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Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Day at The Beach

I was on my way to San Fransisco.  In the trunk of the car was the suitcase that held all that I would have until I got myself on my feet.  Behind me was my old life, along with the painful memories.   I was looking forward to starting my new life.  Year round sunshine and beaches had been a dream of mine for as long as I could remember.  I knew I was in for a lot of rainy days as well, but the trade off for the freezing cold winters I was leaving behind was worth it.
Cruising along the California coast with the top down on my older model Chrysler, wind whipping my hair in a halo around my head, I had never felt so free, so alive.  I had decided to take the scenic route through Sausalito and drive along the coast until I joined back up with the Redwood Highway.  The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful...clear blue waters under equally blue skies washing against a sometime sandy, sometime rocky shore.  I was so enamored by the coast that I left Alexandria Ave to take the East Road, just to see some more of the coast before I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge into San Fransisco.
My job interview in San Fransisco was scheduled for the next day, so I could afford to be leisurely in my travels today.  I managed to pick up a sweet deal on a 2 bedroom home in a decent neighborhood in a foreclosure sale.  It sucked that my good fortune was at the expense of someone else's misfortune but I would take the breaks as they came.  I already had the had been sent to me in Alberta before I left, so it didn't matter what time I arrived.  Having come so far with no trouble at all, my confidence was up as I drove along taking in the scenery.  I was just about to take a sip of my coffee, when my eyes returned from the shore to the road to see a huge pothole in the road next to the shoulder.  I cut the wheel hard, avoided the pothole but spilling my coffee all over the front of me...staining my white sleeveless blouse and shorts with ugly brown splotches.  Fuck!  A roadside turnout was just ahead.  Unlike the others I had passed with many cars parked and families stretching their legs and taking pictures, this one was quiet.  Mine was the only car pulled off here.
I put the top back up on the car...locked it up and searched my suitcase in the trunk for something clean to wear.
I noticed an overgrown path leading away from the turnout and assumed it lead through the bushes to the shore.  My intent was to bury myself in the bushes and change out of my coffee stained clothes into the peach tank and daisy dukes I had recovered from the trunk.  As I looked for a good location out of the sight line of the turnout I went further than I had intended.  The brush had been quite thick but I found myself breaking through to find a deserted beach.  The water was throwing thousands of diamond glints into the sky as the waves lapped seductively against the shore.  I was instantly enchanted by the warm soft sand and the cool sparkling water.  It had been a long day of travel, I was hot, sweaty and sticky from the spilled coffee.  I took one more quick glance around the beach to make sure I was alone.  I removed my blouse and shorts.  Wearing only my bra and panties I knelt on the shore as I dipped my clothes into the ocean hoping to remove the stain before it set.  I spread my clothes on the sand up away from the shore and turned back to water.  The water looked just too delicious to resist.  I removed my bra and panties and ran into the ocean, diving under a wave as it broke above me.  I was alone and did not want to be taken deeper into the ocean by a surprise undertow so I stayed close to the shore.  The water had cooled my skin and as I stood up, I felt my skin tighten and my nipples come erect as the sea breeze blew over my naked body.  My long blond hair was dripping water down my back.  I felt turned on and instead of putting my bra and panties back on, I just scooped them up and brought them with me dropping them beside me as I laid down  to let the sun dry my nude body.  The sound of the water lapping against the shore was hypnotic and before I knew it I was dozing off.
I was awakened when the sun's heat disappeared from my body.  Thinking a cloud had covered the sun and it was about time I moved on anyway, I opened my eyes.  Standing over me was a tall, tanned man wearing swimming trunks and dripping with water.  "This is a private beach," he said simply, his eyes taking in my body.  I had quit smoking the year before and had started working out so I wouldn't gain weight.  The working out had made my legs and ass strong and shapely.  My belly was flat and although my tit's were on the smallish side, they had remained high and firm as I grew older.  My arms too were toned and shapely.  I could see in his eyes and in the trunks he was wearing that he liked what he saw.
I was suddenly jolted into action, grabbing my underwear with one hand while the other attempted to cover up.  "I...I...I'm sorry, I'll leave right away," I stammered.  He had turned his head and I took the opportunity to put my bra and panties back on.  I looked down at myself and then saw that he was between me and my clothes, the wet and the dry ones, laying on the beach 15 feet away.
As I walked past him toward my clothes, he slipped his arm around the small of my back and pulled me against his hard, warm chest.  The fingers of his hand were on the back of my neck, stroking softly and pulling my mouth to his lips.  I was completely under his spell as his tongue moved over my lips and across my teeth coaxing my tongue into his warm wet mouth.  His hands moved deftly as he ran one down over and in between my tits, expertly undoing the clasp in front of my bra freeing my tits and sending one breast into his waiting calloused hand, the nipple between his gently squeezing fingers.  The other hand moved down my back and cupped my ass, his finger reaching between my legs and finding my hot moist cunt beneath the soft white lace of my string bikini panties.
My body was on fire.  I didn't know this man, but I couldn't help but respond to him.  My hands moving over his muscular chest and abs, pulling on the band of his trunks and finding his hard and throbbing cock.  His trunks fell to the sand and I fell to my knees, taking him into my mouth.  Licking and sucking, moving up and down along the shaft and tickling the tip of his cock with my tongue.  His breathing was becoming hard and just as I thought he would climax he pulled away from me, pushing me back onto the sand.  He pulled my panties down my legs and when he came back up,  his lips found one nipple as his fingers fondled and squeezed the other.  Sparks were shooting up my spine and I moved my pelvis toward him, my legs entwining with his.  His other hand moved in between my legs, his fingers spreading me open and entering me.  I moaned in abandoned pleasure.  He continued to move his fingers in and out of my wet and hot cunt as his lips and tongue moved down my belly.  When he put his mouth on my pussy, my pelvis moved toward him, I fucked his tongue while my hands held onto his ears, pulling him closer.  His tongue was as expert as his hands and it was not long before the waves of the ocean were forgotten and I was riding the wave of the most powerful orgasm I had had in years.
I was still coming when he pushed his massive and throbbing hard on into me.  My orgasm continued as he pumped himself into me again and again.  I was going insane with pleasure.  I pushed him over and climbed on top of him.  Taking him deeper into me as I swayed and rocked on top of him.  His hands once again found my tits, squeezing and kneading.  My tits responded, becoming fuller and firmer, the nipples hard and erect, begging his mouth and tongue to give them attention.  I started coming again, moaning, and crossing my arms behind my head, leaving my body wide open for his hands.  He used his thumb to rub and put pressure on my clitoris sending my orgasm over the top, causing me to cry out.  He cried out with me as his orgasm took hold and he shot his hot seed into me.  I collapsed beside him in the sand, breathing hard and exhausted.  We laid there in silence, trying to catch our breath.   After a minute or two, he pushed himself on his elbow leaning over me and looking into my eyes.  "Hi." he said. "It is very nice to meet you."  "No, really," I replied with a smile on my face, "the pleasure is mine."  I had a feeling I was going to like San Fransisco!

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