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Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I paced back and forth at the foot of my bed.  I was horny and I was excited.  Having him in my mouth under the table had just started the fire... I couldn't wait to experience his kiss, his touch.  Fuck I was wet... what was taking him so long?
He was my sister's boyfriend and that just added to the excitement.  I had been attracted to him from the first day my sister brought him home... I hadn't dared acted on it before though.  I never believed they were suited for each other and maybe that's how I justified my actions tonight.  Fuck it... I wanted him... it was that simple.  When my sister had passed out early giving us opportunity and the alcohol letting our inhibitions loose gave us courage, I took my liberties with him, giving him a blow job under the table.  He asked if he could come to my room.
I had said my goodnights to the die hard partiers downstairs and had come up to get ready for him.  I showered quickly...for once not reaching to satisfy my needs on my own.  I pulled out a pretty bra and panty set I had packed and put them on.  I freshened my make up and brushed my long blonde hair.  With my robe wrapped around me I started my wait for him.
I didn't live with my parents any longer... hadn't for years, but they had kept our rooms as we left them and there was something comforting about staying at home.  It did make me feel like a teenager though and that added to my excitement as well.  I heard a soft knock on the door and nearly jumped out of my skin.  My heartbeat quickened and I rushed to the door to let him in.
"I don't know about this...," he was saying and as I closed the door behind him I let my robe fall to the floor.  He stood there staring at me and I could see he was shaking slightly.  I stepped closer to him and looked up into his eyes.  His hands went to my waist and his mouth came down on mine.
"Oh god," he said between kisses, "this is so wrong." He pulled me closer pressing me against his chest, his kisses becoming more fervent, his tongue finding mine.  I felt dizzy, I wasn't sure if it was from the champagne or his kisses, but I let myself go, melting into him, losing myself in his kiss.  My heart was still doing its crazy beat and I felt hot and wet.  I pulled him to the bed.  I laid down on top of the blankets and pulled him down on top of me.
Still fully dressed he laid on top of me, my legs were open and I wrapped them around his thighs feeling the rough wool of his slacks against the soft smooth skin of my inner thighs and my belly.  Through his pants I could feel his hard long cock pressing against my pelvis.  He was propped on his elbows, his hands under my shoulders and he pulled my body close to his as he kissed me.  I wrapped my arms around his neck, my hand running through his hair.
His mouth moved from mine to my ear, "Oh fuck baby," he whispered, "this is so wrong, but I want you so much."  His lips continued down my neck to my chest.  His hands moved to my chest to pull the bra cups aside taking one nipple into his mouth nibbling and sucking before moving to the other and repeating his actions.
If I'd thought I was on fire before, I now had an inferno raging inside me.  I arched my back, pushing my tits harder into his face as he sucked, licked, and fondled.  I rubbed my crotch against his, dry fucking him. He moved off of me and to my side, his mouth still pulling at my nipple.  His hand moved down my belly and slid under the waistband of my panties.
He moaned when he felt how wet I was.  His fingers found my swollen clit first and he rubbed it in a circular motion, causing me to lift my ass and spread my legs further.  He pushed two of his fingers into my cunt and I started to rock my pelvis and squeeze his fingers inside my pussy. His palm rubbed against my clit and I started to cum.  He pulled his fingers from me and tugged hard at my panties.  They were string bikinis and one side gave way to his force, breaking and hanging loose against one thigh.  He slid down the bed and lowered his mouth on my pussy to lick up my juices.  Oh god! I was going to cum again!  Another wave hit, stretching my torso, my head buried in my pillows, my ass in the air and my pussy rubbing against his hot wet mouth.  My legs started to shake as more of my juices ran into his mouth.  As the wave passed and my body started to relax, he let me lower my ass down to the bed, still giving my pussy soft licks and kisses.  Rising, he stood at the end of the bed and undressed.  His body was slender and firm, his cock hard and long, reddish from the blood that was pumping furiously through it.  He crawled onto the bed between my legs and hovered over me as he grabbed one of the pillows from beside my head.
"Lift your ass, baby," he said softly.  He slid the pillow under my ass and staying upright on his knees with his legs spread, he guided his throbbing cock into my wet, hot pussy.  His hands were on my hips and I swiveled them as I met his stroke. He felt so good moving in and out of me... our position aiding his ability to caress my g-spot.  I started to moan as yet another orgasm started to take hold and I had to grab a pillow to stifle my cries as his thumb found my clit and rubbed circularly doubling my orgasm.
My toes stood on his calves, my thighs over his as I once again arched my back, raising my ass higher and pushing my pussy hard into him while my shoulders pressed back into the soft bed.  He thrust 3 more times into me before his hands clamped down hard on my hips and he held me against him as he released his load inside of me.  My legs started trembling and my pussy clenched and unclenched around his cock as my body started to go into shock.  As I continued to shudder and tremble, he lowered me gently, staying inside of me as he pulled the pillow away from my face.
He lowered down over me and kissed me gently on the mouth.  I could smell and taste myself on him and I licked his lips with the tip of my tongue as he kissed me.  He kissed my cheek lightly and once again whispered in my ear, "I have to go baby...can I use your shower quickly?"
I smiled through sleepy eyes and nodded.  He got up and pulled the covers back on the bed, helping me get underneath.  I discarded my ripped panties and bra and let him cover me with the blankets before he walked to the bathroom.
I couldn't remember the last time I felt this good, this relaxed.  I sank further into the bed.  I was sound asleep before he finished his shower and left my room.

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