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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Backstage Baby part 2

When the band came out to do their 2nd set, he looked so cool and composed.  But why wouldn't he be relaxed.  He had just been on the receiving end of a very hot blow job under the table while signing autographs. Here I was, sweaty, dusty and dirty, my hair disheveled....and why wouldn't I be, I had just been on the giving end of a very hot blow job under the table while he signed autographs.  I still  hadn't bothered to go to the Ladies Room to check the mirror or clean up.
After leaving their dressing room, I had headed straight for the bar, ordered a beer, drank it back in 5 minutes and ordered another one. I felt so fucking hot...I wanted him so badly.  His music had turned me on before, but watching perform had evoked a very powerful and profound effect on my whole body.  If he hadn't had the signing session scheduled in the dressing room in between sets,  I would have fucked him there and then. I doubt that I would've even cared if the other guys had stayed and watched.  I settled on fucking him with my mouth, my tongue and lips, wet and glistening, sliding up and down his hard length, sucking, kissing, and licking.  Now I was a physical mess and left with a pulsing ache deep within my pussy.  Regardless of being a physical mess - the swollen lips, the disheveled hair and the light sheen of perspiration on my lightly tanned skin still gave me an alluring, sexy appeal.  In the 15 minutes it took me to drink my second beer, I refused six drinks offered by various other gentlemen in the bar.
I was on my third when the band came out of the back dressing room.  I watched his easy stride and the comfort in which he picked up his bass and started playing again.  I expected that the burning intensity would be out of his eyes when he looked up and smiled at me.  I was wrong.  He smiled, but it was a hungry smile.  It held a promise that I was going to get back everything I had given and more.
Fuck, he excited me.  I swallowed another mouthful of beer.  As I ran my tongue over my lips and teeth I thought of how he had felt in my mouth, hard and smooth....and so big!  The walls of my pussy tightened causing me to squirm in my tight jeans.  I was getting over heated again and they just started playing, fuck I need to cool down.  I headed for the washroom.
I nearly collided into the chick with the big tits, the bands number 1 fan, as I walked into Ladies Room.  She was on her way out.  I smiled and excused myself but she just shot me a dirty look and told me to watch where I was going.  As the door closed behind her, I couldn't help myself and laughed out loud.  She liked him too and she probably saw me as competition.  I took my time cleaning up.  I thoroughly brushed the dust off my jeans, and splashed cold water on my face.  I ran my fingers through my hair, letting it fall down my back and touched up my makeup.
I knew that big tits was taking the opportunity to slip him her number and I also figured that he would take it too.  That was cool with me.  I wasn't looking for a commitment.  I didn't want to be his only one...I just wanted to be his favorite!  I smiled at the thought of what I could do to him to keep it that way and walked out of the bathroom, cool and collected.
Unfortunately, I didn't stay that way long...just watching him play turned me on.  By the time they finished their set, the fans had filtered out and the equipment was packed up, I was unbelievably hot again.  The ache between my legs was unbearable.  He hadn't had a drink all night so he drove us back to my place.  On the drive home, I couldn't  keep my hands off him.  Leaning into him as he drove, I could smell his cologne and I kissed his neck, my tongue darting out to taste the salt on his skin. With one hand on the wheel he stroked my hair with the other as I continued my kisses down his chest.  My hand went to his lap and I wasn't surprised to find his pants were bulging and tight at the crotch.  Unfastening his jeans, I reached inside and pulled free his growing rod.  His hand continued to stroke my hair as I lowered my lips to the top of his cock, my tongue flicking over the tip before I taking him into my wet warm mouth.  I moved my lips slowly up and down his throbbing shaft, my hand reaching further into his pants and cupping his balls, stroking them softly with my thumb.  His hand, the one stroking my hair became more aggressive, pushing my head down further into his lap, forcing me to take him deeper into my throat.
He still hadn't cum yet when we arrived at my house.  He pulled me off his lap and quickly fastened his jeans again.  Holding onto my keys, he unlocked my front door for me. Pulling me into the house behind him, he closed the door and pushed me hard against it.  His kisses were desperate and hungry, crushing my tender lips and forcing his tongue deep into my mouth.  He hands tore my clothes, pushing my tank top and bra over my tits, freeing them and bringing his mouth down to bite my nipple.  A low primitive moan escaped through my lips and I brought my hands to his head, entangling my fingers in his hair.  His hands urgently moved to my jeans, tearing them open and forcing his hand down the front, grabbing me by the cunt.  He continued to push my jeans down over my ass and then his hand moved up and grabbed my hair at the back of the head.  In one motion he had me turned around and bent over the back of the couch, three feet from the door. With one hand already on my pussy and one hand on my back holding me down, he pushed his knee between my firm shapely legs, forcing them to spread open.  Forcing his cock into my hot, wet quivering cunt, he started pumping his hips against my ass hard and fast, his hands gripping me by the waist.  Leaning down against me he muttered into my ear, "You are fucking driving me crazy, woman."   He continued to fuck me hard and fast, driving his dick into me, his balls rubbing against my clit with every powerful thrust, causing the soft wet walls of my cunt to clench tightly around his long hard cock and send shivers of pleasure through me.  One of his hands moved to my ass, finding my asshole, he pushed his thumb into the tight opening.  He continued to moan in my ear, "you like that, don't you baby?...tell me you like it when I fuck you like this...TELL ME!"
 "Oh yes, baby....yes, yes, yes...oh fuck YES!"
We both reached our orgasm simultaneously, both of us crying out, our muscles stretched and taut as he hammered against me one last time to release his load deep inside me.  Breathing heavily I rose from my bent over position to rest the back of my head against his chest.  He moved his hands over my flat belly and up to my tits.  This time he was gentle.  Turning me around, he lifted and carried me into the bedroom.   Completely undressing me and then himself, he laid down with me on the bed.  He gently kissed and touched me, lighting my fire once again.  We made love again, only this time we took our time, exploring each other with our mouths and hands, twisting our bodies around each other until finally both spent and exhausted, we fell asleep in each others arms.