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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wet and Wild

This had been such a great evening. I was out with one of my favorite people. He was young, he was a musician and he was hot!  He and his band had just finished up a short tour and he was hanging around home for a while.  Home for him was still a couple of hours away from me, but we managed to hook up almost every time I was in the city.
He was a lot like me.  He knew he didn't want to make a commitment that he couldn't keep.  Neither one of us wanted to have to hold back on our dreams to keep somebody else company.  And he loved women as much as I loved men.  We both appreciated being free to pursue interests as they to speak.
He was a sweet guy and despite the fact he was too young for me, he still being in his 20's while I was in my 40's, I liked hanging out with him.  He was a lot of fun. and I think he liked hanging out with me, well, because I'm a lot of fun too...wink.  I really enjoyed his company, and he fucked like a champ - his words, which I have to agree with wholeheartedly.  Whenever we got the chance to hook up it ended with our naked sweaty bodies twisting around each other.
We both liked sex....a lot!  In between the times we saw each other we kept in touch through "sext" messages and emails.  We were not exclusive to each other, and we would often turn each other on describing other sexual encounters we had - never naming names of course and with only the slightest embellishments, hehehe. 
 He was fucking hot!  His body was hard and muscular like an athlete's.  His eyes were warm and when they smoldered they could melt a brick.  I especially liked to see him wearing leather and, scratch that, I especially like to see him taking off his leather and denim!
We had been out for drinks and now we were headed up to his penthouse apartment.  The night was warm and muggy.  I had a light sheen of moisture over my skin.  I was wearing a silk  backless sun dress.  The halter of the dress started just below my bustline, the two silk panels extended upward, covering my small but firm breasts and and tied at the back of my neck.  The calf length skirt consisted of light silky overlapping panels that flowed from my slim waist over my curvy hips and firm ass.  I had left my long blonde hair down and it brushed lightly over my bare back to a couple of inches below my shoulder blades.
The cool air conditioned air brought goosebumps out on my bare arms and shoulders when we entered the building.  My tits hardened under the silk of my dress and my nipples pressed tightly against the light fabric.  His eyes moved over me as his hand landed lightly on the small of my back to gently guide me toward the elevator.
We were alone in the elevator and he inserted his key for the penthouse.  The doors closed and as the elevator shot up he pulled me into his side.   My legs straddled his leg and my pelvis pressed tightly against his hip as his lips came down hard on mine.  I responded immediately grabbing him by the shirt and pulling him closer to me, my mouth already open and my tongue eagerly searching his.  I moaned in his mouth and felt my hips and pussy grind into his hip.  His hands came down to cup my ass and I lifted my knee, brushing my thigh against his crotch allowing him to run his hand down my thigh, then up under my dress.  The cotton crotch of my white satin panties were already wet with my juices and as he ran his finger under the thin elastic and into my pussy the elevators doors opened to the penthouse.
He picked me up by the thighs and ass and I wrapped my legs around his waist, my sandals dropping off my feet to the floor as we entered the penthouse.  Kissing me, his finger still moving in and out of pussy he carried me across the room to the balcony doors. 
The balcony was large and we were high enough to be out of sight of surrounding buildings.  He led me to a wide backless bench.  The cushion was comfortable as he set me down and positioned himself between my legs. His crotch was in my eyeline and my hands came up to quickly unbuckle his belt, and pop the button on his jeans. Slipping my hands under the waistband of his underwear, I pulled the elastic over his hard on and ran my hands down over his ass, pushing his underwear and jeans down simultaneously.  With my hands running down the back of his thighs,  I took his cock into my open and salivating mouth.  Resting the head of his cock between my open lips I licked and exhaled hot breath over him.  My hands ran up the front of his thighs and I closed my wet lips around him, sucking, licking, tasting as my lips and tongue moved up and down over his long hard shaft.
I cupped his balls in one hand as my other moved up to grip his now wet dick.  I stroked his throbbing hard cock as I moved my lips back and forth over his head, sucking greedily.  His balls hardened in my hand and I squeezed them gently.  He cum filled my mouth as his hands gripped my hair and he pulled my head further down his spasming member.  Looking up at him I opened my mouth and showed him his cum in my mouth before I closed my lips and swallowed it back.
With his hands on my shoulders he shuddered one last time before he untied the halter behind my neck and let the silk float into my lap exposing my hardened swollen tits. Pushing my back down onto the bench, his hands moved under my skirt and up the length of my shapely thighs.  Grabbing the elastic of my panties he pulled them down my legs and dropped them to the balcony floor. Moving his hands back up my thighs, he spread his fingers his thumbs caressing the soft skin of my inner thigh up to my aching pussy. Kneeling in between my legs, he pulled me back up to a sitting position  by the arms.  His mouth found my breast, his tongue darting out to circle and flick my nipple. Arching my back, my hands caressed his ears, ran through his hair and gripped the back of his head to pull him tighter against my chest. I moaned as I felt his finger spread my pussy lips and insert itself into my pussy.  I spread my legs open further and his lips moved down my belly, his head pushing me back down onto the wide bench.
 I lifted my feet and opened my legs wide as he brought his face to my quivering pussy.  He softly kissed my inner thighs before teasing my pussy, running the tip of his tongue along my pussy lips up to my clit.  He flicked at the sensitive little nub gently before taking it between his lips and sucking.  I moaned loudly and lifted my ass.  Grabbing me by the hips he  pulled me closer, plunging his tongue into my hot juicy cunt.  I rocked my hips, rubbing my pussy against his face.  I moaned loudly, my hands gripping his hair as my orgasm took hold.  I raised my ass further up in the air, arching my back and tossing my head back and forth as the blood left my head and my pussy spasmed it's hot tangy sweet juices into his waiting mouth.
Our skin was slick with sweat from a combination of the warm humid night and our passion.  I pulled myself off of the bench and removed my dress completely.  I could hear thunder as I urged him back onto the bench to lie down on his back.  I licked my lips and moved my mouth back into his lap.  I wanted my tongue and soft lips on his balls to be the thing that made him hard again.  I opened my mouth and teabagged his balls, my warm wet tongue caressing them as I sucked.  My hands moved up the inside of his thighs, one moving further up to grip his growing cock and stroke it firmly up and down while my mouth continued its work on his balls.
When he was rock hard again I got up and joined him on the bench, my knees straddling his hips.  A warm rain started to fall as I lowered my wet swollen cunt onto his hard cock.  The rain fell harder drenching my hair and skin and as he gripped my hips, I swiveled and rocked on top of him.  My hair dripped rain down my swollen, sensitive tits, my nipples rock hard little nubs.  I folded my arms behind my head as I continued my belly dance on his cock.
His hands came up from my hips to my tits, squeezing and pinching as my soft warm cunt wrapped itself around and clenched his cock.  I started to moan and rock harder, fuck he felt good inside of me.  My hands come down to grasp his, encouraging them to squeeze my tits harder.  His hips stiffened underneath me as he plunged his long smooth cock deep inside me. My back arched again and with my head thrown back, my wet hair dripped more rain down his legs as we started to orgasm together.....


  1. Love your writing. Very descriptive, very VERY hot. I'm going to need a foamy latte and a smoke now. Bravo!

  2. Thank you Keeper! Big fucking kisses ....where ever you want! ;)