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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Great Outdoors

It was great to get back to nature.  I had been stuck in the city for far too long and now that I was here I took in great deep breaths, filling my lungs with the clean fresh air.  I liked camping in this spot... it was quiet and secluded, away from the noisy families who liked to camp closer to the water.  I wasn't much of a swimmer anyway, so I really didn't mind being further into the bush away from the lake and the soft sand of the beach.  Not to mention that I much preferred to wake to the twittering of birds as opposed to squealing children splashing in the lake.
I got busy setting up my small pup tent and laying out my foam underlay and sleeping bag.  Thank god for the foam, my back couldn't take sleeping on the hard ground anymore.  I left my cooler with my food in the trunk of the car but unpacked the small coleman stove and coffee makings.  I lit the stove then changed my mind, turning it off.  I opened the cooler in the trunk and pulled out a beer... fuck it, I was on vacation.
I walked around to the front of the car, opened the passenger door and grabbed the tote bag containing my book, suntan lotion and journal.  I was hoping the relaxing setting away from all the distractions of the city would inspire me to write a little.  I usually wrote on my laptop and I had even thought about bringing it out, along with dc adapters and a power pack to try and keep the battery alive.  I had ultimately opted for roughing it instead...choosing old fashioned pen and paper.  I had even brought a hard cover book as opposed to my e-reader.  The only electrical equipment I did bring beside my flashlight was my camera...and thankfully they both ran on batteries.  I brought extras for both.  I liked to play around with photography and everytime I came out here I managed to get some great landscape and nature pics.
I pulled my journal from the bag and set myself up at the picnic table with my pen and my beer.  I always started by writing everything that was on my mind.  In this case it was the leftover work I had left on my desk, the drama that had ensued between my best friend and I when I chose to come here alone instead of going to Vegas with her and of course the mounting pile of debt I had accumulated when the car, the furnace and the washer and dryer had all decided to quit within the same 2 months.  That was another reason for my choosing my luxurious tent in the country over a week in Vegas checking out shows, maybe getting lucky at the tables and slots or maybe getting lucky with some good looking stranger....god knows it's been awhile. In any case, writing about it was a purging exercise I used to rid my brain of all the crap that would undoubtedly stress me out and distract me if I held on to it.  I was so caught up in my little exercise that I didn't even notice the young man setting up in the campsite across from me until a shadow fell over my notes.
"Uh, excuse me," he said.  "You wouldn't happen to have a couple extra tent spikes, would you?"
I looked up and almost fell over!  He was gorgeous!  Tanned and muscular, wavy hair and hypnotising eyes.  I caught myself staring and quickly turned away blushing.
"Yes, I'm pretty sure I do," I replied heading for the trunk of the car where I had put away the tent bag.  I kept my eyes turned away from him, too afraid of my body's reaction to him. "How many do you need?" I was surprised by how steady my voice sounded.  It gave me a little more confidence.
"Just a couple will do," he said following me.  He stood behind me and held the trunk open for me while I rummaged through the tent bag to find the extra spikes.  I was very aware of his proximity to me, the heat coming from his very firm body.  I could smell the fresh scent of his soap mixed very faintly with the musky smell of sweat and I found myself wondering what his skin would feel like under my hands... and lips.  Blushing again I turned and handed him the extra spikes.
"Thanks," he said smiling.  He didn't move.
"You're welcome," I said back, risking raising my eyes to his.  They were friendly and once again I found myself lost trying to will my brain to come up with something to say that would keep him here awhile longer.  It was no use. the blood had left my brain, filling my more southern regions with heat.  I stood there speechless.  After a few moments of silence he thanked me again and turned back to his campsite across the road.  I sat back down to my journal, but didn't write anything.  I stared at the page, the end of my pen resting in my teeth as I thought about his smile....his white even teeth....his his lips would feel on mine. My tongue wrapped around the tip of pen and I unselfconsciously started to suck.
"Excuse me again,"  I jumped and dropped the pen at his voice right behind me.  "You wouldn't happen to have a mallet I could borrow to drive these into the ground would you?"  I turned to see him smiling at me, waving the tent pegs in his hand and I blushed again as my mind returned to the thought he had interrupted.
"Uh, yeah, sure," I said and returned to the trunk of my car.  My eyes averted again... what the fuck was wrong with me?  I was a sexy, confident woman...why did the mere presence of this man make me feel like a fucking tweenie?  I grabbed the mallet and and standing up straight and smiling at him I handed it to him.
"Thanks," he said again, not moving.
"You're welcome," I returned pleasantly.  Damn my brain, why couldn't it come up with something clever to say.  The silence stretched for a few moments then once again he turned back to his own campsite.  I once again turned back to my journal to stare blankly at the page.  This time my imagination had him shirtless, my hands moving over his muscular chest and arms.  I imagined how his arms would feel around me, how his hands would feel as they moved over my skin.  I found myself writing on the page exactly what I wanted to do with him and what I wanted him to do with me.  I lost myself in the story.  I had 3 pages written and was getting quite hot and bothered when I heard his voice behind me again.
"Sorry to interrupt again," he said.  "Do you have some gasoline I could use to start my fire."  I almost moaned out loud....then I realized what he meant.
"What?" I exclaimed, "You don't need gas to start a fire!"
"Well, I've tried everything and I can't get it to stay lit," he defended.
"Let me help."  Without waiting for an answer I grabbed a few sheets of paper from the flyers I'd brought that were now tucked under my firewood.  With the sheets in hand I started across the road to his secluded campsite.  His site was completely hidden in the trees... only his pick up was visible from the road.  The air seemed to change somehow when we entered his site behind the truck.  It was shady and completely calm, the only sound coming from a bubbling brook running somewhere behind the trees that bordered his site.  Despite the danger of being totally secluded with a stranger, I immediately felt at ease.
I looked into his firepit and saw the problem immediately.
"You have to chop this wood smaller to make kindling," I said grabbing the chunks of wood he had laid in the pit.  I grabbed the hatchet he had mounted in a wood stump and set about chopping one of the pieces he had into small sticks.  I only needed to break up a couple of the pieces of wood he had before I had enough.    I noticed that he had a five gallon bucket of water sitting approximately 5 feet least he knew something about campfires.  I balled the newsprint I had brought over and laid it in the center of the firepit and proceeded to build a "teepee" around it with the sticks I had chopped.  I pulled the lighter I had out of my pocket and lit the paper in several places.  As the kindling started to burn I added more small pieces to the fire to make it hot.  When I was satisfied that it burning steady and hot enough, I started adding the bigger pieces.  He was crouched down beside me, watching me build the fire
"There you go," I said smiling.  He turned his head to me and smiled again.  I don't know if it was the story still in my head, the enchanted air of his secluded hideaway or what, but I forgot myself for a moment and leaned in and kissed his lips.
"Oh my god! I am so sorry," I started to stammer embarrassed, rising to my feet and blushing furiously.  I tried to get around him to flee when his arm came around my waist and he pulled me into his hard chest.  My heart was thundering in my ears and I could feel the heat of my embarrassment on my face.  He lifted my chin with the knuckle of his finger and his lips were on mine again.  His tongue tasting my lips before sliding between my teeth to find my tongue, coaxing me to taste him..  My mouth opened to his and I wrapped my arms around his neck.  I pressed my body against his and surrendered to him completely.
His kiss was hungry and I could feel the heat building in my body.  It starting in my lower abdomen, and spread to a pulse throbbing  deep and hard in my drenched pussy.  I pressed my pelvis into his and felt his hardening passion against my flat stomach.  The heat rose to my tits, swollen, firm and pressed tightly against his chest.  My nipples straining against the fabric of my bra were tight and sore, aching for his touch, his lips, his tongue.  His hands moved down my back and over my ass, his fingers brushed against my quivering pussy through my shorts as his hands cupped the cheeks of my ass, squeezing gently.  I moaned into his mouth and spread my legs a little wider.
His fingers move down my thigh and slipped up the leg of my shorts.  When he found my cunt was already wet and slippery, it was his turn to moan into my mouth.  His hands came up to my arms and he pulled them down from around his neck.  His mouth moved over my lips, up my jaw to my ear, at the same time he moved his body around me so my back was to him.  His mouth moved to my neck and shoulders as his hands found the bottom of my tank top.  He pulled it over my head, his mouth immediately returning to my shoulder, kissing, nibbling.  His hands moved to unclasp my bra and I could feel the cool air of the shady site move over them, the hard buds of my nipples tightened more as my skin broke out in goosebumps.
I reached up behind me again to put my hands on the back of his neck.  As his mouth and tongue moved up my neck to play with my earlobe, his hands came up to cup my tits...his palms squeezing gently as he rolled my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.
I moaned again and pushed my ass back against his pelvis.  One hand moved down my body and slid inside the waistband of my shorts and into my cotton string bikini panties.  His fingers found my throbbing swollen clit and applied pressure in a circular motion.  My pussy began to spasm and squirt her juice into my panties and onto his fingers.
His lips on my ear whispered, "Oh yeah baby, I love a juicy peach."  He took his hands out of my shorts and set about removing them and my panties altogether.  I was completely nude and he was still completely dressed.  His breath was in my ear and he huskily whispered, "Bend over beautiful."  Gripping the edge of the picnic table, I bent over, raised myself up on my tip toes and arched my back, lifting my ass in the air.  He was on his knee behind me, his hands gripping my upper thighs when the tip of his tongue touched my clit then ran up my pussy lips and circled the entrance to my once again squirting pussy.  He moaned as his tongue moved in and out of me, lapping up my hot juices.
His mouth was still on my cunt moaning and telling how sweet I tasted, when his hands disappeared from my legs and I heard his zipper. Standing he slid his huge throbbing hard on into my spasming cunt.  I moaned  with pleasure as he moved in and out of me.  I rocked back against him, my cunt clenching down on his pumping cock, not wanting to let go.  His hands moved from their grip on my hips.  One moved to my front to rub my throbbing clit as the other moved over the cheek of my ass, his thumb finding its way into my tight asshole.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" I cried out, my cunt spasmed around his cock as my orgasm  took over my body.  My legs started to shake and I had to grip the table harder to keep upright as the blood left my head, leaving me dizzy and weak.  My back arched, my long hair falling down my back and my ass lifted as my juices ran over his cock adding heat to the dance my pussy was doing around it.
He was breathing hard and he thrust himself deep into me as he cried out and exploded into my hot quivering  cunt.  We didn't move for a few moments as we tried to get our bearings back and catch our breath.  He let himself slip out of me and I reached for my clothes.  I didn't look at him again until I was fully dressed.  With our passion spent I was a little embarrassed that I had gone so far with this stranger.... I realized I didn't even know his name.
I was still looking for words how to tell him I normally didn't do this sort of thing without sounding like a cliché  when a quad pulled into his site.  A park ranger shut down the engine and without getting off the quad spoke to my new friend, "There you are! Oh, sorry to interrupt," he said as he caught sight of me standing beside the picnic table. "I know you're on vacation but that's what you get for taking your vacation in the park.  You said you'd have your radio.  I've been trying you for more than an hour..."
"Sorry, Doug" he answered. "My radio somehow got switched off.  Can't imagine how that happened."
"No matter," Doug replied.  "Like I said, I know you're on vacation but we have a situation with a black bear just south of here.  She must have come down off the mountain looking for food.  She put a scare into a couple of campers over there so we put the scare back on her but she doubled back around us and caused havoc with more campers in south sector 7.  We could really use your help."
"Okay Doug, I'll be there right away," he said.  Doug started his quad and tore off once again.  I finally started to get it as I watched him move around the site - dousing the fire then moving to his truck and lifting the lid on the toolbox in the bed to check the contents - he had to be a park ranger... but what kind of ranger didn't come prepared with tent pegs, a mallet or the know how to start a fire?   He had stopped moving around and was standing in front of me watching my eyes when the realization fully hit....he had only been making excuses to talk to me.  Still looking into my eyes, he said, "Thank you beautiful, for starting my fire... both of them."  He lifted my chin with his finger again, gave me one more long lingering kiss and was gone.


  1. Bill , The CountryDemocrat on Twitter10 June 2012 at 23:33

    I love this story. It held my attention all the way through without even blinking. All these months, I had never met the mind behind the pretty face. I have followed you through three profile changs, looking and wondering. Your stare expects something, yet I never dared speak.
    Thank You

    1. Hi Bill, thank you for reading and for your kind words... they are what every writer wants to hear. I'm glad you have decided to speak up. You seem to be a very nice man and I'm enjoying getting to know you better.
      Cat ;D