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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Round 3

I looked down at the hot cum dripping down my chest.  I couldn't believe the amount he had ejected over me, considering he had cum in the shower as well.  He was chuckling and very insincerely he said, "Sorry babe, I got a little carried away."
"Now I'm gonna have to shower again," I feigned a pout and then looking down again, I ran my hand around the curve of my breast, scooping up a healthy amount of his jism on my finger.  Looking up at him, I put my finger in my mouth and sucked back his cum and smiling a sexy smile said, "Or maybe I don't!"
His cock bounced....the blood returning making him hard again.  My eyes wide, I looked up at him in surprise.  He laughed at my shock and said, "It fucking turns me on when you touch yourself."
I smiled as an idea came into my head.   I pulled the chair from the corner and placed it facing the foot of my bed.  I urged him to sit.  I walked to my closet and pulled out four silk scarves.  Smiling at him, I tied his hands to the arms of the chair and his ankles to the legs. I would pause between scarves to catch the cum that was still running down my chest with my fingers and suck them clean.  His face was curious, wondering what I had in mind, but he didn't ask....just co-operated with my actions, his dick bouncing every time I swallowed his cum.
Lying down on my back at the foot of the bed in front of him, I resumed cleaning my chest with one hand while the other fondled my tit and nipple.  I watched him through half open eyes as I did.  All the blood had returned to his cock and it was once again standing at attention.  I rose to my knees, my legs spread apart, facing him, both my hands now working both tits, squeezing and rolling my rock hard nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.  I brought my fingers to my mouth, making them wet, then returning to my nipples making them glisten in the low light.  Moaning I moved one hand over my belly and down to my open legs.  Opening my fingers I ran my two fingers on the outer edges of pussy lips.  I licked my fingers again and returned to my pussy, running my wet fingers over my clit.  I moaned again at the sensation my hands were inducing in my cunt.
"Fuck yourself," he said huskily.  "I want to see you fuck yourself baby."  His muscles were tense against his bonds, his cock red with the blood pounding in his dick.  I licked my lips and moaned as I continued to rub my clit vigorously with my fingers.  His cock bounced again and he moaned as I saw a small amount of juice escape the tip of his cock.
Turning away from him I walked on my hands and knees across the bed to my night table.  I removed my vibrator and lubricant.and returned to my position on my knees at the foot of the bed, facing him.  Opening the lubricant, I squeezed a small amount onto my fingers and spread it over the smooth 7" length of the vibrator.  I tightened the base to turn it on and it began to hum in my hands.  I rubbed the vibrating tool over my pussy lips and clit, rocking my hips, grinding against the pink smoothness.  Holding the tool with both hands, the biceps of my arms pushing my swollen tits closer together I continued to rock and grind against the surface of the vibrating toy, my juices mixing with the lubricant before I opened my pussy lips wide and inserted it into my wet quivering pussy.
I held the smooth shaft straight up and down and lowered myself onto it adding the up and down motion to my continued rocking.
"Oh god yes!" I exclaimed, one hand returning to my chest to squeeze my tit, my eyes watching him watch me through my half closed eyes.  Without removing the tool from my pussy, I laid down on my back, my feet on the bed, my knees up and spread wide exposing my pussy to him.  I continued to move the buzzing tool in and out of me while I lifted my ass to meet the strokes, fucking the vibrator in front of his face.  My breath came harder and faster as I built up to my orgasm,  the pace and rhythm of my fucking getting faster.  My head thrashed back and forth, my pussy tightening around the pink shaft, the vibrations shaking my orgasm loose.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" I cried, my juices flowing over the slender instrument inserted in my cunt and dripping out and down over my asshole.  As the waves of my orgasm subsided, I removed my vibrator and sat up smiling, my hair tousled and curly around my face.
He was vibrating.  His cock was rock hard and dripping, his balls tight.  "Oh baby," I said smiling, "let me take care of that for you..."  I grabbed the lubricant and slid from the bed to my knees.  I crawled across the short distance to him.  I kept him in his bonds as I knelt in front of him and licked up the hot treat his cock had left for me.   Popping open the lubricant, I squeezed a generous amount onto my fingers and started to stroke him, spreading the lubricant all over his rock hard cock. He moaned.
I stood up.  The arms of the chair were open and facing him I slipped my legs through the openings on either side of him, straddling him.  My toes were on the floor.  Holding on to his shoulders and the back of his neck,  my tits in his face.  He hungrily bit and sucked my nipples, moving his head back and forth between the two.  I lowered to kiss his lips.  I loved kissing him.  I licked his lips lightly with the tip of my tongue and kissed and nibbled  them separately before opening my mouth and thrusting my tongue into his.  I continued to kiss him passionately as I leaned back slightly and took his cock into my hand.   I held him straight up so I could line him up with my ass.  I took a deep breath, relaxed my muscles and lowered myself onto him slowly.
He was big and it was a tight fit.  His eyes widened as I continued to slowly lower down, taking more and more of him into my ass.  My skin broke in goosebumps.  As long as I remembered to relax, the pain would be minimal.  Holding on to the back of his neck with one hand and bracing myself on his knee with the other, I started to rock slowly up and down on him.  Oh fuck, it felt good.  My skin was slick with sweat.  His breathing was labored and he was moaning and swearing softly.  I closed my eyes and arched my back letting my head fall back as my rocking picked up speed.
The sensation of brushing against the soft hair of his lower belly as I rocked was to much for my sensitive pussy to bear.  Added with the sensual and exquisite pleasure of having him in my ass, I couldn't hold on to my orgasm.  I sat down hard on him, driving all of him into my ass.  My ass clenched reflexively around his cock I began to shake uncontrollably.  As my cum flowed from my pussy onto his skin, he ejected his third offering of the evening into my ass.
With one arm wrapped around his neck, I used my other hand to loosen and untie his one hand.  His arm wrapped around me while I switched arms and untied his other hand.  With both his arms around me I kissed him again....softly and sweetly before I moved off of him.  I untied his feet and as he stood he helped me to my feet.  We cleaned up quickly in the bathroom before returning to the bedroom and climbing in between the clean sheets.  We were both exhausted.  I pressed my body into his side, my leg slung over his thigh, my arm across his chest as his arm wrapped around my back, stroking my side.  As soon as I laid my head on his shoulder I was asleep.

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