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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Round One

It had been awhile since I had been with him.  It had been awhile since I'd been with anyone.  I had been so busy with work and the classes I was taking.  I hardly had time for sleep let alone a social life. Thanks to Spring Break I was getting a break from classes at least and I was so looking forward to seeing him again.
 It wasn't easy going back to school in my 40's but I wanted more out of life and I've lived long enough to know that if I wanted it, I would have to work for it.  I didn't mind the busy schedule though.  The kids were grown and gone.  My husband and I had decided to call it quits.  I wasn't interested in finding true love anymore...didn't much believe in it anymore.  I had spent more than half my life living to please others and now I just wanted to please myself.
This didn't mean I didn't want to be with a man.  I just wanted to be with him temporarily.  I preferred to spend my time with men who were driven...who weren't looking for a wife or a relationship.  It's kinda funny, when I was younger and I was looking for a relationship all the guys I dated seemed like players, only interested in one thing.  Now that I was only interested in one thing it seemed every guy I met wanted to set up house.
I still attracted more than my fair share of men.  Even in my 40's I was still told I was beautiful by men.  I'm not model material by any means but my body is still firm and shapely.  My tits are small but still sit high on my chest and when I'm turned on they're firm and round like large apples.  My waist is small and my stomach is hard due to the core exercises I do.  My legs and arms are firm and shapely also thanks again to the workouts I do to keep myself healthy and in shape. My hair is long, blonde and naturally wavy.  It hangs down my back to below my shoulder blades like a long soft curtain.  My features are small and delicate, I myself only stand 5' 3" which is why I can be regularly seen in wearing 3" heels.
It's not unusual for me to get a few invitations out on the weekends but lately due to my busy schedule I had been turning them all down.   But finally...a weekend off and I was tickled pink! He had called me last week to tell me that the band would be performing here this weekend.  He was coming to me!  The last time I had seen him was months ago when I was in the city.  We fucked in the rain on the balcony of his penthouse apartment.  The sex had been so fucking hot, it always was when I was with him and I was expecting no less tonight.  Just the thought of his touch, his kiss was enough to ignite a fire below my belly and send a lovely ache to my pussy, causing the juices to flow.
He was still in his twenties and he was hot.  Both of us had an overactive sex drive and that's probably what brought us together despite the age difference.  He loved how open I was to sex and I loved his enthusiasm and endurance.
I took care with my make up and hair and when I moved to get dressed I noticed my vibrator sitting on my night table.  I bit my bottom lip, picking it up and contemplating.  I was so horny, my other hand instinctively disappeared inside my robe to softly finger the smooth velvet of my pussy lips already wet from thinking about his tongue.  No, I was going to wait.  I wanted his hands not my own.  I pulled my hand away and opened the drawer dropping the vibrator in and closing it.
I called for a cab then dressed quickly, pulling on my fishnet stockings, black satin thong and push up bra, topping it with a fitted black sleeveless dress.  The hem was short and just barely covered the tops of my stockings.  I stepped into my black stilettos just as the cab pulled up outside.
When I arrived at the club, the band was already rockin the joint.  It was packed! The dance floor was packed with chicks dancing in front of the stage.  Their music was hot and sexy like they were and it turned women on....including me.  I ordered a beer then stood off in the back, watching them on stage, my body swaying to the music.  I watched as all the members of the band played it up to the audience of women in front of them....including him.  As he flirted with the young women in the front I thought about how hot he was probably getting them and that it would be me he would be fucking tonight.  I took a long sip of my beer holding the bottle high and tilting my head back.
The beer was helping to loosen me up and the music was sexy, swaying my hips, my hands above my head, I danced keeping my eyes on him.  It was like he felt my eyes on him because his eyes left the young women in the front and fixed on mine.  He watched me dance for him for the rest of the show.  I was so turned on by the time they finished, it took every ounce of strength I had not to jump him and do him right there on the bar.  In the cab on the way back to my place, I couldn't hold back anymore.  As he kissed my lips and my neck my hand moved to his jeans to find he had a big rock hard surprise waiting for me.  I stroked him through his jeans while his hand slipped under my dress.  I opened my legs as his hand moved up my thigh to my panties.  He rubbed my cunt through the satin of my panties and I moaned in his mouth as my tongue searched for and found his.
I was so wet and ready that if the cab hadn't pulled up in front of my place at the moment it did, I would've fucked him right there in the cab.  As I put my key in the lock of my door his hands were moving over my body.  I turned, wrapping my arms around his neck and pressing my body into his, kissing him deeply.  He pinned me between his body and the door, kissing me hard as his hand turned the key and opened the door.  We practically fell into the house as the door swung open from the weight of our bodies against it.
We were both hot and sweaty...him from performing under the hot lights of the club and me from dancing in the hot and packed club.  He wanted to shower first and I was all for that!  I started the water and we quickly undressed and stepped in.  I stood under the water first, letting it run over my hair and down my body.  As my arms pushed the hair away from my face I felt his mouth on my tits.  My nipples were rock hard and my tits were firm and swollen.  As his tongue circled one nipple his fingers found the other squeezing and pinching.  He drank the water flowing down my body as he kissed his way down my belly.  Going to his knees, I lifted one foot and rested it on the side of the tub as his tongue delved between my pussy lips causing me to shiver with pleasure.  I held on to his shoulders for support as his tongue expertly moved between my clit and deep into my pussy causing the blood to leave my head and my cunt to spasm.  My juices flowed into his mouth and and as I steadied he kissed his way back up my body, coming once again to his feet.  We traded places and he stood under the water.  I wanted to touch him everywhere.  I soaped up my hands and starting on his chest I spread the slick foam over him.  My soapy slippery hands moved down his hard chest and stomach to his cock...rock hard and standing straight up.  As I wrapped one slippery hand around his cock, stroking up and down, I moved my other one under his balls, caressing and squeezing gently.  His hands were on my arms, his lips on mine and our tongues wrapping around each other, tasting.
He turned me around and I braced myself against the far wall of the shower, standing on my tiptoes and bending over slightly.  He slid his rock hard and throbbing cock deep inside me and didn't move at first.  Using the muscles in my cunt I squeezed my pussy around him and he moaned.  Then he slowly started moving in and out of me.  Oh god he felt good, and I rocked back against him, meeting his rhythm and squeezing him and moaning with pleasure.  His hands moved up from my hips along my sides and around my front to fondle and squeeze my tits as he continued to thrust in and out of me.  I arched my back and one of his hands moved down over my hard belly to my cunt.  He rubbed and applied pressure to my clit and I started to shake as the pressure in my body built, rising to my next orgasm.  I bent over further reaching in between my legs with one hand, caressing his hand on my cunt and then moving past opening my fingers to either side of his cock and squeezing as his thrusts and his breathing picked up speed.  He was pounding against my ass, his balls slapping against the back of my hand, my fingers still squeezing his cock as he moved when my orgasm took hold.  My pussy clenched his cock and I began to to shake.  I had to move my hand to the wall again for support as the blood left my head again, almost causing me to faint.  He thrust deep into me, his hands moving to my hips as he cried out, exploding inside of me.  We stood, still locked together for a moment before he pulled out of me.  We rinsed ourselves cleaning up.  We wanted to be ready for what was still to come tonight.....round two.

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