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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Music Made Me Do It

Damn he was hot.  Normally I wasn't bothered at all by the musicians I interviewed for the magazine.  I was a professional and always conducted myself as such.  I didn't party with the bands though I had plenty of invitations.  I found it best not to mix business with pleasure.  I wasn't a bitch about it...I had fun with the rockstars I interviewed, I just knew where to draw the line.  I respected them and they respected me back.  Simple.
Yeah, simple, until now.  The truth was this man was different.  The fact that his music made me hot wasn't different....a lot of music made me hot.  The difference was where other music might just make me hot and make me horny, his music made me hot and made me horny for him.  I had been really looking forward to the interview and not just because I respected his music.
I found him engaging from the moment he took a seat across from me.  He was an older, experienced musician but was just now starting to get the recognition he deserved.  He was articulate and charming, not to mention the fact that physically he was sexy as hell.  I found myself flirting with him naturally throughout the interview and when the interview was over and he asked if I'd like to meet him for a drink later in his hotel room I found myself just as naturally accepting.  I wanted to get to know him better, and not only that, I wanted him to get to know me better....every inch of me.
Our interview had been in the morning and he still had to meet with the local radio and TV stations.  Tomorrow he would be tied up with the show...soundchecks, meet and greets etc.  We made plans to meet at his room at 9 pm. 
I took my time getting ready, paying extra attention to my hair and makeup...I chose a pretty red and black push up bra and thong panty set, silk stockings and a black spaghetti strap dress with a short flowing skirt and black lace jacket to wear.  The short skirt and the 3 inch stiletto heels I wore accented my curvy hips and shapely legs.  I kept my blonde hair smooth and long, letting it fall down my back past my shoulder blades, almost reaching my waist.  My perfume was a light subtle scent and I dabbed it delicately on my neck, between my breasts and on my wrists.
During the cab ride to his hotel I listened to his album on my mp3 player.  By the time the cab pulled up to the hotel I was feeling a lovely ache deep in my pussy, my breasts were swollen and firm, my nipples pushing against the fabric of my bra.  Fuck his music turned me on!  I was feeling sexy and I guess I looked it too, judging by how many male heads turned in my direction as I walked through the lobby of the hotel to the elevators. 
When he opened his door to my knock I couldn't help myself, I stepped into him, wrapping my arms around his neck, pulling his mouth down to mine.  He didn't seem surprised at all by my eagerness.  He responded immediately.  His lips parted letting my tongue explore his mouth.  His arm came around my waist, his hand on the small of my back pulling me tighter against his hard body.  He swung the door shut and backed me into it, his mouth pressed hungrily against mine while his hands moved over my ass, caressing and squeezing.  As his mouth shifted from my lips to my neck his hands came up and slipped my lace jacket off my shoulders.  He let it fall to the floor as his mouth continued to move downward to my chest. His hands came back up to pull my dress and bra straps down over my shoulders and then moved to grab the bodice of my dress, pulling it down to expose my tits my nipples already hard and waiting for his mouth.  He didn't disappoint, his tongue circling and lightly flicking before taking my nipple into his mouth, nibbling and sucking,  My hands were on the back of his neck and I pulled him closer as my head fell back and I moaned with pleasure.
The ache in my cunt intensified and I tilted my pelvis up, pushing myself against him.  His hands moved under my skirt, found the elastic of my panties and pulled them down and let them fall to my ankles.  I caught my breath sharply as his hand returned between my legs and he inserted two fingers deep into my wet pussy.  He knew what he was doing, finding and massaging my g-spot immediately.  I was in ecstasy and my juices were flowing freely as my hips rocked back and forth fucking his fingers.  He went to his knees and ducked his head under my skirt.  Freeing one ankle from my panties, I lifted my leg over his shoulder.  I felt his lips on the inside of my thigh at the top of my stockings, his fingers still inside me as he breathed in deeply.  I felt his tongue move from my thigh to my clit.  He took my hard swollen nub into his mouth, sucking and nibbling.  His tongue slid down in between my pussy lips, lapping up my juices as I rocked and moaned against him.
He pulled away from me and stood up.  I could taste myself on his lips when he kissed me softly.  As he did he pulled down the zipper of my dress and let it fall to the floor.  My bra was next, joining the pile of clothes at my feet.  Holding on to the door knob I slipped one foot out of my shoe and lifted my leg as he pulled my stocking off, and then repeated for the other leg.  He lifted me up into his arms and carried me across the room to the bed. He laid me on the bed gently then stood straight as he removed his clothes.
His body was beautiful, hard and muscular.  His cock was hard and long and my hand reached for it as he laid down next to me.  His mouth returned to mine and he kissed me deeply, one hand in my hair and the other on my tit, massaging and squeezing my nipple.  My own hand stroking his smooth hard cock up and down.  He pulled me on top of him and I sat up, crossing my ankle and lowering myself cross legged onto his waiting throbbing cock.  He spread his legs allowing me to support myself, holding his legs  as I rocked back and forth on top of him.  His fingers found my clit and I moaned and let me head fall back as my pussy started to spasm with my orgasm.
As the blood returned to my head, I uncrossed my legs and straddled him.  He pulled me down against his chest and rolled me onto my side, his hands on my ass, keeping himself deep inside me.  He continued to thrust in and out of me, my leg wrapped around his hip, his lips on mine, our tongues and moans intermingling.   He pushed my hip and rolled me again to face away from him and entered me again from behind.  I propped myself on my elbow and arched my back.  I rested my top leg on his and his hand ran up my thigh to my quivering pussy.  His breathing and his thrusts became harder and faster.  That and the pressure he was applying to my clit was causing my own blood pressure to rise.  As the blood left my head, I arched my back further and cried out his name.  He gave one final thrust driving himself deep inside me as the soft walls of my cunt closed around his cock, clenching tightly as he exploded inside me.  I was having multiple orgasms, my body shaking as wave after wave of pleasure hit me.  As my shaking started to subside, he pulled me back to rest against his chest, his arms wrapping around me.  Running his hand down my side, over my curves he chuckled and whispered in my ear, "About that drink....what can I get for you."

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