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Friday, 23 December 2011

Shower Power

I felt like I was finally settling in.  It had been a week since I moved to the San Fransisco and already I had secured a job (I would start next week), and I had a house (in pretty rough shape).  It was a foreclosure, so I really couldn't blame the previous owner for having a going away/trash the house party - apparently that rocked the neighborhood, bringing in the cops and resulting in more than a few arrests.  But thankfully most of the damage was minor...stuff I could do on my own, you know, like patching walls, ripping up the carpets (hardwood underneath!  Score!), and cleaning, lots of cleaning. The only really bad part was the master bath...someone had taken something - like a Louisville slugger, or steel pipe maybe, I don't know - to the tile, all the tile...the floor, the bath, the shower, what a fucking mess!  For that, I was going to have to hire someone to replace it all.  The place was going to take forever to look presentable but I was making some headway in a couple of the rooms.  Patching and painting, area rugs to hide the floors until I had could rent a floor sander.
The yard was small, but as long as there was room for a BBQ and a hammock, and there was, I was okay with it.  I hadn't yet acquired the BBQ nor the hammock, but they would come.
I was excited for tonight.  I had a date and he had floor tickets to the Rush concert...I couldn't quite believe the coincidence.  I had just left Canada, now Canada was coming to me, it was awesome!  I was also looking forward to learning more about the man I was accompanying tonight.  We had met on a secluded beach a week ago...what am I saying?  We had fucked our brains out on a secluded beach a week ago.  Afterward we had exchanged numbers.
I had tried to keep myself busy cleaning all day to distract myself from thinking about him. Every time I found myself thinking of him, I would completely drift off, my hand instinctively dropping to the sweet ache arising in my cunt. was happening again and I had to get into the shower (in the fucking guest bath) and wash off the grime I had accumulated on myself from cleaning.
I started the shower, turning up the hot water up sending clouds of billowy steam into the shower stall. I peeled off my shorts and tank top.  As I removed my bra and panties my thoughts went once again to him.
Stepping under the water I was thinking about how he had so expertly fondled nibbled and sucked on my tits.  The water running over my head, shoulders, and streaming down my body, rivulets running down around my tits made me think of his rough hands on me.  My hands came up to cup my breasts, taking the nipples in between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, squeezing and pulling gently. Mmmmm, it felt so good under the hot water and what was now a familiar yearning feeling returned to my cunt.  I turned to face the streaming hot water and let it run over my belly, soaking my pussy.
As I teased myself, ignoring the ache in my cunt, I stepped away from the streaming water grabbed the soap and washed my arms and legs.  As I moved the bar of soap up my shapely thigh, my hand brushed against my pussy.  Oh my god, suddenly I was on fire.  My soapy hand couldn't resist returning to my cunt, moving over the silky slippery petals of my cunt lips and sending shock waves rippling from my pussy into my belly.  My hand moved up and down over my cunt in a rhythmic motion, my middle finger darting in and out of my slippery, swollen and throbbing vagina.  I thought of how hot his mouth had felt as he licked, sucked and explored my cunt.  My hand moved faster as my breathing became harder.  My other hand returned to my chest, fondling one tit and flicking, squeezing and pulling my nipple.  I stepped into the water once again and this time when the water hit my pussy, I cried out, letting the orgasm take over my body, pulling me up onto the tips of my toes while I held on to the shower head over my head for support.
Fuck...I was never going to be ready if I didn't stop playing with myself.  I quickly shampooed, conditioned and shaved...his hands were rough, but I wanted to be smooth as silk.  His hands....I was thinking of his hands as I turned off the shower and grabbed for the towel.  As I moved the towel over my body, I was still thinking of his hands...his rough hands.  Sensitive from my orgasm, that familiar ache returned to my cunt with a vengeance.  I was going to have to take care of this with the heavy artillery.
I walked through the house naked to the master bedroom.  The air in the house was cool on my skin after the hot shower and I enjoyed the sensation, my nipples tightening into hard nubs.   In my night table drawer was the farewell present my best friend had given me as a joke before I left.  She had even made sure it had batteries, "In case of an emergency." she had said, grinning.  Well, this was an emergency....I was burning alive!
I laid down on my back on the bed, turning the 8" vibrator on.  I spread my legs open and as I rubbed the cool hard humming instrument against my pussy, it immediately got the juices going, making me wet and slippery.  I let my mind wander back to that secluded beach and I thought of how his cock, thick and hard, pounded me into the sand.  I pushed the vibrator into my cunt, moving it slowing in and out. My breathing became heavier and I started rocking my pelvis as I thought about how his dick had filled me, splitting me in two....I thought about how he had tasted in my mouth and moaning and licking my lips, my breathing quickened even more and I started pumping the vibrating cylinder into my pussy faster. My hips rocked faster as I fucked the vibrator and imagined it was his big throbbing cock.  I was on the verge of crying out again when the doorbell rang.  Switching the vibrator off I tossed it under the bed and grabbed my robe.  My hair was wet and tousled around my head, my face was flushed and my still rock hard nipples were pressing through the thin silk of my robe when I opened the door and saw him there.  The ache returned.  I grabbed in by the hand and pulled him into the house.  " Hi," I said huskily, with a naughty smile, "I was just thinking of you!"