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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Good Morning

I felt the sun on my shoulder.  It was as warm as the masculine arm curled around me and the steady exhalation of breath that I felt on the back of my neck.  I loved waking up this way, with his arms around me.  I wanted to stay here, so I didn't move, letting wakefulness come to me slowly and not disturbing his sleep.
He was spooning me from behind and I smiled as I felt his morning hard on growing against my bare ass, his dick waking up before he did.  I loved having sex first thing in the morning.  Especially on the weekends when it was the sun and not the alarm clock that woke me.  My body was relaxed and rested and the thought of his hands moving over my body was more than enough to get me in the mood.  I wiggled my ass against him, my nipples hardening with the thought of having his smooth hard cock buried deep inside me.
I stretched against him, lifting my arm back above my head to rest my hand on the back of his neck, my chest rising above the sheet covering us exposing my small firm tits.  His hair at the nape of his neck was moist with sweat from the morning sun.  My shoulder met his lips.  He drew in a deep breath, starting to waken and he kissed me, his tongue tasting the salt on my sun drenched shoulder.   I pushed my ass back harder into him, letting him know that I'd be easy if he was looking to get lucky.  He rocked his pelvis, rubbing his now very hard cock against the crack of my ass as his hand moved up my ribcage to cup my tit, squeezing my nipple between his fingers.
I moaned, stretching my head back under his.  His mouth moved over my neck and shoulder as I arched my back, pushing my tit harder into his hand and my ass into his dick.  He gave my breast one more squeeze before moving it down my body and across my ass cheek to spread open my pussy lips as he lined the head of his cock with the slight opening of my cunt.
My outer lips were still dry and he forced himself into me, causing a sting in my pussy that made me inhale sharply.  Once the head of his cock was inside me though, he found my pool of warm juices and as he slowly moved in and out of me, he became more lubricated.  His strokes were smooth and slow and the sting that I had originally felt was replaced by a different ache.
I moaned and arched my back further, rocking my pelvis slowly meeting his strokes, squeezing his cock with the firm yet soft muscles of my cunt.  He whispered in my ear, "Mmmmmm, baby you feel so fucking good, so hot..."  His hand moved from my hip back up to my tits, fondling, squeezing and pinching as he continued to rock his hips slowly against my ass.  His lips were still moving over me placing light soft kisses on my neck and shoulder and causing my skin to break in goosebumps.
His hand moved down over my abdomen to my thigh, pulling it back over his, spreading my legs before moving back to my cunt to apply pressure to the exposed hard nub of my clit.
Whispering in my ear again he said, "Do you like this baby? Tell me how much you like it when I touch you here."
"Oh god baby, yes!" I answered, my voice husky with passion.  "Oh baby, you make me feel so good. I love having your hands on my body."  My hand moved down to cover and caress his as he stroked my clit,  his hard throbbing cock moving in and out of my hot wet pussy.
My skin was on fire with the passion he had built in me and I could feel the pressure of my orgasm building as he continued to stroke me with his hand and his cock.  I leaned my torso forward, bracing myself on my elbow to give me more leverage to rock my pelvis against him, increasing the force and the speed of our strokes.
He grasped my hip once again, driving himself deeper into me...taking my cue and increasing his speed as well.  As I rocked my hips, I reached between my legs to put pressure on my clit, increasing my ecstasy.  His tightening balls brushed against my fingers as we continued to rock against each other and I felt dizzy as the blood left my head, fueling my orgasm.
I pressed my cunt hard against him as it spasmed around his hard throbbing cock, my juices flowing over him.  I reached further between my legs to caress and gently squeeze his balls encouraging him to cum with me.  And cum with me he did!  He gave one final thrust, giving me all his cock.  He moaned as he stiffened, squeezing my hip hard and emptying himself, shooting his load so deep inside of me, I could almost taste it.
I fell back against him and he wrapped his arm around me holding me tight, his cock still buried in my warm pussy.  He raised himself on his elbow and leaned over me.  He kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, "Good morning, beautiful."

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