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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Backstage Baby part 1

I was getting used to San Fransisco.  It was difficult at first, after all, I had lived on a flat barren prairie for the last 15 years and San Fransisco was anything but flat barren prairie.  It was quite the culture shock but I still had a few thing going for me.   I had made a few fast friends at work and enjoyed getting together with them for lunches during the week. Even though my evenings and weekends were still being devoted to cleaning the mess of a house I bought, I was making headway.  The master bath was still a mess - I would have to work for a while before I'd have enough cash for a contractor - but I had made some progress on  the living room and two bedrooms.  The walls were repaired where needed and a fresh paint had been applied throughout. 
The most exciting thing I had going for me though, was him...
I met him the day I arrived in San Fransisco and we had been hot and heavy ever since.  The few times we got together, my body had suffered a strong sexual reaction.  I had been helpless against him that first day on that secluded beach and I was no better off now, two weeks later.  Just the thought of him would cause my temperature to rise and my hand to move instinctively toward my pussy.
Come to think of it, I didn't even know that much about him.  We didn't seem to communicate too much with conversation...our connection so far was definitely a physical one.  We had discovered together during a very exciting Rush concert, how turned on by music we both were.  Maybe it was that last date that inspired him to tell me he was a musician himself and to invite me to his show!
He was the bass player for his band and they were playing this hot little club downtown.  They were an underground band, definitely not mainstream, definitely cool...some of it reminded me of a sci-fi movie score but I liked it and was looking forward to a live show.
He had to be there early for a sound check and I had to work, so we planned to meet there.   As luck would have it just as I was cleaning my desk to leave, my boss cornered in my office looking for a report that wasn't due until the middle of the next week.  Despite the fact that I knew he was only demanding this report as an excuse to come into my office and let his eyes slime their way up and down my body, I finished it anyway.  I left it on my his desk in his empty office (of course he had left and gone home), knowing it would be ignored until he needed it...the middle of next week.
I was already running an hour late when I arrived home, so I quickly showered and threw on my favorite black jeans. They hugged my curvy hips and accentuated my nice firm ass.  I topped it off with  a black push up bra and a semi sheer white lace tank.  Along with my black spiked heel sandals and heavy silver jewelry I looked very rock n roll.
By the time I got to the club the band was already playing.  I was surprised by how packed the joint was.   I hadn't been prepared as to how popular they were in the area.  Obviously though, judging by the large crowd they had attracted, they definitely had established fans.
I worked my way through the crowd to the bar.  I grabbed a beer and made my way around to get a better view of the stage.  I saw him playing and I couldn't help but smile as I noticed him flirting with one the girls standing in front of the stage. She had big tits and I could only imagine what was going through his mind.
Suddenly, as if he could feel my eyes on him, he looked up at me and I felt a shift in the atmosphere.  It seemed as though he was playing just for me.  As his hands moved over his bass and as his eyes moved over me, my body once again reacted to him.  I watched him play his bass and imagined his hands playing with my body.  I watched the fingers of one of his hands gingerly picking and strumming the strings I could feel it gently circling and squeezing my nipple.  I could see his other hand moving deftly up and down the long neck of the bass, but I would have sworn it was moving down my back, down to my ass and between my legs. My body moved to the music seductively.  I closed my eyes and let the memories of the Rush concert wash over me.  My small tits started to swell with my desire, my nipples becoming hard buds and my face and neck became flush with the heat that was rising inside me.  I felt a pleasurable moistness in my black silk panties as my pussy became very sensitive against the tight denim of my jeans.
I opened my eyes to watch him play.  He had a nice bass but I couldn't help but think of his other instrument...the one he was hiding behind his bass guitar...and I licked my lips.  I saw him flinch just slightly and I knew he was watching me...getting turned on...getting hard.  That knowledge only made my mouth salivate more.  I took a long pull from my beer and placed the cold bottle on my chest, between my tits and moved it slowly, up to my neck hoping to cool myself.  My skin broke in goosebumps and my nipples rose higher, my tits firm and swollen.  My gaze met his and as the intensity in his eyes deepened, my cunt tightened and my temperature went up a couple of degrees instead.
The song ended the set and I caught his eye, signalling me to meet him back in their dressing room.  I walked past their table selling CD's and T-shirts and noticed the young woman with the big tits was first in line.  I leaned into the bouncer stationed at the doorway and whispered my name into his ear.  My nipples brushed against the hard muscles of his chest sending shivers of pleasure through me.  He smiled and motioned me forward...I guess he had already been told to let me through.
The band was getting set up for an autograph signing.  They had a banquet table, probably about 3' by 7' the front and sides covered with graphic art and their band name.  When they sat down, they would only be visible from the chest up.
I found Dan right away and made my way straight for him.  I couldn't help myself, I had to touch him.  I moved my hands over his chest, feeling his hard unyielding muscles through the thin cotton of his shirt as I looked up into his eyes.  His arms came around me immediately pulling me closer.   My pussy was tight and wet and I pressed my body into his, my lips searching for his mouth. Oh my god I had an itch and I needed him to scratch it!
I noticed in my peripheral vision that the keyboardist and the drummer were taking their place at the table, getting ready to greet the fans that were starting to line up behind the door into the dressing room.  One cleared his throat, presumably to get our attention. 
His hand cupped my ass, his finger rubbing the seam of my jeans between my legs as he leaned and whispered into my ear, "Baby, I gotta do this, but I'm gonna fuck you so hard after..."  I couldn't let go of him, and as he backed up toward his place at the end of the table, I moved with him, licking and kissing his lips, pressing his hard on into my abdomen.  He sat down and I sank to my knees, maneuvering  myself under the table and out of sight.
As the fans started filing in, I was undoing the button and zipper of his jeans, He lifted his ass slightly allowing me to pull the waistband of his jeans and his boxers down over his ass and down past his knees, leaving him practically naked from the waist down and letting loose his huge throbbing cock.  I pulled off my own tank top and bra...I wanted him to feel my nipples against his thighs as I took his dick into my mouth.  I let my wet and hot mouth cover the head of his cock as the first fan came up to the table with their CD, freshly unwrapped and eager for an autograph.
I just knew the first one at the table would be big tits.  I could here her lilting voice tell him how much she loved the show and I imagined that she was leaning over the table, showing him her cleavage.  I moved my mouth up and down over the head of his cock while I stroked the length of smooth hard dick.  I knew he would be looking down her dress and imagining his cock poking up in between her tits.
He was so hard and I couldn't resist running my tongue down his shaft to his balls.  Running my tongue over his balls, I took one of his tight testies into my wet soft mouth, sucking gently before letting it go and moving to the other. I ran my hands up the inside of his thighs and I could feel his muscles tightening under my touch.  I came back up to wrap my soft wet lips around the head of his dripping cock.   My tongue licked up the treat he had left for me, my nipples brushing against the inside of his thighs.  I moved my lips down over his cock, taking him deep into my mouth, moving my wet glistening red lips up and down his long shaft.
Big tits moved on to the keyboardist and he exploded into my mouth. I licked and sucked up his hot treat as his hands came down to my head. His fingers entangled around my long soft blonde hair, meeting at the back of my head and pulling me down over his cock again.  I opened my throat and took all of him in, licking the base of his cock before moving my head back up, releasing his spent dick to lay against his abdomen. I heard him speaking to the fans.  Someone had expressed concern for him...he laughed saying it was just a head rush, he was okay.   I reached for my bra and tank top and I struggled to get back into my clothes under the table.  As I came out from under the table I picked up a pen that just happened to be on the floor.  "There it is," I said holding the pen in the air as I stood up, pushing the tousled hair back away from my face.  My black jeans were covered in dust, my lips were swollen and wet, and my face was flush.  Smiling, I walked away from the hushed and shocked faces in the dressing room toward the bar to get a cold beer and wait for the band to start their second set...

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