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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Where Can I Freshen Up?

The concert in the park had been great!  The local bands were as terrific as ever but I couldn't get over the dejected feeling that I'd been having all day.  The kids had already taken off with their friends leaving me with the task of cleaning our little area.  I stood and had been a long day in the heat and I could feel the start of a burn on my bare arms and shoulders.  The sun was going to be setting soon so I didn't bother getting out the sunblock again.
I was supposed to be heading out on a date tonight but it had fallen through...I was sure that was the main reason I was feeling so dejected.  When you're a single mom, dates don't just happen.  Arrangements need to be made, schedules need to be juggled - most of my evenings consisted of taking kids to one practice or game or another.  I had done a lot of juggling to get this evening free so I could go out and kick up my heels. He called this morning with what I thought was a lame excuse, but I certainly didn't want to go out with someone who really didn't want to go out with me, so I hadn't put up any kind of argument.  The kids were excited about staying over with their friends so I hadn't bothered to cancel those arrangements either.  Now here I was, a night alone and absolutely nothing to do.
I folded the blankets, we had brought and left them stacked while I picked up the water bottles, pop cans and wrappers the kids had left laying on the ground.  I tossed it all into the plastic bag that had been hanging out of the back pocket of my cut offs all day.  The concert was free but the funds raised from the concession went to charity so I hadn't packed anything in but the blankets and a tote bag which held the sunblock, my camera, a small first aid kit - I was always thankful I packed the first aid kit and today was no exception) - and of course my wallet.  We chose to support the children's charities the proceeds were going to by purchasing water, pop, supper (greasy burgers and potato chips) and yeah, okay I had a beer too.
I tied up the garbage bag and let it hang from my fingers as I picked up the blankets.  The load was awkward and I needed to peek around the blankets shifting them from one side to the other in order to navigate through the dispersing crowd and out of the park.  By the time I reached the car, 3 blocks away, my arms were starting to ache a little from the burden and I was sweating.
I was fumbling for the car keys in my tote bag, the blankets vicariously balanced on my shoulder when I heard his deep voice behind me.  "Can I hold those for you?"  Startled, I turned quickly.  The blankets started to slide from my grip and I was in danger of dropping them all.  Chuckling at me he reached out and caught them deftly.  I recognized him from one of the bands that had played today.  I knew a couple of his band mates.  They worked at the local music store where my kids took lessons.  The band was awesome...they really knew how to rock!  I had probably enjoyed their music the most, though like I said... all the bands were pretty awesome.
"Oh! Hey!" I said, "Nice catch! Thank you!"
He stood holding the blankets for me while I dug out my keys and popped the trunk.  He placed the blankets in the trunk, then straightened and said, "You look like you could use a drink...the band is getting together for a few.  Why don't you join us?"
I looked down at my tank top, cut-offs and flip-flops.  "I'm not really dressed for cocktails." I replied.
"Don't worry about it," he said laughing.  You're very beautiful, but if you'd like to freshen up, my house is right here."  He pointed to the two storey I was parked in front of.  I didn't have to think long.  I had a free night, no plans, I was restless and he was very cute.
"Yeah, okay," I said.  "As long as I'm not holding you up."
"Not at all," he replied, already leading me up the walk to his front door.  As I walked through the door it was very apparent this was the home of a musician.  He had three different guitars standing in their stands next to his tall amps and he also had a keyboard in the corner.  The only things missing were empty whiskey bottles and lines of coke on the coffee table.  Instead the sparsely furnished room was neat and well kept.  "The bathroom is right down here to your right," he said gesturing down the hall.  "Can I get you a beer?" he asked heading into the kitchen.
"Yes please," I called out as I made my way down the hall to the washroom.  Looking in the mirror I discovered he was right....I didn't look too bad.  The sun had given me a healthy glow and my blonde hair was long and shiny.  My legs and arms were well toned and although my shorts and tank were casual, they did accentuate my slim yet shapely figure.  I freshened up quickly by applying a little  powder to my nose and forehead and lipstick to my lips.  I tucked my make-up back in my bag and left the bathroom.  Across the hall the door opened into his bedroom.  His bedroom was as neat as the rest of the house and I noticed yet another guitar in the acoustic.  I felt a twinge of desire at the site of his large made bed and turned away quickly to join him in his living room.  He was standing at the stereo and when he saw me enter the room, he held out the beer in his hand.  "What kind of music do you like?" he asked.
"I like your music," I answered.  He chuckled and said thank you, then added "You'll probably like this then."  Bad Company came streaming out of the speakers.
"I love this!" I said and started swaying to the sexy music as I drank my beer.  Before I knew it he was right in front of me.
"My god you're beautiful," he said and suddenly his lips were on mine.  The move was unexpected and I froze but as his lips teased mine, coaxing them to open and his tongue found his way into my mouth I started to respond, kissing him back.  It had been so long since I had been intimate with a man and my body reacted strongly!  I felt my tits swelling, my nipples hardening and straining against the fabric of my bra.  My already wet pussy had a deep throbbing ache that matched the pounding of my heart in my chest.  Still holding my beer by the neck of the bottle my arms went around his neck and I didn't resist as his hands on my back pulled my body tighter to his own.
The heat between us was nearly unbearable and I could feel his excitement growing in his pants as he held me close.  I reached to place my beer on top of the speaker.  It tipped and fell to the floor.  Surprisingly the bottle didn't smash but beer started to flow onto his hardwood floor.
"Oh shit!" I exclaimed, pulling away from him.
"Leave it," he said, his voice thick and husky with desire.  He pulled me close again and lifted me up by my ass.  Surrendering completely, I wrapped my legs around him and let him carry me down the hall to his bedroom, never letting his lips leave mine.  When we reached the bed, he put me down, our lips still locked, our tongues exploring the others mouth and our hands tearing at each others clothes.
He was younger than me and in great shape.  His bare skin excited me even more.  I was trembling as I reached for his jeans.  I unbuckled his belt and undid his jeans letting them fall to his ankles.  I pulled the elastic waistband of his boxer and felt my jaw drop as my eyes took in his very generous package.  I hadn't even realized he had helped me out of my cut-offs until I nearly tripped over them at my ankles as I tried to go to my knees.
His hands grabbed me at my elbows and he pulled me up.  "Not yet baby," he said and then pushed me down gently, laying me across his bed.
Stepping out of his own jeans, he moved around to the other side of the bed and started to kiss me upside down starting at my forehead with soft gentle kisses and moving down my nose to my mouth.  The spiderman kiss! And it was hot!!  He continued to move down my throat to my chest.  His chest was above my face and I kissed the hard, smooth muscles of his chest.  I moaned out loud, lifted my ass and clenched down hard on the throbbing in my cunt as he took my nipple gently between his teeth and let his tongue flick back and forth over the hard nub.  His mouth was hot and wet and as he moved away from one nipple to take the other in his mouth, the cooler air on the exposed wet nipple caused it to tighten even more.
His lips and body continued their downward descent.  His mouth causing all kinds of sensations on my sensitive skin. When his lips reached my stomach, I reached above my head to take his cock into my hand.  As my small hand wrapped around his thick hard shaft and started to stroke him, he moaned into my belly.  I opened my legs when his lips moved down to kiss my hips.  His cock was just above my head now, so I tilted my head back and stretched up to lick his red throbbing head.  I felt his muscles stiffen as he struggled to maintain his control.  His lips were on my inner thigh, his tongue licking the salt from my skin at the crease where my thigh met my pussy.  His knees straddled my head and I wrapped my arms around his hips for support as my tongue moved down his shaft to his balls .  I took  his ball into my mouth and started to suck gently moving my tongue over the surface, as I did I felt his lips pinch my swollen clit.  I moaned and sucked harder before moving to his other ball.  His tongue flicked at my clit, then slid down between my pussy lips to taste the reward his lips and tongue has invoked.
His wet tongue moving over my pussy felt so good I lost my breath and my head tilted back as my back arched and I opened my legs wider.  He rolled onto his back pulling me on top of him, his mouth still on my pussy.
It was me straddling his head now and his arms wrapped around my thighs. I moaned loudly as his fingers entered me, his tongue flicking back and forth over my throbbing clit.  I arched my back and my tits rubbed against the soft hair of  his lower belly.
"Oh fuck baby," I muttered before my mouth eagerly returned to the head of his cock, my tongue teasing the head before I opened wide and took him deep into my hot wet mouth.  My legs were starting to tremble and I moved my mouth up and down, taking him deeper into my mouth every time I went down and sucking a little harder every time I came back up.  I was close to cumming and I wanted him to cum with me.  His lips came back down on my clit, his fingers wiggled deep inside me and I couldn't hold back.  My cunt started to spasm around his fingers, my juices flowing.  His fingers pulled out and were soon replaced by his tongue, his hands gripping my ass as he buried his face in my pussy.  I moaned then opened my throat to take him all the way into my mouth.  I gave his balls a gentle squeeze and as I sucked on my way back up he exploded into my mouth.
We drank from each other until our muscles relaxed and our shudders had stopped.  I left his spent cock laying on his abdomen and I kissed his lower belly and hip before I slid off of him and rested my head on his belly.  As I lay there catching my breath I realized I wasn't feeling dejected anymore.  In fact I felt pretty damn good.


  1. Excellent writing I really liked it and you were right it was damn hot