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Friday, 27 April 2012

You are Cordially Invited...

When my family threw a party, we threw a party!!  The house was jammed with people, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, long time friends of the family.  We did it up right too...everyone was dressed to the nines.  The party was catered.  A bartender and DJ were hired to ensure that the party rocked as well.  The DJ was set up in the expansive back yard and Dad had arranged a large temporary dance floor to be constructed out there as well.  Surrounding the dance floor were large round tables adorned with long white table clothes.  Each table had a beautiful centerpiece of roses.
We were celebrating our parents wedding anniversary.  Just having been recently divorced myself I came to the party without an escort.  It didn't bother me... there wasn't one person here I didn't know well and mingled easily with everyone.  Nobody bothered to bring up the subject of my ex and for that I was grateful.  This day was about the wedded bliss of my parents... not the nightmare that had been my marriage.
The party had been going on since mid afternoon and now at midnight showed no sign of slowing down.  The oldest and the youngest members of the family had left or retired for the evening but the party was swinging into high gear with those of us who were in the middle ground.  Without children or grandparents to behave properly in front of, the drink flowed more rapidly and the laughter became more raucous.
I noticed my younger sister's boyfriend sitting off by himself at one of the many tables surrounding the dance floor.  I couldn't quite figure out why they were together.  He was smart, clever, funny, easygoing and very sexy.  My sister, though breathtakingly beautiful was a self centered, spoiled drama queen.  I sat next to him asking what had happened to my sister.  Apparently she had to learn how to pace herself...he told me she had too much champagne and passed out already.
We sat and joked for a few my sisters expense I'm afraid.  I liked him.  Always had liked him.  In fact, if I were to be honest with myself, I was very attracted to him and secretly wished I had met him first.  I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him on to the dance floor.  We were both a little more than tipsy ourselves and we laughed as we acted silly,  dancing like Uma Thurman and John Travolta in Pulp Fiction.
We were breathless when the music changed to a slow ballad.  Without missing a beat he took me into his arms and started swaying to the sexy beat.  I wrapped my arms around his neck as he held me close.  His cologne was a fresh clean scent and as I danced with him, I closed my eyes and breathed him in.  His arm tightened around my waist, pulling me even closer.  I let myself go... enjoying the warmth of him against me.  I could feel my body reacting to being so close to him.  My tits swelled against his chest, my nipples becoming hard under the light smooth fabric of my dress, a warmth spread through my abdomen and I felt an ache of desire causing a wetness in my silk panties.  I leaned my pelvis into him and was pleasantly surprised to discover that his body was reacting to me as well.
The music switched again to a much faster beat and his arms gave me one more close squeeze as he whispered in my ear, asking if he could get me another drink.  I accepted and made my way back to the table as he went in the other direction to the bar.
He returned with our drinks and sat next to me.  We chatted easily for a few minutes then he started cracking jokes...doing impressions of family members - amazingly good impressions and hysterically funny.  Laughing I put my hand on his lap as a way of telling him to stop... I couldn't catch my breath I was laughing so hard.  Through my watering eyes, I noticed the bulge in his pants getting bigger and that familiar ache in my pussy returned.  He did stop with the jokes but I instead of removing my hand I let it slide a little higher on his thigh.  He leaned closer to me and I gave his thigh a small squeeze as he placed his hand on my bare leg.
My dress had a shorter hem and it rode up even higher as I uncrossed my legs, opening them slightly.  His hand moved up my thigh, finding its way under my dress.  His fingers caressed the crotch of my panties lightly.  I let a soft moan escape my lips and I spread my legs a little wider as I moved my hand to the crotch of his trousers.  He was so hard! I rubbed my palm against him through his pants as his fingers found their way under my panties.  I gasped when I felt his finger enter me.  I shifted slightly and spread my legs a little further opening myself more to him.  We had stopped speaking completely, letting our hands do the communicating.  He rubbed his palm against my clit as he added another finger to the one that was already fucking me.  Oh god he felt good.
I unzipped his pants, slipping my hand in only to discover he wasn't wearing underwear!  His cock was hard and smooth and I felt my way along his length.  When I felt a drop of wetness on the head of his dick, my mouth began watering.  I stole a quick glance around to see if anyone was watching us, then pulled away from his hand to slip under the table between his legs.  I pulled his cock through the opening in his pants.  My tongue went straight for his head to lick up the treat that was oozing from it.  Opening my mouth wide, I breathed my hot breath over the wetness my tongue had created before taking him into my mouth and started sucking gently.  My hand stroked his length, squeezing him as I my tongue wrapped around him and I continued to suck.  My other hand slipped under my dress and into my underwear to touch myself.
My fingers pinched and rubbed my clit, and I imagined it was his tongue and mouth.  My temperature rose and I moaned over his cock in my mouth, sliding my mouth down further, taking him deeper.  He liked the sensation, he leaned slightly forward and put his hands in my soft hair. I could hear him taking slow deep breaths, trying to hold on to his self control. I pressed my tongue against his throbbing dick as I came back up to the head and flicked my tongue very lightly on the tip before moving back down and opening my throat to go deeper.
I knew he was close to cumming, his breathing was labored, his hands tangled themselves in my hair and he pulled slightly.  I brought my mouth back to the tip again, giving him another flick of my tongue. I knew I had him and I sucked his head, stroking his cock faster.  I removed my other hand from my panties and gave his balls a gentle squeeze.  In that moment, I heard my dad's voice.
"Are you okay, bud?"
My head shot up like a bullet, just as he started to cum, shooting into my face. "Uh, yes sir," he managed, "I must have had a little too much to drink, I'm uh fine, uh really," he continued, stammering.
I was frozen under the table, my face dripping, using all my mental energy to will my dad away from the table.
"Well, take it easy son," my dad said as he moved on. "Don't overdo it."
"Uh, yes sir," he replied as he passed a linen napkin under the table to me.  I wiped my face.  He peeked under the table and held his hand out to me. "Coast is clear," he said as he helped me out from under the table with one hand and tucked his spent cock away with the other. Before helping me to my feet, he noticed a small drop of cum I'd missed on my chin.  He wiped it from my face with his finger.  I grabbed his hand, pulling his finger into my mouth and sucked.  He moaned again.  He helped me up and I sat back down next to him.  He leaned over and breathed into my ear, "You are incredible, thank you. Can I come to your room later?"
I nodded and smiled.  I could hardly wait....

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