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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Round 2

We took our time drying off.  We needed to catch our breath after the workout we had just had in the shower together.  I couldn't tear my eyes away from his lean muscular frame as he used the fluffy white towel to wipe away the droplets from his skin before wrapping it around his waist.  I could feel the heat building up again in my body, almost causing my damp skin to steam.  The heat in the small bathroom was unbearable as the steam from the shower still billowed around the room, fogging the mirror.  I opened the door to let the steam escape.  As soon as the cooler air from outside the bathroom door rushed in my skin broke in goosebumps.  My tits hardened and my nipples stood at attention.
That definitely got his attention.  He was looking me over with a very sly smile.  Without bothering to wrap myself in a towel, my hair still dripping down my back, I took his hand and led him from the bathroom.  I walked backward facing him.  I liked the way he was looking at me.  He had the devil in his eyes and I knew I would be in for some serious heat.  He was getting hard again and I could make out his generous package straining against the towel that was wrapped around him.
I led him into my bedroom and as soon we reached the bed he sat and pulled me close to him.  The heat from his body and his breath felt heavenly against my chilled skin.  I was standing between his legs, my hands on his shoulders as his lips and tongue on my chest fed the fire that was burning below my belly.  His tongue circled my nipple, flicking it gently before blowing on it's wetness, causing it to tighten even more.  His hot mouth mercifully closed around it and my head fell back as he nibbled and sucked. His hands moved down my back to ass.  His head fell back to look up at me and I brought my lips down to his, kissing him softly, my hand caressing the hard line of his jaw.  My god, he was so young and beautiful.  My kisses became hungrier, harder, my tongue sought his and with our lips still locked I sank to my knees in front of him. My lips moved down his chest as my hands pulled his towel away, setting his large and very hard cock free.  My hand wrapped around his shaft and I brought my chest forward and placed him between my tits.  He adjusted, leaning back and stretching his legs out on either side of me.  Placing his hands on the bed and using them for leverage he started rocking his hips, moving up and down while I pushed my tits closer together to envelop his smooth hard cock.
I looked up at him and teased him, licking my lips and winking at him.  Still rocking his hips slowly, he smiled and said, "Oh yeah baby, those wet lips would look even prettier wrapped around my dick."
"Like this?" I asked innocently, releasing my tits and lowering my lips to his reddening head.  My wet mouth moved back and forth over the head of his cock while I looked wide eyed up at him.  Groaning, he leaned forward, his hands entangled themselves in my wet hair and pushed my head further down on his thick shaft.  Coming back up I let him fall out of my mouth, so I could run my wet lips and tongue down the front of his cock and down to his balls.  Wrapping my hand around his shaft, I stroked him while my tongue ran over his balls.  I took one into my mouth, sucking lightly, teabagging him before moving to the other and repeating my actions.  He moaned and his hands tightened their grip on my hair as my tongue caressed his ball as I sucked.  I gently released his balls and ran my tongue up his cock to take him into my mouth once more.  My mouth was hot and wet and as I moved it up and down I took him deeper with every stroke.  He relaxed his grip on my hair and pushed my head down his cock.  He was large and long and for my lips to reach the base of cock I needed to open my throat to keep from gagging.  His breathing became heavier and his grip tightened on my hair once again.  My mouth moved faster up and down his now wet and throbbing dick, I grasped him with my hand again stroking faster and harder while my other hand moved up his thigh to his crotch to caress and squeeze his balls.
I felt his balls tighten in my hand and I knew he was close to cumming.  I moaned as I sucked letting my hot breath envelop his cock.  When my mouth reached the top of his cock I let my tongue flick lightly over his sensitive tip. 
"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!" he moaned loudly, pulling my hair and lifting my head.  His legs squeezed my ribs, holding me in place.  His hands pulled my head back by the hair as he exploded all over my neck and chest.
As his shudders past, the last drops spurting from his cock, his hands loosened their grip on my hair, disentangling themselves as his legs also relaxed allowing me to sink back on my heels.
He looked down on me and in between chuckles said, "Aw shit baby, I'm sorry."
I looked down on my chest and said, "Now I'm going to have to shower again!"
Running my hand around the curve of my breast I scooped a generous amount of cum onto my finger.  As I looked up into his eyes I popped the cum filled finger into my mouth. "Mmmmm," I moaned as I sucked on my finger pulling it out through my puckering lips. "Or maybe I don't" I said huskily through a sexy smile.
His cock bounced, the blood returning bringing it back up to attention once again.  Oh my god!! Round 3?

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