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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Up and Away

The flight was running on schedule and I boarded the plane.  I needed this vacation.  I'd been working 12 hour days for the last 3 months.  The economic recession had sent our corporation into crisis mode but our hard work had paid off.  While other corporations were laying off workers by the thousands or folding altogether, we had held on. By changing our strategies and taking a new approach we had managed to hold on to most of our clientele and retain all our staff.   I had earned this two weeks of fun and sun and I intended to enjoy every minute.
I left my business suits hanging in my closet and packed dresses, shorts, tanks and of course my bikini.  For traveling I had chosen to wear my denim mini skirt and a clingy white tee with fringes on the bottom.  The casual style made stockings unnecessary so my legs were bare and my 3" white slip on sandals accentuated my shapely exposed legs and my hot pink painted toenails matched the color of my bikini.
I took my seat beside the window...I always chose a window seat.  I loved to look down on the world as we traveled at 37000 feet.  The topography of the land was like elaborate quiltwork as we flew over rural areas and cities looked like symetrical mazes.  The seat beside me was still empty and as more passengers boarded the plane I tried to guess which one would be seated next to me.  Normally on flights, my luck usually resulted in me sitting next to a crying baby or even better, someone who was terrified of flying.  I didn't mind most times.  I've always had a pretty calm resolve and could usually help settle the baby with a game of peek - a - boo or the poor petrified person beside me by distracting them with simple conversation unrelated to the flight.  So I was surprised when the young mother with her baby continued down the aisle past my seat and then again when I noticed a young man with a sheen of perspiration on his forehead his eyes darting back and forth, seeming to be mentally checking the integrity of the plane moved past me.
My surprise turned to delight as a very attractive well dressed man stopped to check the seat number beside me against the boarding pass in his hand.  He had a briefcase which he tucked away in the overhead compartment and then took his seat beside me.  He gave me an easy smile, which I returned.  With a few quick words I discovered he was traveling to Los Angeles on business.  I would be catching a connecting flight in LA and traveling on to Mexico.
Our conversation was easy but I could feel a tension building in me.  Even though I knew I was very attracted to this handsome stranger it still took me a minute to recognize the tension I was feeling was sexual.  I had been so caught up in work lately and I couldn't remember the last time I had been intimate with a man.  I crossed my legs and my already short skirt rode up a little higher on my smooth thigh.  I was more than a little pleased when I noticed his eyes move to my legs.  He looked back up into my eyes and said, "I can't quite believe my luck....I usually end up beside a crying baby or someone who is afraid to fly."  I laughed.
The plane took off without incident and as we flew high above the ground I forgot all about my window and the scenery, totally captivated by my seat mate.  We flirted openly and I soon found out he was as attracted to me as I was to him.  I started to squirm in my seat and though I was going to head to the restroom, the squirming was not due to having to pee.  I leaned over and whispered in his ear, asking if he was a member of the Mile High Club.  He smiled and told me no, but he was very interested in joining if I would sponsor him.
"Meet me in the bathroom," I breathed into his ear.  I stood and shimmied past him to make my way down the aisle to the restrooms.  Stepping into one, I checked my makeup and hair in the mirror until I heard his soft knock at the door.  I was so fucking excited!  My panties were already moist in anticipation of his touch.  I opened the door and made room in the tight space for him to join me.
He immediately took me in his arms pulling me close to him as his mouth came down on mine.  His kisses were soft to begin with, his tongue exploring my lips and my mouth but as I responded to temperature rising, my body pressing harder into his, they soon became hungrier and more urgent.  One arm held me close, his hand tangled in my hair at the back of my neck and holding my chest tightly against his while his other hand slipped under my skirt, his finger caressing the crotch of my panties as his hand cupped my ass and squeezed.  My arms were around his neck and I ran my fingers through his thick soft hair as I sucked his tongue.  I could feel his hard on growing in his pants against my abdomen and I suddenly, urgently needed to touch him.  My hands moved from his hair, down his chest, over his ribs to his waistband.  My fingers deftly unfastening his pants so I could reach in and take his large and very hard cock into my small soft hand.  As I squeezed and stroked his wonderfully smooth hard cock his kisses moved from my mouth to my neck and his hands moved to my tee shirt.  I  let go of him briefly as he pulled my tee over my head.  I removed my bra and let it fall to the floor on top of my tee, as he dropped his pants and underwear down his thighs.
His hands and mouth moved immediately to my swollen tits, my nipples hard rose nubs.  His hands squeezed both my tits as his mouth moved back and forth from one nipple to the other. His wet tongue and mouth soothed the itch my nipples were feeling from my rising passion. His nibbling and sucking sent an ache straight to my wet cunt. I felt his hard smooth dick rubbing against my thigh and my pussy began to spasm, clenching and releasing in anticipation of being fucked.  I pushed my pelvis into him as I held on to his head, holding his mouth to my tit.  His lips and tongue continued to send shivers up and down my spine, licking, nibbling and sucking on my nipple but when he put his hand under my skirt and into my panties, shoving two of his fingers inside me, the shivers went straight to the top of my head and caused my back to arch and my head to fall back.  I let a moan escape as I squeezed his fingers with my cunt, rocking my hips back and forth.
He moved his mouth up, his hot breath on my chest, on my neck, in my ear when he whispered, "You are so fucking wet baby."
He pulled his wet fingers out of me and spread my juices over me, rubbing my pussy lips and clit, sending my cunt back into spasms.  He pushed his fingers deep inside me again and as he stroked the soft inner walls of my cunt, he moved behind me. His other hand lifted my skirt to my waist and pulled my panties down past my hips and let them fall down my legs.  I lifted one leg out of my panties and spread my legs, giving him easier access to replace his fingers with his long, thick, smooth cock.
I stood in front of the mirror, my hands on either side, closed my eyes and braced myself as his cock stretched my pussy open to accommodate him. I caught my breath sharply and stood on my toes, a light sheen of perspiration breaking out on my heated skin as he continued to move deeper inside me.  My pussy began to spasm around his cock as he started to slowly move in and out of me.  He rocked his hips against my ass, his hands on my legs, as his fingers stroked the soft skin of my inner thighs.  I rocked my pelvis in time with him, fucking him back.
"Oh yeah, baby, fuck me," he moaned in my ear. "You're such a hot fucking dirty girl, baby....rock my world and fuck me!"
I rocked my hips harder against him, lifting my ass and grunting each time he thrust into me.   His balls slapped against my clit, making the pleasure of his cock filling my pussy increase twofold.  My pussy clenched tighter around his dick and he moved one hand to my clit, rubbing hard and the other to my tit, squeezing equally as hard.  I started to shake, and I leaned my head back against him moaning loudly.
"Open your eyes," he demanded. "I want to see your eyes when you cum, baby."
I opened my eyes to see him watching me in the mirror.  I stared into his eyes through glazed eyes of my own...the blood left my head, leaving me dizzy as my cunt clenched tightly around his thrusting cock, my back arching, pressing my chest and my cunt harder into his expert hands.  I cried out as I came and he moved his hands to my hips squeezed tightly as he thrust deeper and harder into my quivering and spasming pussy.
"OH FUCK, YEAH!" he cried with his final thrusts before exploding deep inside me, mixing his own juices with mine.
When the blood returned to our heads we cleaned and redressed quickly. By the time we both returned to our seats the flight was nearly over.  He left the plane in LA and I never saw him again.  As I sat back in my seat, the flight destined for Mexico, the baby in her young mother's lap in the seat beside me already starting to fuss, I smiled and tried to remember the last time I had felt this relaxed.

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