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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Customer Service

It was so dead today.  My shift was dragging.  I much preferred it when the store was busy.  I didn't mind the pressure of long line ups at the tills.  Or the piles of clothes that would need to be returned to their proper departments.  The fitting rooms were located in the lingerie department.  And when it was busy, we were run off our feet whether the customers were buying lingerie or not.  A busy shift meant a fast shift and I loved it when the time flew by.  On really busy days  I would go home dead tired but I found that these slower shifts were brutal.   The time dragged on and on making minutes seem like hours.
I was killing time dusting off display racks when a very handsome man, looking very out of place came into the department.
"Hi there," I said to him as I approached. "Is there something I can help you find?"  I smiled my best smile.  He was very attractive.  He smiled back and my heart skipped a beat.
"I would really appreciate some help," he said.  "I'm looking for a gift but I'm not sure what to get."  I was really hoping it was a gift for his mother, not a girlfriend or wife.  "Something sexy for my wife."  My heart dropped but I was still grateful to have something to do other than dusting and he was very attractive....this could still be fun.
"Well, you came to the right place for sexy," I answered him, leading him further into the department.
"Yes I did," he answered smoothly.  My back was to him so I was unsure if he was referring to the racks of lingerie or my own rack.  I did get many compliments about my slim figure and I was wearing one of my shorter skirts today exposing my shapely legs atop my high heels.  I felt a warmth spreading through my abdomen and I hoped he was referring to me.
"Were you thinking more of a sexy negligee or daytime underwear," I asked.  "We have quite a variety of both."
"This is nice," he said, stopping at a rack of bra and panty sets.  He was looking at a black bra with red piping and a red lace thong with black ribbons.  "Good choice," I said.  "Very sexy!  Do you know her size?"
"She's about your size," he said.  Men always said that when asked.  It didn't matter which sales associate was helping them....their girlfriend, wife or mother was always "about your size."  It was quite funny and I couldn't help but smile.  "I just wish I could tell how it will look on her," he finished.
I took a look around the deserted department and decided to have a little fun with this handsome stranger.  I had recently become single myself and I was enjoying the way my body was reacting to this man. 
"I could model it for you, if you really need to see it on," I replied. "You know, considering I'm her size...."
"I would really appreciate that," he said playing along.  He had a glint in his eye and a playful smile that told me that he knew modeling lingerie was outside of our sales associate job description.  I grabbed my size from the rack and led him into the fitting rooms.  He stood outside the door while I quickly undressed and put the bra and panty set on.  I left my black sheer stockings on along with my black spiked heels.  I opened the door.
He jaw dropped and he had a very noticeable bulge in the front of his pants.  "What do you think?" I asked as I spun around in front of him giving him full view of my firm round ass in the red thong.  I kept my back to him and watched him in the mirror as he looked me over.  When I turned back to him, the bulge in his pants had grown even more.
"Very sexy," he croaked out between his dry lips.  He had a thin sheen of perspiration on his forehead and he was slightly shaking.
I was having fun teasing him, so I turned back to the mirror and said, "Yes, it is!  It's even turning me on!"  I ran my hands up my body from my thighs to my tits, pushing them up and giving them a squeeze.  He stepped into the small fitting room with me and closed the door. I leaned back into him and his hands took over where mine left off.  He leaned down kissing my neck and shoulder, his hands fondling my tits as his hard on pressed into my ass through his pants.  I was standing with my feet about shoulder distance apart so my legs were open when he moved his hand down to the crotch of the red thong, discovering that I was wet.  He moaned and started grinding against my ass as he watched himself fondling me in the mirror.  I caught his eye and licked my lips giving him a wicked smile.  I turned in his arms, facing him, my hands busy unbuckling his belt and then undoing his pants, letting them drop to his ankles.  His huge hard on was straining against his boxer briefs.  I pulled his waistband out and down setting him free and sank to my knees as I tugged his underwear to join his trousers at his ankles.  He shifted slightly to the side, so the mirror was to his side instead of in front of him.  I moved with him, realizing he wanted to watch his cock go into my mouth in the mirror.
I started with his balls.  As I stroked his massive hard on with one hand, I took his balls, one at a time, into my mouth, teabagging each one as he moaned and ran his fingers through my hair.  He watched in the mirror as I ran my tongue from the base of his dick to the very tip to lick up the hot creamy treat he already had waiting for me.  I let my tits brush against his thighs as I teased him with my tongue and lips, kissing and licking before taking him into my hot wet mouth.
My soft lips puckered around his throbbing cock, moved up and down his length as my hand stroked in unison.  He wrapped his fingers tighter into my hair and watched in the mirror as I sucked, licked and stroked his cock.  I used my other hand to caress and squeeze his tightening balls gently.  I opened my throat to take him deeper into my mouth, my eyes watering.
His breathing became very labored and the muscles in his thighs clenched and tightened.  "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!" he exclaimed.  As he emptied his load into my mouth his knees buckled slightly and he leaned back against the fitting room wall.  I swallowed 3 times to ensure I got every drop before setting his cock free from my sucking mouth.
I stood up and twirled one more time in front of him as he caught his breath.  "So what do you think?" I asked as I checked out the sexy lingerie I was wearing in the mirror.
"I'll take it." he answered pulling up his underwear and pants.  He left the fitting room and stood outside the door as I changed back into my own underwear and clothes.  I had the bra and panties in my hand and was thinking it was a good thing I liked this set...I'd have to purchase it myself considering my juices were lining the crotch of the pretty red thong.
"I'll just grab you a fresh set from the rack," I said to him when I came out.
"No," he said pointing to the bra and panty set in my hand, "I want that one."  I'll give my wife the bra.  I plan to keep the panties as a little souvenir of my shopping experience." 
I smiled and rang through his purchase.  I wrapped the bra in tissue and placed it in a shopping bag.  He picked up the panties from the counter brought them to his face and inhaled deeply before slipping them into his jacket pocket.  My manager approached the desk just as he was turning to leave.
"Thank you for your patronage," my manager said to him as he left the desk.
"This sales lady just gave me the best service I've ever received in a store," he said smiling at my manager.
"She's one of our best!" my manager replied.
"Yes," he agreed. "She is!" He left the store and I checked my watch.  I smiled.  That had killed some shift was nearly over.

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