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Saturday, 12 April 2014

But Him....Damn...

Damn, I like him.  I can’t help myself.  When I left my husband a couple of years ago, the last thing I wanted was another relationship…hell, even today the thought of commitment, compromise, the cleaning of the toilet still turns me off anything too serious.  But him…damn.

The hilarious part was he lived so close to where I used to live back when I was happily, then unhappily married… and yet, though the town was small…everybody knows everybody, I didn’t know him when I lived there…well, I knew of him, but I didn’t know him, y’know?

Well, let’s just say circumstances presented themselves and I’ve had the opportunity to get to know him since I moved 800 miles away.  Turns out we have tons in common.  I don’t find that in many men my own age.  I have a young heart and spirit and well, let’s just say a majority of the men I’ve met my own age have let their spirits age with their bodies.  Not him though….. damn.  

So…I liked him.  Fine…who couldn’t use another friend, right?  Only one problem…we’re very physically attracted to one another too.  Now, don’t get me wrong...I can think of more than one occasion where that was definitely not a problem for either one of time in particular…..

He came out to the had been months since his last visit.  He was visiting here for family reasons but because he was in the vicinity he gave me a call.  As soon as I heard he was close an overwhelming sense of excitement took over.  It was a sensation I was familiar with.  I had felt many times before as I lay alone in my bed, my eyes closed, letting my hands wander over my body while my mind conjured visualizations of him touching me, tasting me, filling me.  It consisted of a quickening of my heartbeat, a tightening across my chest as my tits swelled and my nipples hardened, a burn low in my belly that moved rapidly and fluidly down my abdomen that left my pussy wet and pulsating.  Yeah, simply put…..horny as hell.

We met for lunch at a very cool local micro-brewery pub and grill.  The beer was incredible and the food even more so.  I had missed him, he was one of a few people I could sit and talk to hours and though I was enjoying catching up on the details of what we’d been up to since the last time we spoke (text messages don’t count - too brief)… and what our plans for the summer were, I kept finding myself distracted as my eyes wandered from his eyes to his mouth to watch his lips move.  I couldn’t help but imagine them on my lips, on my skin.  I practically had to sit on my hands.  It was everything I could do to not reach out and touch him.

He knew.  He knew the effect he was having on me and by the time we finished eating, I could also tell that he knew I was vibrating with excitement and anticipation.  I could tell by the way he grinned at me with that twinkle in his eye as he ordered another beer and leisurely leaned back in his chair, making himself comfortable, making me wait, just to tease me…his playful way of torturing me.  Ha!  It worked too…by the time we finished up at the pub and headed out I was so worked up I would’ve cum if he’d blown in my ear.

He hadn’t seen my condo yet, so I invited him back to my place to listen to some music and yeah, I may have even said, “to see my etchings”.   I had to laugh at myself.  I hadn’t been with any other man since the last time we had been alone together, and like I said…it had been months.  I couldn’t help but think of Eddie Murphy’s stand-up routine…the one where he’s referring to how women will hold out sexually to make men want them more.  He speaks of being a starving man who’s fed crackers….”Those the most delicious mother-fucking crackers you ever ate…those crackers are fucking filet Mignon” …or something to that effect anyway.  I wondered for just a moment if he was trying to make me starve.

Wouldn’t make a difference if he was…. I already knew I wasn’t settling for crackers with him and as a matter of fact, if I was starving, it was because I had decided never to settle for crackers again!  In any case, this starving chick was looking forward to digging into a nice big steak…some very delicious Alberta beef, ha!

We entered the elevator that would take us up to my condo.  I brushed close to him as I pressed the button for my floor and I felt my temperature rise.  Trying to hide the flush in my cheeks, I dug through my purse, looking for my keys.  You can imagine how my flush deepened when I found them still in my hand from opening the building door…..then dropping them on the elevator floor.  He bent over and picked them up.  When he rose, I saw that grin again…the grin and the twinkle in his eye.  The grin and twinkle that said he knew…..fuck…..

I was a goner and I knew it.  The only hope I had was to shut up and not fucking giggle too much.  I pointed out the proper key when we arrived at my door and he unlocked it and swung it open, allowing me to enter first.  As we walked in, I had my back to him and it somehow gave me the confidence to keep my cool.  Without turning I pointed to my left, “This is the kitchen,” I said.  Moving down the short hallway I took another step and without stopping pointed to the right and said, “and this is the bathroom.”   Within a couple more steps I reached the 90 degree turn in the hall.  I turned and faced him about present him with my bedroom.  I wanted him to see the twinkle in my eye for a change.

Before I had the chance to comprehend what the intense look in his eyes meant, he grabbed me, pushing me hard against the wall behind me, his mouth coming down on mine.  My body was on fire.  I reacted immediately, moaning against his lips and grinding my pelvis against his as my arms went around his neck.  His body pinned me against the wall and I held his head tight against mine, kissing him hard and deep, my tongue darting into his mouth to find his, my teeth pulling at his bottom lip.  His hands were all over me, working with a frantic yet controlled urgency.  It didn’t take them long to find their way under my t-shirt, roughly pushing it up over my tits along with my bra.  His mouth disappeared off mine and I felt his lips, wet and hot on one nipple while his fingers kneaded and pinched my other.   I pulled my jacket, t-shirt and bra over my head and dropped them to the floor in a heap.  My hands returned to the back of his head and I pulled him closer to my tits. 
His mouth went back and forth between my tits, licking and sucking as his hands moved down, pulling on my belt, then the button and zipper of my jeans.  I pulled on his shirt, wanting to feel his skin on mine.  He stood for a moment and pulled his shirt off.  He kept his eyes open as his mouth came down on mine again, my leg came up to wrap around his hip, pulling him closer to me.  The only things between us were our hands as mine worked on opening his jeans and his slipped under the elastic of my lace panties.  His fingers were immediately treated to the heat and the wetness he had been causing between my legs.  He watched my eyes widen as his thick finger found its way inside of me, then watched them glaze over with passion as my hips began to rock back and forth, fucking his finger, my hands gripping the open waistband of his jeans for purchase and my lips and tongue greedily kissing, tasting his mouth.

His lips moved roughly over my cheeks and chin and down my neck.  Keeping one hand on the waistband of his jeans, I reached into his jeans with my other one.  Tasting his way back up my neck he stopped at my ear. “I want to fuck you…” his voice breathed, low and urgently against my ear just as my hand wrapped around his huge and hard cock and my pussy clenched even more tightly around his finger. “……now,” he finished as he wiggled his finger inside me.
It was all too much.  “Oh fuck yes,” I moaned loudly as the blood left my head and I held onto him tightly as my pussy convulsed around his finger, covering it with my hot juices as I came.  Relentlessly he continued to pump his finger in and out, taking my orgasm so high I was afraid I might pass out.

I pushed his hand out of my pants, found my breath and my balance and disengaged from him.  I led him around the corner to my bedroom. I had held his hard throbbing cock in my hand and that’s what I wanted inside me.  I kicked off my shoes as I pulled my jeans and panties the rest of the way down my ass and legs.  By the time I reached the bed and turned around I was completely naked…..and I was thrilled to see he was too.  I fell backward on the bed and he was on top of me.  With one strong firm thrust he was deep inside me.  I gasped loudly as the still quivering, wet walls of my pussy clenched tightly around him and my pelvis instinctively rose to his.  He held himself deep inside me for a moment and my hands went to his ass, pulling him close as I spread my legs open wider, wanting him all.

His hips started to thrust back and forth in a steady rhythm and I fucked him back, meeting each thrust with a lift of my ass as his eyes held mine.  Oh god he felt so fucking good inside me…I wanted to fuck him forever and set my mind to do just that.  I reveled in having him on top of me, feeling the weight of his body on mine, smelling the light musky smell of his sweat and our sex, hearing his breath catch with each deep hard thrust.  I felt a series of mini orgasms as he fucked me, I fucked him back through the shudders that took over my legs with each one, each one taking me to a higher level of ecstasy, each one causing me to moan his name with passion.  His rhythm began to falter slightly and I urged him to roll onto his back.

We stayed joined together as we held each other, rolling over and switching positions.  I sat up, my knees straddling his hips and ran my fingers through my hair, pulling it away from my face and letting it fall down my back. I felt his hips stiffen underneath me as he kept his cock hard and deep inside me.  I stretched my torso and arched my back slightly, letting my head fall back as I swiveled my hips and rocked back and forth on top of him.  I kept my hands on my thighs…I wanted to concentrate solely on his cock…to please him as much as he pleased me.

I moved slowly to start, wanting to feel each fucking lovely inch of him impale me as I lowered myself on him, then let my pussy lips slide up his long length as I rose up again.  I felt his hands on my tits…he squeezed and pinched and my rhythm picked up.  I was breathing hard and I knew I was going to cum even harder.  I wanted him to cum with me…..I fucked him harder and faster, gripping his forearms and bucking wildly on top of him.  I couldn’t hold on anymore…my pussy quivered violently and flooded his throbbing cock with my cum as the muscles in my thighs locked hard, squeezing his hips. I cried out my pleasure and approval as my orgasm took over and I was rewarded with the sound of his cry and the bite of his fingers digging into my hips as he held me down on him tightly and exploded with his own orgasm deep inside me.

Completely spent and weak I collapsed on top of him, resting my head against his chest as he ran his fingers lightly up and down my back.  I basked in the feeling of complete satisfaction and relaxation.  Oh yes, being physically attracted to each other definitely had its benefits.  The problem with it would come soon enough…when he tapped my leg…an indication that he needed to get up.  That he would be leaving soon…and it would be months again before we would get to do this again. 
Ah fuck it, I could think of worse problems….. ;)

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