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Friday, 9 May 2014

Home Sweet Home - Verse II

 Collaboration with Keeper of the Crimson Quill

Something woke me.  It could have been the thunder, much closer than it had been when I drifted off.  It could have been Christine, now at the side of the bed, whining and licking my hand….thunderstorms frightened her.  Or it could have been the change in the air in the room.  I felt it move over me….not so much a breeze, more like the pressure you might feel from g-force - that invisible hand that held you in your seat during a carnival ride as it flipped you upside down.  It was cool and sensual and I was soothed and aroused by the sensation.

Without opening my eyes I whispered to Christine, calming her, telling her it was okay, just a storm as my hand gently stroked the soft long fur on her head.  I was very much enjoying the effect the air was having on my body and I didn’t want to break the spell.  It dried the light sheen of sweat that the humidity had left on my skin, moving over my neck like a trail of kisses from a lover’s lips down toward my swelling tits and hardening nipples.

I moaned and opened my legs wide, my knees bent as the tendrils of the air pressed against my belly, invisible fingers continuing their downward journey to ease the ache that was building in my cunt. Accepting the invitation I had given it, I felt it move between my legs, opening the lips of my pussy, exposing the glistening nub of my clit throbbing with want and passion.  A part of me knew what was happening was more than just some weird barometric pressure playing against my skin, yet it was nothing of a human nature either.  I felt no fear as I let it explore my body inside and out.

A cold sensation, much like a wet tongue moved over my cunt, gently caressing the lips of my pussy and clit, dipping inside me, cooling me from the inside out and I lifted my ass to meet the phantom lips and tongue.  Fireworks of red, blue and yellow flashed behind my closed eyelids as the lightning from the storm filled the room with light.  Christine shook and cried under my hand but I was too involved in my own pleasure, a pleasure I hadn’t felt in such a long time to comfort her.

Thunder clapped loudly shaking the house just I felt a cold hard and very large pressure drive itself into me.  Christine let out a yelp of fear but was drowned out by my own cry of pleasure as I threw my head back and reached over my head to hold the wrought iron headboard for support.  Having released my hold on Christine, she abandoned me in her fear and scrambled for cover under the bed.    

My phantom lover wrapped itself around my hips, holding my body in the air, anchored only by my hold on the headboard as it thrust itself hard and fast into me, fucking my welcoming and wet pussy. What was happening was not anything earthly….I knew it and I didn’t care.  No previous sexual encounter lived up to what was happening to my body at this moment.  The air was cold yet left hot traces on my skin.  The touch I felt was not solid but undeniably real and I felt it everywhere, much like the force of walking against a gale-force wind.  Every erogenous zone on my naked body was being caressed, played with simultaneously.  I bit down hard on my lip, holding back my orgasm, not wanting this to ever end as the storm raged on outside.  My hair was damp though I’m not sure if it was a result of my own exertion as I rocked my hips, intensifying my ecstasy, or if it was from the rain beating into the bedroom through the open window.

My pleasure was too intense and I found it impossible to hold back any longer.  My back arched as I threw my head back, my body becoming a solid board as every muscle tensed with the shudders that overtook me, as the fireworks continued in my head blocking out all else.

As my consciousness slowly came back to me, I felt my body being lowered back down gently onto my soft bed.  The air pressure moving out and away from me once again, slipping off me like a bedsheet as I heard the thunder moving away, the storm resuming it’s path across the countryside.  The rain continued, though now falling gently outside the window, the wind having moved on with the thunder and lightning, lulling my exhausted and sated body back to sleep.

I had long been fascinated by thunder. As a child I used to sit by my window counting the beats and waiting patiently for it to light up the skies. This night something was different, the brewing storm aroused me more than was customary and I felt attuned to its rhythmic clatter. I had laid my head down to sleep an hour ago but the incessant swirling audio and periodical flashes of light had kept me awake, as had the deep stirring within my balls. I was fully erect, so much so that my stiff cock ached from base to its very tip and I felt a yearning inside which I had no real handle on.

I turned with the intention of returning to the warm comfort of my divan was alarmed to witness something writhing between them. For a moment I pondered as to what was spread out before me but the satin sheets obscured any clear optical indicators and instead I relied on the light panting for any enlightenment. As I proceeded towards my bed the audio became more pronounced and I could make it out more clearly. It was evidently a female, glistening with perspiration and seemingly inviting me in; all the while totally unaware of my presence. I felt a familiar twinge in my balls and this caused my eyes to roll back, such was the focused intensity of the testicular tremor. It had to measure at least an eight.

Unable to deny myself any longer, I whipped back the glossy linen and, there before me, was a sight for the sorest eyes. A naked woman, face obscured by shadow, nipples firmly erect and flaxen locks sprawled out across the pillowcase; just what the doctor ordered. It was as though she could feel my presence in the room although she did not speak, instead her shell reciprocated any advance on my part and arched in waiting as I slid in between her legs. My shoulders glanced her painted toes and traced up her thighs until I reached the center of her arousal. On arrival, I ran both hands along the curvature of her hips and towards her chest, grasping both breasts and thumbing her rigid nipples.

She let out a gasp and I felt her wetness against my forehead as I climbed from her asshole, along each rung and nestled my burly tongue into her clit. Her scent was intoxicating, I pressed the tip of my nose against her button and intook the sweet, cloying aroma. Ripened forest fruits. My licker began to traverse the inside of her delectable cunt and kept unraveling, each movement inciting further convulsions as her inner thighs closed in around my face, pressing me deeper. I released one hand from her front and collected a glib of honey from her haunch with two fingers, commencing to slide them back to her slackening anus. Delicately, I probed and probed and was now spinning the plates on four fronts, much to her quivering delight.

I felt the storm around us, only the thunder which had threatened previously appeared to exist in every fiber of her pelt. It was raging inside as was my gnarling prick so I left her sticky hub momentarily and she reciprocated by raised her ass from the bed and throwing her drenched hair back, palms against the bedstead in anticipation. Her pussy was sopping, nectar glistening in her labia, awaiting further instruction. I place one hand under her back and assumed position, keeping her elevated as I plundered her cunt with my pulsating cock. As I entered, a gush of excitement passed by and doused my balls which were pressed hard against her paddock.

Her imminent eruption denoted that she was prepared to cum for me and, I myself could feel the ejaculate slide around the base of my shaft. Each thrust was synchronized almost as though an electricity ran through both of us. Yet, I hadn't yet seen her face. Here we were in the throes of passion, the boudoir stinking of sex and both of us percolating wildly but she remained ambiguous. The curiosity overcame me and I allowed my honey to release whilst moving my head in line with hers. As she jerked left and right her features remained contorted but I caught a fleeting glimpse of her eyes as her lids fluttered with overwhelming pleasure. She cum hard against me, milking the last few droplets of spunk from my well-coiled member.

I closed my own eyes and exhaled harshly, lowering her gently back down and sitting upright on both knees astride her as I regained composure. By the time they reopened I was alone, dripping in perspiration and meshed bodily fluids but with this inexplicable beauty now conspicuously absent. The thunder had passed now and the tender persistence of the rain continued outside the window. It had been a most exquisite storm.

Pictures provided by Keeper....

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