape," I smiled at her as I took my sex tape and went into my own room to strip down and play with my dildo.
Years later, Karen unveiled a sculpture that looked remarkably like me lost in an orgasm, legs spread in a wide V shape with my lovers face buried in my pussy.  She had memorized the image from the sex tape and sculpted it.  It had proved to be her most popular and controversial piece and as luck would fucking have it, it was on display tonight.
I was starting to get looks of recognition from patrons of the gallery, so I took my glass of wine and went in search of a sanctuary to where I could escape.  I found myself walking down a dark corridor and through a doorway that opened into a darkened room.  The only lights in the room were trained on the huge painting on the wall.  The room was small and the painting took up one entire wall.  There was a long granite platform opposite the painting.  It stood about waist high making it too high to be a bench.  It was the only other thing in the room other than the painting and I only briefly contemplated it's purpose as I leaned the front of my hips against it and gazed at the 5' by 10' painting on the opposite wall.
I decided it must be a replication....what on earth would Botticelli's The Birth of Venus be doing at the Ontario Art Gallery.  Despite the fact I was sure it was a copy, I found myself lost in the beauty of the painting.  A part of my brain registered the click of the door as it closed but I didn't realize I was no longer alone until I smelled his cologne.  It was a rich, musky scent.
I was wearing a long draping black skirt with a high slit up the thigh and a gold lame low cut, backless halter top.  He was standing close behind me and I could feel his heat on my bare back.  I wanted to acknowledge him, so still gazing at the painting I said simply, "It's beautiful."
He ran the back of his finger very softly along my bare arm and in a deep sensual voice whispered in my ear, "sei una donna bella e sensuale."
My knees went weak and I leaned back against him lightly.  My head was swimming from the combination of too much wine and the intoxicating scent of his cologne.  His words, though I didn't understand what he was saying, were sensual and erotic.  His hot breath whispering in my ear was turning me on tremendously.  I felt a moistness in my silk panties as his hand moved to caress my bare back and he continued to whisper.

"La tua pelle e come la piu bella di velluto. Morbida, liscia, impossibile lasciare intatta."  His goatee brushed against my neck as he lightly kissed my earlobe.  My heart began to beat faster and I leaned back against him fully as his hand came around to my front, slipping inside my halter and cupping my breast as he rolled my nipple between his thumb and forefinger.  I moaned, lost in ecstasy as I felt my tits swell under his attention, my nipples becoming hard buds. His other hand found the slit in my skirt and disappeared under it, his fingers finding the elastic of my silk panties and slipping under to run his thick finger along my wet cunt. My head was swimming and I could feel my temperature go up.  My legs parted further giving him easier access and I felt his finger plunge up into my pussy. I sighed with pleasure as he slid his finger in and out of my hot and wet cunt.
I turned to face him.  He was a not handsome in a pretty boy sense, like a Brad Pitt or George Clooney but more in a manly sense more similar to Jason Statham or Vin Diesel.  He was dressed in a expensive silk charcoal Italian suit that was tailored to fit perfectly.  His collar was open and I caught a glimpse of the heavy gold chain around his neck.  His thick fingers were adorned in gold and diamonds.  I couldn't see his eyes behind his shades, it was night time and we were inside, but his look was so cool, nobody would have jested his reasons for wearing the sunglasses indoors at night.  As if sensing my curiosity, he removed his sunglasses, revealing clear intense eyes.  His bald head and goatee gave him a tough guy look and he was broad across the shoulders.  He slipped off his jacket reaching behind me to place it on the granite counter.
His mouth covered mine, his tongue parting my teeth and exploring my mouth hungrily.  I responded to him immediately, my arms coming up to wrap around his neck, my hand on the back of his head, pulling him closer to me. His hands moved expertly and within seconds my clothes were in a heap at my feet.  I stood before him wearing only my jewelry, my panties and my 3" spiked black sandals.  His mouth moved down my neck, licking and kissing his way to my swollen breasts.  His mouth teased my nipple, his tongue flicking it gently, then lightly blowing on it, turning it into a tight hard bud.  One hand was on my back, pulling my chest tighter against his mouth.  His other hand moved my panties down over my ass and down my legs, his finger once again inserting itself into my pussy.  My hips began to girate, fucking his finger as I held onto his shoulders for support.  His mouth moved back to mine and in between kisses, he spoke softly once more.
" lo voglio la tua bella bocca a succhiare il mio pene."  His hands pushing gently down on my shoulders.  I didn't understand his words but I was pretty sure I knew what he wanted from me.  I was on fire with desire for him.  I dropped to my knees, unfastening his belt and pants.  His hard on was pressed tightly against his boxers and I carefully pulled the elastic down setting his long thick cock free.  I took him into my wet, hot waiting mouth, sucking on and licking his head.  His fingers entangled themselves into my soft long blonde hair.  He moaned and gripped my hair tighter as I continued my assault on his dick with my mouth.  My lips moved up and down his long shaft as my palm cupped one of his balls, squeezing gently.  He was hard and throbbing and just about to cum when he pulled away from me.
He pulled me up to my feet, then swooped me up into his arms. He gently sat me down on his jacket that he had previously placed on the granite platform.  The silk felt sensual against my ass and pussy.  Spreading my legs open he gently laid me back, his finger once again finding my pussy. He started whispering again in his deep husky sensual voice, "Ho intenzione di fare l'amore con voi con una che Tu hai mai sentito prima fervore. Io faro la mossa mondo per voi. Vi prendero, mia dea, di nuovo al cielo da cui siete venuti, Prima ti tornare sulla Terra per adorare ai tuoi piedi."
His mouth found my pussy, his tongue plunging deep into the moist darkness where his finger had just been. I moaned with pleasure, my hands moving to my tits, squeezing my own nipples as his tongue moved expertly in and around my pussy and clit.
I couldn't believe the level of ecstasy I was experiencing at this mysterious strangers touch as my orgasm took over and shook my entire body.  I was still cumming when I felt his smooth long rod plunge deep into my trembling, spasming pussy..
"Oh baby," I moaned. "Oh fuck me baby, fuck me hard"
He started to fuck me harder and faster, his thumb on my clit. My pussy clenching
 his throbbing hard cock as I continued to cum.  I was sure he would cum with me, but his control was amazing.  He pulled back long enough to turn me over onto my stomach.  My feet back on the floor, my legs spread wide open as I bent over the granite counter.  He entered my swollen cunt again from behind, his strokes long and slow.  I was overcome with passion and before long the walls of my cunt clenched around his dick as my orgasm once again took over my entire body, stretching my already taunt muscles to their limit.
His hands were holding my hips as he started pumped even harder and faster...his heavy balls slapping against my already too sensitive clit.  My juices were flowing freely over his tremendous and skillful cock.  He finally relented to his own orgasm, exploding deep inside me.  He pulled away from me but I continued to lay there with my cheek against the cool granite, dizzy and breathing hard for a minute or two.  When I finally found the strength to rise and turn to face him again, he was dressed and slipping on his killer shades....I was pretty sure I saw "Gucci" printed on the inside arm as he slipped them on. 

His eyes moved over me again and I could see passion there, but he reached for my clothes, helping me back into them.  We sat on the granite counter for a moment, gathering ourselves, I smoothed my hair back down my back.  He looked at me, put his hand on my thigh, his gold and diamond ring glinting in the low light and smiling, said in a very plain Canadian accent, "Thanks babe, that was fucking great."  I was shocked at first to discover he spoke English and then started chuckling to myself.  He was laughing when I said, "Very fucking funny.  What are you...a comedian?"