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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Another Day on The Grind

I was dreading this next meeting.  It was with the accounting department...or rather one certain member of the accounting dept.  The head of the accounting department.  I hated meeting with him.  Not because he gave me a hard time about my expenses...he didn't.  I didn't overspend my expense account and I used it strictly for business purposes. I ran a tight department and we always ran on or below budget.  Nor was it because he was an ass or a slimy perv like some of the other men I had to tolerate in this male dominated field.  No, the reason I hated meeting with him was because of the effect he had on my body.  My heart would race, my temperature would rise and I would start to blush and stammer.  I laughed at everything he said to me, even the stuff that wasn't funny...which was pretty much everything he said to me.  I don't know why he affected me this way.  Sure, he was very attractive but I always managed to hold my composure with other attractive men.  Every time I came face to face with him though, I was like a fucking school girl.  I couldn't control it in the least and it not only did it embarrass me personally but professionally as well.  He had to think I was a total idiot!
Most of the time he only needed to meet with me when he questioned what a certain expense was in relation to.  For instance, he might need clarification about who I met with and for which project for a lunch expense for a meeting at conference if I had just listed it as a conference expense.  Thankfully most of these questions could be answered by phone.  His voice had a similar effect on me, but at least I didn't have the added embarrassment of him seeing me fumble my pen and drop it.  I only stammered half as much and I could jam my fist in my mouth to stop myself from laughing at every single thing he said.
Today, though, he had asked to meet with me in his office.  He was finalizing our year end.   Every year he met with the heads of all the departments individually to settle year end adjustments and sign off the books for each department.  As I made my way to his office, a bottle of water, my portfolio and day-timer in hand I repeated in my head over and over, "Stay cool.  Be professional.  Don't be an idiot."
His office door was open and his secretary waved me past.  "Go ahead, he's expecting you."
I could see him bent over the open files on his desk.  He wasn't wearing his jacket and his tie had been discarded too.  The sleeves of his white shirt were rolled up exposing his strong forearms and the buttons at his neck were open giving me a glimpse of his muscular chest.  I could hear the blood in my ears as my heart thudded against the inside of my chest and I could feel the flush creeping up my chest and was no use...I was an idiot.
I stepped over the threshold of his office and lightly knocked on the door.  He looked up from his files, his face becoming even more handsome as he smiled.  "Come in," he said waving me in.  "Come in, close the door please and have a seat."
 I closed the door and walked across his office to the front of his desk.  He picked up the phone and told his secretary not to disturb us and to hold all his calls.  I was just about to sit down in front of his desk, but he stopped me as he hung up the phone.
"Please sit here beside me," he said motioning to a chair beside him on his side of the desk. "It will be much easier for us to go over the documents together."  He kept a stationary bike off to the side of his desk.  His jacket and tie were tossed over the handlebar but I could tell he used it for more than a coat rack.  His running shoes were placed behind it and there was a towel draped over the handlebar along with his jacket and tie.  To get to the chair he was motioning to  I had to shimmy between the bike and his desk.  Just as I came around to the back of his desk I hit my knee on the corner sending a shooting pain through my leg and causing me to stumble.  The only thing that prevented me from falling on my face was his strong arm shooting out and catching me by the elbow.  His touch sent an electric thrill through me and I felt my face flush as my temperature rose.
"I am so sorry," he said.  "I should have moved that out of the way.  Let me help you."  He reached to take the things from my hands and placed them on his desk.  I laughed.  Of course, I fucking laughed.  I was an idiot, that much was already established.  I kept my eyes lowered and bit my lip as I grabbed my water bottle from his desk and took a seat in the chair that he had placed beside his.  
 My skirt was almost knee length and when I sat down the hemline crept up to my mid thigh.  I crossed my legs and rubbed my knee.  Still feeling flush, I opened my water bottle and took a long sip while he shuffled the files around on his desk. He pulled one open and slid it closer to me, so I could see the pages.  I was drinking my water and rubbing my knee when he turned and looked at me.
"Are you okay?" he asked me, concern in his face and voice.  "Can I take a look?"  I moved my hand from my knee and soon felt his gentle touch, lightly prodding and squeezing.  "Does this hurt?" he asked, looking up at me.  I shook my head and moved to place my water bottle back on the desk.  I let go of the bottle without realizing that I had only caught the edge of the desk, and watched in horror as the bottle fell, emptying itself in his lap.
"Oh my god!  I am so sorry!" I exclaimed grabbing the towel from the handlebar of the bike beside me and immediately started blotting his lap with the towel.  I didn't even realize exactly what I was doing until I felt something move in his pants under my hands.  Oh my fucking god!!  What the hell was I doing? I froze and looked up at him.  He must have seen my "deer in the headlights" look because before I could run, he grabbed me by the shoulders and brought his mouth down on mine.  he was breathing heavily.  I put my hand on his chest and was surprised to find his heart was beating as quickly as my own.
Suddenly I wasn't a school girl anymore.  I was all woman, he was all man and I had to have him.  I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him deeper.  I uncrossed my legs as I felt his hand moving up my stockinged thigh.  His hand hesitated at the hem of my skirt and I opened my legs a little wider and slid my tongue into his mouth.  His hand continued, stroking the soft skin of my inner thigh at the top of my stocking. The pain in my knee was forgotten as it was replaced by an ache of need in my pussy.  Suddenly the need became more urgent for both of us..  His hands moved to my hips and he urged me to my feet and guided me in front of him, my back to his desk.  He was still sitting as his hands disappeared under my skirt and he removed my panties.  With my panties off and discarded he lifted my skirt and sat me on his desk in front of him.  I placed my hands on the desk behind my back and leaned back as he lifted my legs to his shoulders.  I placed my feet on the backrest of his chair and moaned as his soft kisses moved over my inner thighs to my wet and quivering pussy.  He teased me with his tongue, circling the hard nub of my clit and running it along my pussy lips before plunging it into my cunt. His hands were on my hips, pulling me closer as his tongue worked its magic on my pussy.   Keeping one hand on the desk for balance I moved my other to the top of his head, my hands running through his hair as my head dropped back.  My thighs started to tremble as I felt the pressure in my body building up toward my orgasm.  My hands grasped his hair harder and I pulled his face closer, my pussy grinding against his mouth as I rode the wave of my orgasm, moaning loudly.  His mouth worked eagerly, licking my juices as they flowed from my spasming cunt.
Removing my legs from his shoulders, he placed my feet back on the floor.  His hands moved to my suit jacket, opening it and pulling it off.  He pulled the straps of my camisole and bra down off my shoulders exposing my swollen firm tits, my nipples hard nubs pointing at him.  His hands moved to my back and he pulled my chest toward his mouth.  His tongue circled my hard nipple before he pulled it into his mouth sucking and nibbling gently, his other hand fondling and squeezing my other tit.  He stood and kissed his way up my chest and neck to once again find my mouth.  I could taste myself on him as I kissed and licked his lips.  His hands were unfastening his pants as he kissed me and soon I felt the head of his cock pushing against my still dripping pussy.  I tilted my pelvis forward and opened my legs wider, inviting his huge hard cock to enter me.  With one hand on the desk for support, he placed his other on the small of my back and with one powerful thrust, impaled me, driving his dick deep into my velvety wetness.  I let my heels slip off my feet and I wrapped my legs around his hips, my feet on his ass, encouraging him to drive himself deeper into me.
He laid me back on his desk, not caring about the files spread over the surface.  I let my head fall over the front, my long blonde hair falling toward the floor.  He moved my legs up, resting my ankles against his shoulders as he continued to slide his throbbing cock in and out of me.  I rocked my hips up and down, grinding myself against him, taking him all in, the soft walls of my cunt closing tighter around his throbbing member.  He pumped faster as his breath quickened and I could feel my second orgasm coming.
"Oh god, yes!!" I cried, lifting my ass and arching my back as he drove himself deep inside me.  The muscles of his body stiffened and froze as he exploded inside me.  After letting the head rush pass, he pulled me up to his chest, his cock still inside me.  He kissed me then apologized.
"I'm sorry," he said.  "I couldn't control myself anymore.  I've wanted to do that every single time you've been near me:"  I smiled at him....I knew the feeling!


  1. Such a wonderful encounter. Short, but to the point.
    I love the oral description. For me, the second greatest pleasure is seeing the signs of pleasure on a woman's face as I'm pleasing her with my mouth.
    The greatest pleasure is looking deeply in her eyes as I orgasm inside her.

    1. Thank you Bill, one has to break up the work day somehow ;)
      Thank you for sharing your greatest pleasures... I just got a tingle (a very pleasant one in a very special place) xo