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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Friday Night Frolic

It was Friday night  and I was out for supper with my husband.   We always went out for supper on Friday night.  Every week we came to the same restaurant, sat in the same booth and every week I sat there and pretended to listen to him as he droned on and on about his work.  We had started the Friday night date night to spice things up a little...break out of the routine of sitting across the dining room table night after night having the same conversation over and over again.
I had wanted to try different restaurants and different ethnic foods.  And in the beginning we did but he had a fussy stomach and would end up spending hours in the bathroom paying for my desire for variety. I really should have known it would evolve into this.  He was a creature of habit.  He thrived on organization.  Everything had to be in order, scheduled and balanced.  As boring as that seemed to me at this very moment, it was the very quality that had attracted me to him in the first place.
When we met, I was spontaneous and wild, easily dropping everything to take off to the beach with my friends for the weekend or fly to Vegas on a whim.  I had a lot of fun but I had been so disorganized.....and broke!   I lived my life in a mess. I was always late for everything and I'd easily forget things like birthdays and appointments...not to mention paying the bills.  My phone service had been disconnected by the phone company at least 3 times due to non payment.
He came into my life to gather the scattered pieces, pull them together and get my life in order.  My life suddenly became clean and organized.  He had helped me develop a budget and a schedule.  He taught me to use the calendar and scheduler in my phone to set up reminders for birthdays and appointments.  I had extra money in the bank and savings in RRSP's.  The spontaneous trips with my friends had come to an end but my time was filled with other activities...activities that were planned and neatly scheduled of course.
So here we were on our "spicy" evening out and I was bored to tears.  I had taken special care with my appearance tonight.  I was wearing a black sleeveless dress, the hem reaching about mid thigh.  The dress was a simple cut and it accented my tiny waist and the curve of my hips.  It was low cut in front and the lingerie I had chosen to wear underneath included a black satin push up bra, which pushed my small breasts closer together giving me nice cleavage.  My panties were a matching black satin thong and instead of pantyhose I had chosen silk stockings.  My heels were 3" black leather stilettos.  I was hoping to spark something in him.  A desire or passion that I knew must be buried somewhere in him.  I looked hot....yet he had hardly looked at me.
He was carrying on about a lazy co-worker....I'd heard many complaints about this particular co-worker over the last few years and I couldn't help but wonder when would he just get over it!  Or at the very least, figure out I really didn't give a shit.  I tuned out his complaining and let my eyes wander over his shoulder to the other patrons in the restaurant.  They settled on a very good looking man who was sitting at the bar.  He was wearing a suit, but his tie had been discarded and his collar was open. He was looking back at me.  He smiled at me and mouthed the words "You are beautiful."  I smiled and blushed.  I stole a quick glance at my husband to see if he had noticed my reaction but his eyes were on his plate and he was still talking...complaining.
My eyes returned to the handsome stranger to find he hadn't taken his eyes off of me.  My temperature rose slightly.  I felt a flush rise on my chest and cheeks and I reached for my water.  Keeping my eyes on him I took a sip just as he plucked the rose from a stem vase on the bar and put it between his teeth.  With smouldering eyes he lifted his brows a couple of times in a very flirty manner. I couldn't help but laugh...only my mouth was full of water and I started to choke.
My husband stopped talking and looked up at me annoyingly because my coughing had interrupted him.  With a napkin to my lips and in between chokes, I said, "Sorry, wrong tube."  I excused myself and headed toward the restroom.  I had to walk past the good looking stranger to get to my destination and I was so embarrassed!  At least I had stopped choking but as I passed him I kept my eyes lowered.  I did happen to catch the fresh clean scent of his cologne and the smell stayed with me as I continued to walk. I reached the Ladies Room and  just as I was about to push the door with one hand I felt someone take my other hand.  I turned to look and was surprised to discover that the sexy stranger had followed me.
He didn't say a word but led me by the hand the few extra steps to the Men's Room.  Still holding my hand, he pushed the door and stuck his head in looking around.  I discovered his voice was soft and deep when he smiled and whispered, "Coast is clear."  His smile and the scent of his cologne had me hypnotized and I found myself following him willingly into the men's room and into a stall.
His big strong warm hands were on my bare shoulders and his mouth came down on mine.  My heartbeat quickened and I found my mouth opening to his pressing lips and tongue.  As his tongue explored my mouth, my body responded by leaning in closer to him in the tight space.  His arms moved to wrap around my waist and mine wrapped around his neck, my hand on the back of his head, pulling him down closer and harder against my lips.  I breathed in his cologne, my body on fire, my tits already swollen and firm, my nipples hardened into tight little nubs as his lips moved down my neck and to my shoulder.  His hands were on my ass and his fingers were busy pulling up the fabric of my dress. I lifted one knee to rest against his hip, my pelvis tight against his.  I could feel his cock growing in his trousers as one of his hands left my ass and worked its way up my soft silky stockinged thigh to where the stocking ended and met the soft silky skin of my inner thigh .  He had me pinned against the side of the bathroom stall, his mouth still kissing and nibbling on my shoulder as his finger found it's way under the crotch of my thong and up into my hot juicy cunt.  I held on to the back of his neck as I threw back my head.  A moan escaped my lips as my hips started to rock back and forth, fucking his finger.  My crotch rubbed against his as I rocked, dry humping his ever growing cock though the tightening confines of his pants.
He pulled away and spun me around so I was facing the toilet, his lips came back down on the back of my neck as his hands cupped themselves on my hard aching tits.  One hand continued to squeeze and fondle my breast as the other moved firmly and urgently down over my body, then up my dress to grab the crotch of my now soaking wet panties.   His leg was between mine and his foot pushed against the insides of both of mine, forcing me to spread my legs further apart.  Keeping his hand on my cunt, his other moved from my chest to my back, bending me over in front of him.  The toilet, being automated, did not have a regular toilet tank.  Instead I held on to small chrome pressure tank that was mounted on the wall behind the toilet as he pulled my dress up over my ass.
I felt him crouch behind me.  He pulled my thong to one side and I lifted my ass higher arching my back to fully expose my glistening pussy.  His lips found the hard nub of my clit first, taking it between his lips and teeth and flicking it gently with his tongue as he sucked.  I moaned again, bending over further as his mouth moved from my clit.  His tongue found its way between my velvety pussy lips to taste the juices trickling there before moving up and circling my asshole. I heard the rustling of clothes and his zipper coming down as he stood up.  He pulled my thong aside again and I felt the huge throbbing head of his cock at the entrance of my cunt.  As his hand came around to my front again and in between my legs, his middle finger found its way to my clit.  He pressed firmly on my it as he thrust his cock into my hot waiting pussy.  He cocked filled me, going deep as the warm, silky, wet walls of my pussy wrapped around the long, smooth and welcomed intruder.  His started slow, grunting softly with each thrust, then picked up speed as his breathing became more labored, his grunts also becoming louder.  His finger was still rubbing my clit firmly and I could feel the pressure building inside of me as my orgasm neared.
His thrusts became strong and deep and my pussy began to spasm, squeezing his hard throbbing cock even tighter as my hot juices flowed over him.  My thumb slipped against the pressure tank and hit the manual flush button.  The toilet flushed over and over again and I cried out as he continued to thrust into me, building up to his own orgasm.
His final thrust went deep and his hands moved to my hips holding on as exploded his hot cum deep into my still quivering pussy.  Neither one of us moved for a moment as we caught our breath.  His cock still inserted deep inside me when we heard water running out at one of the sinks.  We listened to the footsteps move to the hand towels, then the door opened and silence again.
I let out a giggle.  The movement sent a vibration to my pussy and he shivered at the sensation on his sensitive cock.  He pulled away from me, but at the same time handed me toilet paper to wipe myself.  He adjusted his clothes as did I.  I stood and turned.  His hands came to my face and he kissed my lips softly.  "You are beautiful," he whispered before opening the stall door.  He motioned me to stay where I was as he opened the bathroom door and glanced out.  Signalling the coast was clear once again, I rushed out of the Men's Room and headed straight into the Ladies Room to freshen up.  I took my time in front of the mirror, making sure there were no signs of the passion that had just ensued.
When I returned to the table, my husband had finished his meal, his plate cleared away and he was stirring his coffee.  I looked at my meal and started eating.  I was suddenly so famished, it made no difference to me that it was ice cold.  I looked up at my husband and he was scowling.
"What's the matter?" I asked between bites.
He leaned into the table and whispered harshly, "There was somebody in the bathroom having sex!"
I froze, my fork halfway to my mouth, my jaw dropped and my eyes widened as my heartbeat quickened.  He had been the one in the bathroom!  I had been caught!
He looked at my surprised face and said vehemently, "I know it's shocking, darling.  I don't know what kind of place this is that would allow that kind of behaviour to happen!  Obviously they do not attract the right class of clientele!"
He sat back and taking another sip of his coffee he said, "Next week we will have to find somewhere else to go...."



    1. Thank you for reading!! I'm very glad you enjoyed! ;D

    2. So basically you cheated on your husband? And he loves you and you ruin it. Unbelievable

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hahahaha! Exactly! Unbelievable! Please do not confuse fiction or fantasy with reality. These stories are not true recollections. I have never cheated on my husband when I had one and have never had sex with a stranger in a restaurant bathroom.