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Friday, 30 December 2011

What a Rush!

He had come to pick me up for the Rush concert and I had answered the door disheveled and still in my robe.  The thought of him made me want to touch myself and I had been thinking of him steadily for about the last 45 minutes.  It had started in the shower and had almost ended in the bedroom.  The doorbell had interrupted me at a crucial moment.  Still burning from a passion I had not been able to extinguish myself, I took his hand and lead him into the bedroom.
With my back still to him, I slipped my robe off my shoulders letting it fall gently to the floor.  I could feel his eyes move over my shapely legs, my firm ass and small waist.  I turned to face him.  My body was still tight from my sexual frustration, my nipples hard and my muscles taunt.  His eyes were filled with desire and I felt his rough calloused hands move around my waist, one moving up between my shoulder blades, pulling me tight and crushing my tits into his chest.  The other moved down the small of my back and over my ass, his middle finger caressing my wet hot cunt, sending shivers up my spine and causing my head to fall back.
I could feel his hard on through his jeans, pressing into my belly.  He covered my mouth with his, his tongue pushing through my teeth, exploring, seeking my tongue as his passion began to build. His mouth moved down over my chin and neck and I ran my fingers through his hair, pulling his mouth back to mine, hungry for him.
I could feel his heat as his body temperature rose and his heartbeat quickened against my chest.  I pressed my naked body closer.  He moved his other hand down my back, cupping his hands under my ass.  He picked me up and my legs instinctively wrapped around his waist.  Carrying me the few feet to the bed, his fingers were already inside me, sliding in and out, coaxing the juices to flow freely.  He pulled his finger out and gently circled and put pressure on my clit.
I was already cumming when laid me back on the bed, my back arching, arms stretched above my head as my hands gripped the blankets in a knot.   My legs spread open into a wide v and he brought his mouth down to my pussy, blowing gently on my clit.  I went wild, thrashing my head back and forth and lifting my ass in the air.  His tongue was inside me tasting my orgasm and sending me over the edge. I cried out as my hands came down, gripping his hair as I rode wave after wave of pleasure, cumming over and over again.
I lay dazed and panting on the bed.  His hands were on my hips and he was kissing my belly as I came back to awareness.  He straightened and stood as I sat up on the bed, my legs dropping down to the floor.  I reached for the button on his jeans, anxious to return the favor, but he pulled away.  "Get dressed, pervert," he smiled at me. "We're gonna be late."
The evening was warm and humid and I decided to wear my silk sundress.  The silk was light and smooth on my skin, draping over my hips, the hem brushing my shapely legs at mid thigh. The halter tied behind my neck leaving my back open and bare.  My cunt was still so sensitive from his mouth that I opted to forgo wearing underwear.  I quickly put on my make up and because my long blond hair had dried soft and curly from the heat and humidity, all I needed to do was run my fingers through it quickly letting it fall and brush gently against my the skin on my back.
The night was so beautiful, we decided to take my convertible to the show.  The top was already down and I tossed the keys to him.  I had wasted enough time this week, getting turned around and lost in the city.  I relaxed in the passenger seat as he maneuvered his way expertly through the traffic.  I hadn't noticed how enchanting the city was before...I had been too busy concentrating on the traffic and watching for street signs.   As I enjoyed the beauty of the city against mother natures beautiful backdrop, I let the warm breeze move over my body.  It gently blew the hem of my dress up my thigh and I noticed his eyes move briefly over my legs.  His jaw was clenched but I knew from the huge bulge in his pants that it wasn't anger he was biting back.  His self control was amazing and by the time we arrived, he seemed comfortable and relaxed.
Rush was playing a small venue and the place was packed.  Our floor tickets put us front and center and as we took our place in front of the stage, the house lights came down and Getty, Alex and Neil strode out and took their place behind their instruments.  The crowd went wild behind us as Alex's guitar and Getty's voice screamed out in unison.
I could feel him pressing against me from behind as the excited crowd pressed against him.  I was wearing heels and my ass lined up perfectly with his crotch.  I could feel him getting hard as I swayed my hips back and forth to the music, my arms  above my head. I leaned back against him, and he wrapped his arms around my small waist, his hot breath on my shoulder.  I moved my hips faster, pressing my ass against him, getting turned on by him and by the music.
His hands moved up my body, cupping and fondling my tits.  My hands covered his, helping and encouraging him to squeeze and pinch. I continued to tease him song after song. I knew I was driving him crazy and I was and loving it.  It was turning him on and that was turning me on. 
Suddenly, it happened so fast I'm not even sure how, he had my dress up in the back was inside me.  His strong hands moving my hips to the rhythm of the music as he moved his rock hard and massive cock in and out of my pussy.  I gasped and looked around quickly, thinking everyone must be watching us....but nobody seemed to notice we were fucking in the middle of a concert.  They were all concentrating on the stage.  The music was pounding against me in front as he pounded into me from behind.  I started to relax, my passions getting the better of me and taking over. I got into it, fucking him back.  My cunt squeezing his cock, my hips rolling to his rhythm and my head falling back against his shoulder.  My left hand came back to caress his cheek and stroke his earlobe.  I closed my eyes, riding his dick and the wave of sound while my right hand found his and brought it up to my mouth.  My tongue darted out licking the tip of his finger and moving it over my lips and chin.  I pulled the tip of his finger back into my mouth, sucking and licking as he continued to fuck me.  He moved his other hand under my dress, slipping between my legs from the front and rubbing and pressing my clit. The crowd around us seemed to disappear and it was only me, him and the band. I half opened my eyes and looked to the stage.  Getty and Alex were looking over our heads to the crowd behind us, but Neil's eyes were on me.  I flushed in embarrassment smiling and he winked at me.  He knew exactly what we were doing and he was digging it, putting even more energy into his fills.  I closed my eyes again. forgetting Neil and the rest of the band as I felt my orgasm building.  His teeth found my shoulder and he bit me gently.   It sent me over the edge and I cried out as I felt my pussy spasm around his throbbing cock.  He pushed deeper inside me, his finger applying steady pressure on my clit as he rubbed back and forth. We came together, our juices intermingling in my hot cunt and our cries of passion camouflaged by the cheers of the crowd as the band finished their set.  When he  reluctantly pulled away from me and my dress came back down, we joined the crowd, cheering wildly for the band.  After all, this had been the best fucking concert ever!

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