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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Just Friends?

It was a chick fest for sure.  I was at the Lilith Fair concert and although there was the odd guy here and there they were definitely accompanying one of the many women that I was sure outnumbered them at 100 to 1.  I came with a friend myself... a girlfriend... well, not kind of that girlfriend.  She was a lesbian but we weren't here on a date so to speak.  I was her straight friend.  We had a lot of common interests and got along great.  She had eluded a few times that she was attracted to me but had never pressured me in anyway.  We flirted a bit in much the same way a gay man flirts with a woman.  It was fun.  She was fun.  We both loved music and often went to concerts together.

This was the first time I'd ever taken in Lilith Fair and I was blown away by the extent of what an event was with the many artists performing on different stages.  The fact that this was put on by women for women was a perfect example of the capacity of love women have for each other.  I was especially excited to take in Heart and Sarah McLachlan but everyone who performed was incredibly awesome.

I had quite a bit to drink, getting into the party mood, singing and dancing.  It was a hell of a time and by the time it was all over my adrenaline was high and I was feeling quite loose.  We were still talking excitedly about the concert as we crossed the parking lot on foot, heading for the bus stop.  I wasn't paying attention to what was happening around me and almost stepped out in front of moving car.  She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me back sharply at the same time the driver hit the brakes and blared the horn at me.
My heart was in my throat beating fast and my senses were suddenly heightened.  I noticed she still had my hand in hers but what I noticed more was how nice it felt.  When she loosened her grip to let me go, I continued to hold on and her hand tightened around mine again.

Her hand was soft and pliable and all at once I noticed how pretty she was, how nice she smelled and how my body was suddenly reacting to the small intimacy of holding her hand.  We crossed the parking lot to the bus stop in happy silence.  I was glad of that because I didn't think I could speak, my mind was racing with wonderment.  I couldn't help but wonder how her hands would feel on other parts of my body... and how her body would feel under my touch.  I had never been intimate with a woman and suddenly I was very curious... and excited.

We made it to the bus stop as approximately 6 buses stood there loading concert goers... we found the one that would take us back to her neighborhood.  My car was parked there, we had decided before the concert that we would come back to her place for the night.  The bus stop was 3 doors down from her front door.  If we took the bus we didn't have to watch how much we drank or have to deal with parking or traffic at the stadium.

The seats on the bus were all filled and even the aisle was full nearly to the front.  We stood and held on to the pole in front of the bench seat beside the aisle as more people crowded in after us forcing our bodies close together.  We were facing each other and when her chest pressed into mine, I could feel my nipples hardening... I couldn't believe how turned on I was by her all of a sudden.  We had only been friends for about a year but I had never felt this way about her before.  I glanced down beside me and noticed a young man sitting on the bench seat beside us.  He didn't see me see him... his eyes were on our tits pressed tightly against each other.  I caught her eye and motioned to the young man.

As the bus jostled our bodies swayed against and with each other and the young man's mouth dropped open.  I gave her a playful wink, suggesting we could mess with this young a man a little and leaned in to kiss her lips.  Her lips were moist and soft, she responded at once, smiling behind her kiss.  Her mouth opened and she held my bottom lip between her teeth and licked it as I kissed her upper lip.  She released my lip opening her mouth wider on mine, her tongue lightly licking my lips and tongue as she kissed me.   My heart was beating hard, my breath labored and I moaned in her mouth as I pressed my pelvis against hers, the ache and the heat I was feeling inside my panties was taking over my reflexes. I heard the young man beside us breathing hard and it brought me back to where we were.

The aisle was starting to empty and we didn't need to be so tightly pressed together.  We broke away from each other and I could feel a coolness wash over the hot imprint her body had put on mine. I turned to look at the young man beside us.  He was sitting wide eyed with his mouth fully dropped open.  His hands were crossed across his lap and I giggled at the reaction we had caused him to have.  I was sure this was one bus ride he was never going to forget.  Oh hell, who was I kidding, it was a bus ride I was never going to forget.

The bus pulled into our stop and we quickly departed.  Holding hands once again we walked quickly down the side street to her house.  Even though it started as a lark, a tease, the kiss had turned the spark that had been ignited in the parking lot by the warm softness of her hand now into a slow burn deep in the bottom of my belly extending into my groin. I could still taste her lips on mine only now I was hungry to taste more.

We barely had the door shut behind us when she turned to me again and put her arms around me, pulling me close to her and putting her lips on mine.  My arms naturally went around her neck and my hands stroked her soft long hair.  Her kiss was soft and sensual and when her hands moved over my ass, I opened my legs slightly hoping her hand would explore further.  I wasn't disappointed.

Her fingers brushed my cunt through my jeans and I moaned into her mouth.  Her hands were suddenly helping me out of my clothes.  I suddenly had to feel her soft smooth perfumed skin against mine, my hands suddenly mimicking hers as I helped her get undressed.  We were standing in her living room completely naked, her hands running over my body as she kissed my mouth, my neck, her mouth moving down to my chest.  My hands went back to her luxurious, silky long hair when she took my nipple into her mouth.  My cunt was screaming to be touched, my juices starting to trickle down my inner thigh as she urged me down onto her couch.  She knelt in front of me, spreading my legs wide.

I trembled slightly, breathing hard as her tongue ran along my inner thigh.  When her tongue reached the space between my thigh and my aching, glistening pussy, she hesitated breathing in my scent.  "Oh fuck baby," she whispered.  "I knew you would be delicious."

I moaned loudly when her mouth came down on my quivering mound, her tongue dipping inside my spread pussy lips before moving up toward my swollen hard clit.  She pinched my clit between her lips, her tongue flicking back and over it as her finger entering my pussy.  She found my g-spot immediately, her finger stroking it as her tongue and lips continued to put pressure on my clit.  My hands were stroking her small smooth delicate jaw and ears until the soft walls of my pussy clenched around her finger.  My cunt started to spasm and my fingers entwined in her hair, pulling her face into my pussy, my juices flowing into her waiting mouth, her tongue moving down from my clit to ensure not a drop was wasted.

I was breathing hard... the spasms were just starting to subside when she brought her mouth down on my clit again, sending me into multiple orgasms.  I cried out gripping her hair tight and lifting my ass in the air.  I was still cumming when I pulled her away from my pussy and brought my mouth down on hers.

I could taste myself as I licked her lips before moving moving my tongue inside her mouth.  I came down to me knees on the floor beside he and pushed her back on the soft carpet.  Moving over her, I let my lips trail over her trembling body.  Her tits were firm and swollen, her pink nipples standing at attention, seemingly straining for my lips.  I took one nipple between my teeth, teasing her with my tongue. I used one hand to squeeze and fondle her other tit while the other moved to the hot moistness between her legs.  As I rubbed her clit in a circular motion, she arched her back, pushing her tits tighter to my mouth.  I sucked her nipples eagerly, moving from one to the other before running my tongue down her flat belly, stopping just above her mound.  I slipped my finger inside her, moving it in "come here" motion, rubbing her g-spot while my thumb continued to put pressure on her hard clit.

I kissed her lightly beside her pussy lips, my tongue running along the crease where her thigh met her groin.  I was enjoying the salt of her skin, my hands still moving on and in her hot wet pussy when she started to shudder and shake.  I moved my hand out of her, spreading her legs wider to open her spasming, squirting cunt to my hungry mouth.  She had a sweet tangy taste and I greedily ran my tongue in and around her pussy, lapping her juices into my mouth, kissing her clit and pussy lips.  As her shudders subsided I kissed my way back up her body.  We laid together, our arms wrapped around each others slick hot bodies, caressing each other as we caught our breath.

Our breathing slowed and she turned her face to mine again.  I couldn't resist.  I lightly kissed her lips.  Before long our kiss became deep and passionate once more, our hands roaming over and inside of each others bodies again.  We made love several more times throughout the night.  In the morning we went back to being just friends, our night of lovemaking becoming a sweet memory, never repeated nor spoke between us again.  Of course I haven't listened to Heart or Sarah McLachlan in quite the same way...

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