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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Li'l Bit Country

The day was incredibly hot for Spring.  I decided to take a walk downtown, do some window shopping and enjoy the sunshine.  I was happy to get back into my summer clothes and chose a pretty little sundress with my high heeled sandals to wear.

I wasn't the only one enjoying the sunshine and the sidewalks were busy with people bustling about.  The mood was delightful, strangers and friends smiling at one another as they passed each other or stopped to exclaim on the beautiful day.  I found that I had walked for blocks, stopping in one store after another.  There was a light sheen of perspiration on my skin and my feet were becoming tired as I passed a bar with country tunes drifting out into the street.

Now, everyone who knows me knows I'm a hard rocker at heart but the thought of a cold beer in the air conditioned bar was just too much of a temptation to pass up.  The bar was empty save for the country band that was performing their sound-check on the stage and the bartender behind the bar.  I made my way across the open expanse of the dance floor to the bar.  I glanced at the band to find the lead singer had noticed me come in and shot me a smile as he continued to sing.

"Are you serving?"  I asked the handsome well built young bartender as I perched myself on a stool in front of him.

"Yes ma'am," he replied.  "What can I get for you?"

I ordered a beer and flirted with the bartender as the band continued with their sound check.  The music was original yet traditional and it took me back to my childhood.  Memories of sitting in the backseat of my parent's car on family vacations, belting out "The Snakes Crawl At Night" with Charlie Pride between fighting with my younger sister came to mind and it was a good feeling.  It just added to the good mood of this incredibly beautiful day.

I finished my beer just as the band finished up their practice song and set down their guitars and drumsticks and left the stage, making their way to the bar.  My handsome young friend was about to become busy, so I decided to brave the heat of the street once again.  Smiling, I waved my thanks to the bartender and turned to leave.  My heel caught in the bar of the bar-stool and I would have landed flat on my face if it hadn't been for a pair of strong arms to catch me.

"Easy girl," a slow southern drawl exclaimed from my rescuer and I looked up to see that it belonged to the lead singer who had smiled at me when I walked in.  He was about my age, perhaps a few years older and I was taken right away with the sexy crinkles around his smiling eyes.  He was greying a little at his temples under his tan cowboy hat but that only added to his sexiness.

I was embarrassed by my clumsiness and flushed as I said thank you.  My hands were still on his arms just above his elbows as he held me up and my fingers could feel his lean hard muscle under his thin cotton shirt.  I flushed a little deeper and let go of him and nearly fell again.  My ankle was badly twisted and there was no way I was leaving this bar with any shred of dignity.  I didn't know this man and even though the chances of running into him again were slim, I did not want his last look at me to be of me limping across the floor to the door.

"You just set yourself back up there on that stool and let me take a look at that ankle," he said, obviously concerned about me.  I sat back down as he dropped to one knee and took my ankle into his warm hands.  "Yep,"  he said, "it's already starting to swell.  You should get some ice on that right away."  He moved to motion to the bartender but I stayed his hand telling him I would ice it when I got home. 

"Well, I just can't let a pretty lady like you go on out that door without knowing you'll be okay.  Our show isn't for hours.  Will you please allow me to see you home."  His drawl was memorizing, and the concerned look in his eyes told me I'd be safe in hands.

"That's very kind of you.  If you promise me I won't be putting out, I would appreciate that very much," I replied.

"No ma'am.  You'd be doing me a favor by letting me see to your safety."  With his hand around my waist and supporting my hurt side he helped me across the floor and out the door to his pick-up truck.

"Excuse the mess...we've been on the road for a couple of weeks and well, if I knew I was going to have such lovely company, I would have cleaned up a bit."  I assured him that it wasn't bad at all and I was not bothered in the least.  I gave him directions to my condo and we talked easily on the way to my home.  I learned he and the band were from Texas...they were a long way from home and had been playing honky-tonks for the last couple of weeks.  The band traveled in the bus with all their equipment but he liked the solitude of the pick-up between shows and it came in handy to run errands instead of having to drive the bus to do laundry or run to the store to stock up on groceries and such. 

We arrived at my complex and after parking he got out and hurried around to my side to help me out of the truck and into the building.  I let him into my unit and he helped to settle me on my couch before removing his boots and hat.  He made his way into my kitchen and to the freezer to find some ice.

"There are zip-lock bags in the drawer next to the microwave and you can use the tea-towel hanging on the's clean," I called to him. "Oh, and there's cold beer in the fridge.  The least I can do is offer you a drink for your kindness."

He returned with the ice-pack in one hand and a couple of beers in his other.  I slipped off my sandals and placed my sore ankle on the coffee table in front of the couch.  He handed me one of the beers before setting his on the coffee table and placing the ice-pack on my ankle.  When he was satisfied that the ice was placed properly over my ankle he moved around the coffee table to sit beside me on the couch and we talked more as we slowly enjoyed the cold beer.
He was easy to talk to and I enjoyed his company.  When our beers were drained he took our empties and placed them on the coffee table before rising and moved around the coffee table again to check my ankle.  He crouched beside me, removed the pack and took my ankle to rest on his lap.  His hands felt incredible on my ankle and I let a small moan as I purred, "That feels lovely."  I noticed that the ache I was feeling had moved from my ankle to between my legs.

I saw him flush slightly and felt a movement in his jeans under my foot.  I couldn't resist the urge to move my foot to lightly brush against his crotch.  "Would it be too forward of me to tell you that I really want to kiss you?" he asked as his hands moved up my leg to caress my calf.

I removed my foot from his lap and held my hands out for him to help me from the couch.  We stood together and I intertwined my fingers in his and leaned toward him, my nipples hardening under the thin fabric of my sundress as they brushed against against his chest.  His mouth came down on mine in a kiss that was sweet as honey.  I let go of his hands to wrap my arms around his neck and his wrapped around my waist, he left one hand on the small of my back while his other moved up between my shoulder blades to press me closer against him.

Our kiss became deeper, more urgent as our tongues found each other, teasing playfully.  I could feel his desire pressing against my belly.  I broke our kiss to look into his eyes and saw his desire mirrored in them. "Would it be too forward of me to ask if you would like to move this to my bedroom?" I asked with a teasing smile as I disengaged myself from his arms and took his hand in mine, leading him into my bedroom.

I stopped beside the bed and turned to face him.  His hands cupped my face as he lowered his head to cover my face in soft kisses.  He moved his hands to the back of my neck to untie the halter that was covering my now swollen and aching tits.  My hands were on his elbows as my halter dropped to expose me.  "Oh darl'n, you are beautiful," he breathed before moving his hot wet mouth to take my nipple between his teeth, his tongue flicking over it, sending shivers of desire down my back, through my belly and into my soaking wet pussy.

My hands reached behind my back to unzip my zipper and my dress fell to the floor around my ankles.  He stepped back to look at me.  I was a long way from twenty years old but my body was still shapely, my tummy flat, my hips curvy.  I slipped my thumbs under the elastic of my cotton string bikini panties and let them fall to join my dress around my ankles.  Stepping out of them, I backed onto the bed and lay back as I watched him undress.

His body was lean and firm and when my eyes caught his erection, I felt another gush between my legs.  He laid down on the bed beside me and looked into my eyes as he kissed my lips and let his hand roam over my body.  His hand found its way to between my legs and I opened them wider to let his fingers work their magic.  He rubbed my clit hard in slow circular motions causing me to erupt in moans of ecstasy.  Without stopping with his fingers, he moved his mouth to once again tease my nipples.

He was driving me insane with anticipation.  "I want to taste you, baby,"  I moaned.  "Me first," he replied kissing his way down my belly.  I squirmed out from beneath him and made another suggestion, "How about together?"  I pushed him back so he was laying flat on his back.  I maneuvered myself to straddle his head backwards and took his cock into my mouth at the same time as I felt his tongue slide over my pussy.  I moaned and my mouth watered as I took him deeper, my tongue sliding up and down him with the movement of my head.

I stroked his length with one hand as my mouth worked up and down and used my other hand to cup his balls, squeezing gently.  His hands were on my ass, spreading my cheeks apart and kneading as his tongue darted into my pussy to taste my juices.  Oh, his skills with his tongue were divine and I could feel my orgasm building.  I sucked harder and faster and felt his balls tightening under the slight pressure of my palm.  My pussy tightened, spasming and I rocked my hips, grinding myself against his mouth.  I lifted my head to arch my back as my orgasm shook my body and I filled his mouth with my juices.

His tongue was driving me crazy with pleasure as it licked back every last drop.  I couldn't take it.  He was going to make me cum again.  I lifted my leg and swung myself around to kiss myself off his lips before getting on all fours and encouraging him to get behind me.  He moved to kneel between my legs behind me and took my hips in his hands as he slid his throbbing cock into my wet and still quivering cunt.  He held himself deep inside me for a moment enjoying the way my pussy wrapped itself around him, clenching and unclenching. His strokes started long and slow and I pushed myself back against him harder.  As he picked up speed, I rocked my hips keeping with his rhythm.

"Oh yeah, missy," he exclaimed. "Ride me baby!"  His hands moved from my hips, grabbing my long blonde in his fist, he slapped my ass with the other.  I squealed with delight, my pussy tightening harder around his thrusting cock both of us moments away from orgasm.  He slapped me again and my pussy reacted violently, quivering and clenching as I covered his cock with my cum.  My back arched and he pulled me up to my knees by my hair before letting go and grabbing my tits.  Driving himself deep into me, he let his own orgasm go, filling me with his seed as his fingers pinched my nipples.

I leaned back against him, breathing hard. His hands moved over me, caressing gently once more.  "Dear sweet jesus," he exclaimed. "Look at the time!  I gotta get back darl'n.  S'posed to be on stage in twenty minutes!"

He jumped from the bed and hurriedly dressed.  I lay back and watched him rush about, amused at his panic.  He ran out of the room and then ran back in.  "How's your ankle?"

"What ankle?" I laughed.  He smiled and ran out of the room, then ran back in, hopping as he pulled on his boots.

"Can I come back after the show?" he asked.

"Please do," I smiled.  His grin was enough to make me laugh out loud again.  He gave me a kiss and was out the door.  I lay on the bed, smiling and anticipating his return.

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